WordPress WordCamp India : Feb 21,2009 with Matt Mullenweg and Om Malik

Bloggers meet are always a great experience and especially when you get to meet big some big name from blogging industry like Matt Mullenweg, founder of wordpress and Om Malik. Few days back I have attended a blogger meet organized by Amit Agarwal which was a great experience. From my previous experience I have learn that one should not miss any opportunity of attending any bloggers meet.

Now something from bloggers meet:

The meeting start with the keynote of Priyanka popularly known as Twilight Fairy.   The speech by Om Malik is quite magical, he is a true Indian from his heart despite of the fact that he is living in USA from last 18 years. He was so excited and happy to see the great response on blogging from India.

After Om Malik Speech , Shreyas talked about how to enhance the power of wordpress to create a radio site and Initially I thought he is more into promoting himself but when he come to real part the hooks and how intelligently he is using two database on single WP installation was quite impressive.

On the agenda It was written that Abhijeet mukharjee will talk about how to get started after installing wordpress and my first impression was that I don’t need to know much there but I was wrong about it. Abhijeet speech delivery was great and the way he talked about the basic steps we should   do after Installing wordpress that will help new users for sure. If you don’t know about Jeet you should have a look on his profile . One interesting thing about him is that he also do guest posting and he also wrote an article for Problogger. I will try to put the link of Abhijeet WordPress guide slide here.

Then come the Man whom we owe for the most valuable and priceless gift he has given to us in the form of WordPress software.

Matt Mullenweg a man whose modestly will make you think again that is he the same guy who changed the face of blogging?

Matt told about how he made wordpress a reality. He developed wordpress for his own need and he never realized that time, that this will change his life in such a short term. The best thing about Matt is what I like is his modesty.

Next session was the most important part of the meeting SEO and I so deadly wanted to some expert idea of implementing SEO on new wordpress installation just to make sure that if I’m missing something.

There are more to come on SEO from shoutmeloud and if you don’t want to miss any of them you can subscribe to Shoutmeloud feeds.

After SEO session, Amit Agarwal from labnol.org took over the control of the stage for his adsense optimization guide. The Ad optimization guide by Amit agarwal was great and he covered all the important aspect of adsense optimization.

Some of the important point he mentioned:

  • Do not use borders in your adsense
  • The highest paying adsense block size are : 300*250 and 160*600
  • If you get lots of traffic from Social media you should consider using Image based advertisement rather then link or text based.

I will rather write a detailed article on Amit’s Adsense optimization guide, meanwhile you can refer to my previous article on

After that there was a small quiz and just after quiz we has an open house discussion with Om Malik and Matt.

This was the end of the first day of wordcamp. I feel lucky to be a part of an historical event. This is the first Wordcamp ever organized in India.

If you have missed the wordcamp I will suggest to keep a track of twitter because we were twittering about every little update. You can catch shoutmeloud on twitter @ShoutMeLoud .

If you were a part of this event feel free to share your experience with us.

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  1. TechGyo says

    Hey, I just saw your reply comment to Nicholas. Its getting better, I’m in Bangalore!! I’m already following you on Twitter and Facebook. but don’t forget to update about Bloggers meet in Bangalore via posting. Coz I can’t afford to miss it. I hope I can also see you here in Bangalore. LOL

  2. TechGyo says

    Hey Great man you’ve got a shot together with Matt “The Star icon on the Web” Yeah you are really lucky and I feel lucky that I know you.

    Hey harsh you said it right Matt is modest and he is down to earth “likeable” you’ll be inspired if you watch the 1 hr long video from “Matt Mullenweg: State of the Word 2010” http://wordpress.tv/2010/05/12/sotw2010/

    Matt has changed the life of millions of Bloggers, if he didn’t present WordPress, then Blogging and internet wouldn’t be like how it was now.

    hey I have to mention about harsh too, he yeah you are modest too.. You don’t ignore comments you get, I’ve seen you keeping a friendly conversation with other fellow bloggers and eespecially with me.

    I would thank Matt from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.

    Cheers!! :)


  3. Nicholas | Pixobyte.com says

    I wish this takes place in my hometown Bangalore, I would have definitely been a part of it, unfortunately they are not doing it here:-(

  4. PC says

    Thanks for this post. I missed the camp and want to know about the happenings of the event.

    Waiting for more posts on this event..