How to Build a Personal Brand (and Why You Need One)

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How to Build a Personal Brand (and Why You Need One)

How to become your own brand

A couple of years back, Social media sites used to be the biggest source of entertainment and to connect with your friends. In recent years, a big chunk of the market moved to social media for marketing, sales and making connections with like-minded people.

If you are anyhow related to online marketing or your work is related to digital marketing, your presence on social media sites is a necessity. Earlier I have posted about social-media sites an online marketer should have the presence on, and today I will be sharing tips that will help you to improve your personal brand on these sites.

One of the most common questions I have heard from fellow blogger or young entrepreneur is; I want my brand to be visible rather than me. I want my company to be visible more than myself; and here is my take on this.

You are your company, and if you are growing your company is growing and vice versa. More over, Social-media sites are all about making real-connection rather than just having thousands of people in your friend list or circle.

If you are one of those who are scared of going  public or an introvert who is scared of having a strong online presence, you have to leave that mindset and accept and understand the importance of your social-media presence. Here is a useful guide to getting start with social-media presence.

If you fall into the second category of online users, who have profile on all major social-media network, but those profile are nothing more than an idle profile, this post will help you to understand what all you can do to improve your personal brand, and be more likeable. Even if you don’t like to publish the update every day or tweet countless time in a day, this article will help you to have a reputable personal brand on all the sites.

How to Start with Personal branding on Social-Media platform:

Before I share the tips and ideas in the form of list, here is one thing that you should know:

Not having a profile is better than an incomplete or misinformed profile. 

And before you start with all below mentioned personal branding tips, here are few things that you should keep handy with you.

Take out a notepad and write the seductive intro about you. Try to keep it in minimum words, and ensure that people can understand you, your personality and what you have to offer. For example,

Passionate about adventure sports, Occasional motivational speaker, love internet marketing, and a full-time blogger.

Here are examples bio from some of the users I enjoy on Twitter:

Jaydip Twitter Profile Darren Social Media Intro

Twitter Kumar Gauraw

Above intro is great for a Twitter profile, but when you are writing your about section on another platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, you have more space and you should spice it up with more words. You can keep it personal or professional, depending upon your personality. Your goal should get the best foot out and leave an impression that people can remember you. Would you remember the same bio that you are used to seeing on hundred of other profile? Be remarkable and be unique.

Similarly, if you have not yet picked the right image for your profile picture, it’s time you should work on it. Work on getting the best mug-shot picture of yours, and keep it handy all the time. One reason for the same is, people recall each other more by images when they see an update from the person on their timeline. One thumb rule here is using the same image on all the platform, to enhance your personal brand and presence. If you are using different images, it will be hard to recall and remember. Imagine I might have spoken to you on Facebook but on Twitter you are using some other image, how hard it would be for me to recall you. Note: Most of the people who work online, they talk to many people on a given day, and your goal is to leave such a visual impression that they can recall you.

So far, I assume you have your bio and images ready, and now it’s time to follow the below-mentioned tips to make most out of it.

Make a list of social-media sites where you need to be

There are endless sites where you can have your online presence, but there are only a few sites where you need to be active at least once a day. For example, I have the profile on all sites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon but I’m not active there. Where as, on sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn I’m very active. If you are starting for the first time, it’s good to have your presence on all the sites. One important thing to remember is, have a unique handle. You can find me with the handle @denharsh or @shoutmeloud everywhere. You can take help of online tool call knowem to check your username availability on all social-media platform. More over, this will also help you to discover the list of social media and bookmarking sites, where you can create your online profile. If you are a busy person, you can hire a freelancer or simply use knowem pro service to create your social media profile. My suggestion would be: Do it yourself. In 1-2 hour, you will be creating the digital presence for the rest of your life.

Here are the list of sites where I recommend you to grab your username and build your presence. As a blogger, some of these sites will help you to get good links too.

Social-Media Sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Blogger
  • Foursquare
  • Quora
  • Gravatar
  • Disqus
  • Slideshare

There are many more, and depending upon the niche you are in, you can pick few more from the extensive list over here.

Now, your first step for personal branding is to complete all your profile and reflect your personality with bio.

People you should follow:

There is a big growing trend of accepting all friend request on Facebook, Auto-follow back all Twitter followers and circling everyone who circles you on Google plus. Indeed, this strategy works great when you want to see big numbers on your social media profile, but my opinion is it’s not worth it. All these social media profile offers a way for others to follow your work. For example, on Facebook we have subscribed feature that is remarkable and more useful than just adding random people you don’t even know, and you might never meet throughout your life.

What worries me is, adding too many people ( You are not even related to), will make your time-line overcrowded, and you will miss out on making real-connections with like minded people. I’m guilty of making this mistake, and I recommend you to avoid it.

Quality check starts from day one, and if you stick to it, you will have a better online foot-print in future. Don’t make the same mistake I made or same mistakes many social-media experts are making. If your work is remarkable, people would automatically follow you. Just put the right subscription buttons at right place. If you are a blogger and if a regular reader wants to connect with you, you can make an exception.

Do remember, entrepreneurship is all about doing what you believe is right, and living what you are preaching.  Here is an eye-opening quote from Warren buffet, which you should read and follow.

Warren Buffett Quotes 4

So far, you have build your online presence and you are all ready to create a personal brand of yourself. Now, it’s time to spice up your personal branding and here are tips that will help you.

