Maximum Allowed Adsense ad units on a Web Page?

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Maximum Allowed Adsense ad units on a Web Page?

We all know that Adsense is so far, the best contextual high paying ad network. Adsense is very strict with their program policies and if

they find any website violating their TOS, they disable such Adsense account. It’s very important to follow Adsense quality and program guideline, to ensure your Adsense account never get banned. One of the most common question any new blogger will ask for is: What’s the maximum number of Adsense unit they can put on a page.

Google Adsense offer different type of ads and they are mostly be categorize in following format:

  • Adsense content unit
  • Adsense link unit
  • Adsense for search
Adsense used to offer Adsense video units but they retired it later. Here are Maximum Adsense ad units allowed for a web page:

Adsense content unit:

You can place maximum of 3 content unit. Content unit are available in following sizes:
728*90, 468*60, 234*60, 125*125, 120*600, 160*600, 180*150, 120*240, 200*200, 250*250, 300*250, 336*280
Personally I have seen 336*280 and 160*600 to be very effective. Anyways, you can use ads from multiple pub-id but total no. of content display ad should not go beyond 3.

Adsense link units:

Adsense link units perform really well when it’s blended well with your theme and places above fold. I tested it by placing in navbar and it turns out to be top performing ad unit. You can place maximum of 3 link units on a page. You can find the various sizes for Adsense link units here.

Adsense for search:

You can add up to 2 adsense for search unit on a page. For a big Website, Adsense for search unit performs really well and if you have not yet set up Adsense for search units, you can read our guide on How to set up Adsense for search.
You can read about maximum adsense ad units on official blog post and ignore the video ad part as it is retired now.

Few things which I learned from my experience, sometime 2 ad unit perform better than 3 ad units. Placing ad above the fold yields better result. A combination of Image + text ads perform better. Though there are so many available options to place ads but I will highly suggest use minimum of ad units or utilize adverts only at the bottom or at the sidebar.

Do let us know how many Maximum adsense ad units are you using on your blog? are you using all possible ad units or you using less than the maximum limit?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1046 articles.

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  1. says

    I use one Adsense placement per page and for a numerous reason. The first is, I do not want to use up my visitors mobile data loading my site and Adsense ads.

    Second, most people come to my site for the content, not to view the Adsense ads. Third, if they do not block Adsense ads, they will see it while looking at my content but will most likely not click on the Adsense ads which will hurt my CTR.

  2. says

    Thank you for this… by the way, I am using blogger and if you are familiar of Adsense earning in the associated account of blogger and adsense… does it affect my earning if I exceed the number of ads to be displayed on your blog?

  3. Supratim says

    Hey Harsh,
    Thanks for helping me out with this but I did not understand your article completely
    How much ads can be displayed total in a single page? like in homepage how much max ads can be displayed and in post page how much max can be displayed,
    Also what would be the best place for placing ads in an article?
    Thanks :)

  4. says

    Ok, got it, but what about Responsive Ad Units? There is no any size mentioned in responsive ad units so how will I recognize in which category it is? Adsense content unit or Adsense link unit?

  5. Nishant says

    Hello Harsh Sir,
    I have a question regarding number of ads to be placed. Currently on my homepage i have placed a leaderboard on the top, below that i have used wider link unit. On the sidebar i am using 160*600 ad. In the middle of the homepage i am using 250*250 ad and there is one more link unit in this page only

    in short: I am using 3 normal ads of different sizes and 2 link units in the same page.I have read in the google policies that 3 link units plus two search boxes are allowed but i am confused about the combination.

    Means i can put in total 8 ads in a single webpage(3 content ads+ 3 link ads+ 3 search boxes??)

    Sir Please clear this doubt of mine..I will be very thankful

  6. says

    Wow wow :)
    So youre telling me I have not maximized my revenue from google adsense :D
    I currently have one skyscraper from left sidebar and 728*90 + 336*280.

    Now going to add another 3 ads :)

  7. Kushal Azza says

    Hi Harsh,
    I have added 3 contextual Ads on my blog but, when I am link units existing ads getting disappeared.
    It means that we are only able to add 3 ads in all. May be 3 contextual ads or 3 link units or combined which should not be more than 3 units
    Check out your self and Update the post

    Kushal Azza

  8. abhilash says

    can anyone tell me .. if i give more ads on a page , the CPC is decrease ?
    means CPC depend on the no of ads on a page or not?

    • says

      Adsense CPC depends on how many ads you show and from them how much click you get the less your Click through rate the less is your Cost Per Click. @ Abhilash Bro

  9. Ishaan says

    I use both ‘image & text’ ads & also Link ads. As per my experience, link ads work like magic if placed before the post body, apart from navbar of course.

  10. ankur_rautela says

    I am using to 336*280 ad units and one 728*90 ad unit and when I am creating google adsense for search, always its shows any error.

  11. jayaar says

    thanks for the short and precise article, Mr. Harsh.
    I have the side ads giving better results, as you said.
    thanks for sharing!

  12. Guru says

    @Lynx, you are absolutely correct. You can put the maximum number of ads from each category on a single page without any issues. Well this is a very nice piece of information given here. This would really help the new comers.

  13. Peter Lee says

    Yes ! What Harris said is right. Maximum 6 ads consisting of 3 ad units and 3 link units are allowed. But I only put 1 336×280 on my main page. While on the post page I put all 3 336×280. I did not put any link unit because I think it doesn’t look good on my blog.

  14. Mohsin says

    I feel very Strange after reading this post because Google allows three Adsense content unit Ads on one page where i can see only one on this page. Why?

  15. Harris says

    I have tested different ad units in my websites. I got success with 320X200 and 468X60 format ads on the top of the post. We can have maximum 6 ads 3 from ad units and 3 from link units. I have no any experience with video ads.

  16. Lynx says

    Can I put all of 1 and 2 and 3 on one single page?

    i.e. that would mean I can put 9 ads altogether on a single webpage. Is my understanding correct?.

    Or it means 3 combinations of links and text/image ads.

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