How Many AdSense Ad Units Can I Put on a Single Page?


UPDATE: This article is updated in August 2022 with the latest information. Read carefully, as this can help you earn more money from Adsense.  

We all know that AdSense is (to date) the best contextual, high-paying ad network.

But AdSense also has very strictly enforced program policies. If they find that a website violates their TOS, they will permanently disable the account.

It is very important to follow AdSense’s quality and program guidelines to avoid having your AdSense account banned.

Here’s one of the most common questions new bloggers asks:

  • “What is the maximum number of AdSense units can I put on a page?”

Google AdSense offers different types of ads, and most are categorized in the following formats:

  • Display ads
  • In-feed Ads
  • In-article ads
  • Multiplex-ads
  • Search engine ads

Here are the maximum AdSense ad units allowed for a web page:

AdSense Content Unit

Earlier, AdSense had a maximum limit of 3 ad units (while “premium partners” enjoyed serving up to 6 ad units).

In August 2016, AdSense lifted the ad unit limit for every site.

  • You can now place an unlimited amount of AdSense ads on a page.

However, advertising and other paid promotional material added to your pages should not exceed your content.

In other words:

  • You also need to maintain the quality of your site.

You can also use ads from multiple publisher IDs.

(Note: I have started serving ads using Ezoic, which is also helping me to increase my overall revenue.)

AdSense For Search

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For a big website, AdSense For Search units perform well.

If you have not yet set up AdSense For Search units, read our guide:

How many AdSense ad unit can you put on a page?

As mentioned above, Google has lifted the limit restrictions. As long as your ads do not exceed your content, there is no upper limit on the number of ads on a single page.

It’s important to note that while picking the number of ads, you should consider the short blog posts. If you decide to place more than 5-6 ad units and place them sitewide using a plugin, you might be spamming your own short posts with a large number of ads.

AdSense has explicitly mentioned:

  • “We may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.”  

So I suggest you keep less than 5 ads per page.

I usually stick to 3 or 4.

But you should identify your own limit according to your blog’s layout.

Here are a few things which I have learned from my own experience:

  • Sometimes lower number of ad units perform better than more ad units.
  • Placing ads above the fold yields better results.

There are many different options available for placing ads, but I highly recommend using a minimum amount of ad units or utilizing adverts only at the bottom or on the sidebar.

Let us know how many AdSense ad units you use on your blog. Now that Google has lifted the limit, are you using more AdSense ad units, or are you keeping it the same? Share your experience in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I’m preparing my blog before I submit it for verification. This article is very invaluable to me.

  2. shaan

    Thank you Harsh sir. It is very good that now we can placed an ads 6 or more in a single page.

  3. Knight

    I was in dark about the ad limits. Last time I checked a couple of years ago it was 3 ad units. Now I am glad to know that they have lifted the ad unit limitations.

  4. jagmohan singh negi

    hey bloggers,
    can anyone check my site just for overview of my adsense ad placement. recently i got “Page-level enforcements” issue on my site.
    I am using 3 to 4 adds on my site.

    please check and guide us if you think there is any issue. [99mediasector]

  5. Michelle Hestand

    I have just gone up to 4 ads on my blogs. Responsive Ad in the header, Two 300×250 Medium Rectangles in the sidebar, and another medium rectangle in the footer. This is seems to be a good balance. It adds a splash of color to my text-only articles without being too distracting.

  6. Mathukutty P. V.

    I was searching in google for how many ads can be used in my site. This article helped to know that limit of 3 is lifted. I learned many things from your blog. Thanks.

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    I just started a blog and I am looking some information about Adsense, This is the perfect article for me.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thanks and Cheers

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    Great content. First of all i would like to thank you for this helpful content. I was really confused about how many Adsense code i can use but now i am confident and know the policy of using adsense code. Thanks Once again.

  9. Emenike Emmanuel

    Thanks Harsh, but there are still a few things I’m not seeing… And that’s how to display my ads as a link so that each unit will have like 5 or links.

    If you can help me write about that I will be grateful.

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