Talk about trending topic in your niche:

What ever niche you are in, always talk about the trending topic in your niche. Give your personal voice to article you are sharing, and add more value with your expert opinion. If you constantly talk about any particular topic for long term, you will be seen as an expert in that particular area. Since you are one of those few person who have an expertise with that topic, your opinion and insight will matter.

Self-promotion Vs. care for others:

One of the most common mistake most of young blogger and entrepreneur do is obsessive self promotion. Your social media profile is best way to set yourself as an industry expert, and that will happen when you help others. If you keep sharing your articles, and don’t share others, you are more likely to left out from the other social-media experts who are doing it right. Do remember, your social media profile is all about creating meaningful connection. Maintain a ratio of 30:70 (30: self promotion, 70: Promoting others) when sharing anything on social-media platform.

Talk about your achievements:

When you do something new or something that we count as award/reward, do share about that on your social-media platform. People who are connected to you must know about your achievements, and it has ripple effect. I have seen people are shy talking about their achievements which you should not do. Though, what important is; how you share it. Don’t share it like some ego centric guy, rather be humble and share about achievements and joy you felt while achieving it.

Have a personal blog:

If you are a blogger, ensure you have a personal blog where you can talk about anything that interest you. Most of the time we limit ourselves to niche of our blog, and having a personal blog gives you more space and things you can talk and write about. This is one tried and tested method which works for most of the popular infopreneur I know of, and this is something you should definitely focus on. You can check out my personal blog at where I wrote about variety of topics.

Few more tips:

  • Do remember, personal branding is not one shot game, it’s a continuous process.
  • With time your strategy, ideas will evolve and change, so don’t be so harsh on you when that happen.
  • Pay special attention to people who care about you on social-media or even in your personal life.
  • Take advantage of social media tools like Bufferapp, Hootsuite to help in achieving your personal branding goals.
  • Always remember your idea is unique, so don’t be shy to share them with others.
  • Stay away from social-media conflicts. Don’t poke your nose where you don’t belong.
  • When sharing status update on any social-media platform, take advantage of hashtags. This will help other like minded people to discover and connect with you.

The future of marketing is changing, and brands are looking to reach out to customers via influencer. This is the right time for you to become an influencer in your industry to enjoy the benefits in coming days. If you have any other tips for personal online branding, do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this article with your online friends.

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  1. Sayyed Parvez says

    Hi Harsh,
    Amazing article. You have rightly said, ‘Social-media sites are all about making real-connection rather than just having thousands of people in your friend list or circle’. It is very true. Inspiring and motivating piece of work. Thanks…

  2. Priyanka says

    great tips. yes definitely branding and an attractive profile is very necessary to build your online presence. this is very inspiring.

  3. says

    Hi Harsh,

    Great personal branding tips but I think social media is best to to spread your own personal brand. It takes some time but works.

    Thank you for this amazing tips…. :)

  4. Arun Kallarackal says

    Hi Harsh,

    What an awesome article that was! I must admit that it was a long post, that I spent some time reading it. But that time spent was very well spent, for I got some timeless tips and inspiration to build and enhance ‘personal branding’ :)

    Well, at first, I was an introvert and would shy away from networking opportunities on social media sites. Thankfully, I have got over it and now I’m trying to be active in it. Okay, I’ve been underestimating that ‘profile’ and introduction part. The example of some good introductory lines you provided will guide me for sure.

    And one more thing I learned here is to select handful of social networking sites and concentrate my efforts on them. So far, I’ve been dissipating my energy across numerous sites, without getting much returns. That piece of advice will be acted upon by me.

    I will also keep that self promotion vs others’ promotion ratio in my mind. I guess that the good karma, which I’ll accumulate by sharing others’ stuff will reward me later! :)

    Thanks for this inspiring article! Very valuable info shared by you!


  5. says

    Another great one from the boss.
    I believe if I can even do half of what you said in this post, I’ll have a great presence online…imagine that I do all of it! I want also add that one shouldn’t turn his/her timeline into a link farm, people get tired of that. Share ideas and if need be put a link to it, and it must always be your link.
    Thanks a lot! Harsh

  6. Sahith says

    Wonderful Harsh!

    Whenever I come to your blog, I definitely learn something from you which inspires me to blog. Keep your good work going. ;)

  7. says

    A very inspirational and informative article once again by Harsh Bhai!! This is the era of Personal branding, without branding it’s really difficult to survive in this competitive business.The hard work will pay off for sure if everyone follow these tips.


  8. says

    Hey Harsh,

    Lovely tips ! Actually I think , social media is a best way to explore your content and know the taste of today’s world.
    Anyway I get some more important tips and info. Thanks for sharing.

    Ritul Gangwar

  9. Sourav says

    As you said, earlier internet was a locus for entertainment and hangout with friends. But, now Internet has a major role to be played in marketing and business. Actually , It is the Internet that makes business easier . So , it is very important to brand our self and our company online. It’s nothing but social interaction. You’ve listed out the best ways for PERSONAL BRANDING :)

    Cheers ! Keep writing :)

  10. says

    Really Great Harsh! You gifted me with some amazing tips.Eespecially if you compare my twitter profile with others then you’ll become sick! I think its time to make it up :). Personal Branding is so important for a popular person.I’m sure one day I’ll also become one ;)

    Have a Great Day Harsh :)

  11. Vikas Yadav says

    Hello Harsh, It is true that in today competitive world having a good Online presence is very necessary for everyone who works mostly online. These tips are really helpful for any blogger or any other person who work online. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post with us.

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