Twiends : Twitter Follower Exchange Program to grow Twitter Followers

Tweinds is one such Twitter Follower exchange program that you won’t regret joining it. It’s up to you f you want to use it or not, but instant joining will give you odd 15 followers or may be more. So, today we will look into how this follower exchange program works, which helps you to get more Twitter followers quickly.

We all know how to get targeted Twitter followers and genuine twitter followers, but the problem with these method is they are too slow and takes lots of time when you see your follower count at some level.

There are many third party sites that allow you to exchange followers to grow your Twitter followers. Most of them work on Twitter exchange basis, or you need to buy credits to get more twitter followers. This is one effective way to grow your twitter follower count but the down side is you might not get targeted followers.

One of such service is Twiends, which is quite effective to increase your Twitter follower and quite fast. I have tried and tested this service and within 2 hours, my follower count increase by 86.


Twiends work on seed basis; you can assign number of seeds a user will get when they will follow you. In the same manner, when you follow someone from tweinds interface, you get seeds.

Twitter Follower Exchange

How to increase Twiends seeds:

When you sign up for Twiends and confirm your subscription, you get free seeds. This is one easy way to get some twitter followers without doing anything.

They also have a referral system; you will get 25 seeds, when a user signs up via your referral link. So if you have set 2 seeds/followers, you will get 12 quick Twitter user with one referral.

They also have a subscription option, which you can use to buy seeds. Though I might not go for paid subscription for myself, as I would believe in getting targeted followers when I’m investing something. And paid subscription in another way is like Buying Twitter followers.  You can use the free version smartly and can follow real people with same interest, might take time but useful if you want to maintain a ratio of 1:1 or may be better.


  • Growth in Twitter follower
  • Easy to use
  • Free Signup
  • Free Followers


  • Non-Targeted followers
  • Unfollow rate is high
As I mentioned above, sign up doesn’t take time and system will never follow anyone from your account automatically. If you don’t want to follow any, don’t follow. Though overall, twiends is a clean and neat service for people who are looking to quickly grow their Twitter follower count. More over, you can sign in using your Twitter account, so you will have one less password to remember. You can sign up and enjoy free followers because of free seeds you will get when you sign up.

Sign up for Twiends

Earlier Twiends has Facebook fan exchange program, but due to Facebook policies they have to shut it down. Still for Twitter, it’s effective means to get large Twitter followers. If you have used Twiends in the past, I would love to know your opinion and review of this service.

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COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. Editor in Chief says

    We have 10 Twitter accounts (all different). Why can’t ANYONE offer a TARGETED Twitter follower program that actually WORKS? The concept is simple: You sign up, check your interests/keywords. Then you get ONLY followers that MATCH. You can autofollow back to get your points back and keep things balanced, then look for followers that match your interests and do the same. 1- 1. How hard could this possibly be?? At this writing “” is attempting to do this but it is NOT working and it’s flooded with spammers. We are pulling our hair out and really have much better things to do than managing our Twitter accounts!

  2. Tyrone says

    Twiends is a stupid site. You join and wander around for hours checking the site and Google to find how to make a “Follow Me” offer and how to change the number of credits to set. Then suddenly the answer appears – new users are not allowed to offer! What a load of c..p. Another thing is as soon as you agree to follow, the credits show then zero promptly appears. They obviously want you to buy credits. Credit are not worth anything. Don’t waste your time. None of these followers will appear in your Twitter Timeline. They are ghosts.

  3. Vinayak Nagri says

    I have used this site and my experience has been very good with it. I have got over 100 followers in 7 or 8 minutes(because I offer 4 seeds). The count of people who have unfollowed me is also low. Let’s say 25 of the 100. I recommend it to my friends who are new to twitter.

  4. rahul247rocks says

    Ok can anyone tell me when i Use this App why follower count rapidly decreases after a few day. Say from Twitends i got 40 followers within 7 days 22-25 of them unfollows

  5. Eddie says

    Looks like ppl are complicating a simple Follow system with seeds and referrals and what not! Going by what Shaiq has mentioned in his comment, it’s horrifying to think that people unfollow you pretty soon, and that’s not what you want!

    • says

      Indeed but when you working on just improving your follower count, you can ignore this. Infact, you can use third party tools to unfollow those followers who have unfollowed you.

  6. Shaiq Uddin says

    I use Twiends since last year and I can say that the result is okay, because at starting you get a rapid increase in your twitter profile but these followers unfollow you very soon! So I can say that its just a waste of time and efforts. To increase your twitter fans, you should make yourself influential by trying your best to create your online presence stronger…For this, I’m going to write a review on my blog very soon.

  7. Amit says

    Recently they closed the facebook service mostly are bots also unfollowing ration is very high there..

  8. Maninder says

    There is a new player in the market with the name – Twimates for the same purpose. They are offering twitter followers, facebook fans, you tube views and website visits exchange. Twimates has also been showing facebook connectivity problem now, so you can use it for twitter followers and website views only currently.

  9. Atish says

    This was also working with facebook fan page..but now there is an error while authorizing with fan page.

  10. ifham khan says

    Hey harsh
    Definitely twiends increase the followers but the problem is it is not targeted followers which disturb your twitter wall which makes your reputation low on twitter so it is more fruitful to get targeted visitor.

  11. Sreejesh @techgyo says

    Even though you can filter users based on your preference like country, field of interest. You can find too many as no one bothers updating them. So I agree with you that you can’t get targeted followers. But definitely worth the time if you are trying to get some random users.
    I’ve been managing over 10 twitter accounts since few months for social media promotion. And with the help of twiends, I’ve made a total of around 35k followers in twitter. @techgyo being the top

  12. Harsh says

    I have been using this service for long time. They previously had a different name. And ya it surely works.