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    How to Write a Blog Post in the first place ?

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    Starting with a new blog, and most common question asked is, How to write a Blog post? It’s not as simple as getting inside your blog dashboard, open post editor and write a post, but it’s more than that. That’s where a difference between a normal Blogger and A list Blogger comes into the picture. In this post, I will be sharing some of the tips, which will help you to write exceptionally great articles.

    “What are libraries made of” ?

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    One scientist featured on a National Geographic documentary about the universe asked the following question : what are libraries made of ? If you are like most people, you’re probably thinking books, or maybe even walls.

    While I’m not sure there is an official answer to this question, the scientist answered letters. After all, what makes a library a library is books. Books are made of sentences, sentences are made of words, words are made of letters. So libraries are made of letters. Makes sense ?

    Which makes me think. What makes a blog a blog ? According to the above you’d very right to answer letters as well. But let’s remember I’m not a National Geographic scientist, and agree that what makes a blog a blog is posts, and good ones.

    So here we go, how do we write a good blog post ?

    Don’t jump right in

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    Preparation is key here. What you want to do is coming up with a good piece of content your readers will love. So before you start writing :

    Prep work

    What do you to want to talk about in your article ? What are the key points you want to develop ?

    It’s important you think about that before writing anything. Do remember people see tons of content everyday, so you have to make it easy for them to understand.

    At best, a quick glance at your content should tell the reader what your article is about.

    Make a list of themes & subthemes

    After preliminary work,I always spend enough time to put the important ideas into themes and subthemes.

    At this point, I’m still on Word, and not on WordPress. I mean you could do it on WordPress as well, but I like doing it that way so that I’m not tempted to develop the content yet. I only list important ideas and sub-ideas here.

    Ok so now that you’ve spent enough time drawing the outline of your article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what ideas and messages you are conveying in your article, and your content will be both well organized and easy to read.

    Blog post best practices

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    Make your content scannable

    Did you know that an average reader actually understand only 60% of what they read ? So you have to make it understandable and easy to read.

    How ? Glad you ask :

    First, Split your content into muliple, easily recognizable parts. See the headings of this article ? It’s here precisely to serve this purpose : to help you scan the different parts of the article.

    Then, create space throughout your content. Nothing says “Please don’t read me” more than a big block of content with no space and heading. There are of course exceptions to this, depending on what you write about and your audience. But in many niches, this is a standard best practice.

    You can also use lists. You know, “5 tips for this”, “10 ways to make that”. Lists are cool because :

    1. they are easy to read and scan
    2. they show multiple ideas at a glance
    3. they are trendy
    4. they are also making my point icon smile How to Write a Blog Post in the first place ?

    Use quotes

    Another good way to make your content scannable is to use quotes, because it’s a good way to attract attention your readers attention ?

    Illustrate correctly

    Finally, carefully choose images that illustrate your point. I don’t need to add this will attract your readers attention as well. Plus, it will make the content more appealing than a plain text bloc. Remember to mention credits. I usually look for images at the following sites :

    These are just few of the sites, and there are many more sites from where you can download free images.

    Produce compact content

    I’m not talking about visually compact content, as we saw above. I’m talking about information packed content. What it means is a good blog post has no fluff, only meat. So try to avoid long sentences that do not serve your purpose.

    More is not always better

    For the above reason, don’t make the mistake to think that longer posts are always better than sorther one. What is best is a useful, information packed article. Again, you want to produce no fluff content only.

    If you can convey a powerful message in a few sentences, do it.

    And if you go for longer, more details posts, fine, but don’t inflate your word count on purpose with useless sentences. Only meat, remember ?

    Headlines, headlines, headlines

    Did I stress that enough ? Headlines are important because it will make your readers decide whether or not they’ll read your content, be it on your blog, or in your RSS feed.

    List your sources

    Are you refering to an external resource ? List it, your content will only become more powerful. Learn benefits of linking out for SEO.

    Blogger best practices

    medium 7560272412 How to Write a Blog Post in the first place ?

    Read a lot

    Keeping yourself updated to the latest news and articles in your niche is a must to keep your ideas fresh.

    Plus, it will give you ideas to write new articles. Subscribe to useful blogs, which not only inspire you but give you latest information related to your niche.

    Take notes of your ideas

    Whenever you think about something that might make a good article, write it down. It will make your job much easier finding new articles topics and ideas when you need theme. You can use online service like Evernote for taking notes or even traditional method of pen and paper works great.

    Practice makes perfect

    Writing regularly improves your skills as a writer. And it makes it easier too.

    I think it’s Chris Brogan who advised we should write everyday. If this sounds like a pain to you, you could consider writing for a purpose other than simply improving your skills.

    A good example would be to write with the purpose of submitting guest posts. Thus, you’ll have a reason to practice, because you know that every guest post that you land will increase your popularity and traffic.

    So blogs are made of articles

    Here it is guys, blogs are made of articles. And what makes a blog a good blog is, for the most part, good articles.

    There are of course other parameters that make or break a blog : who the writer is ? What has he/she done ? How is the blog promoted ?
    But whatever the answers to these questions are, it won’t mean anything unless the post, the content, the meat is worth it.

    So, go ahead and when you write a blog post, keep atleast few of the tips provided above in your mind and see the difference. Now,  Up to you guys now, what’s your take on this ?

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    Pranay Patel

    It’s a worth reading Article. It’ll be a great help from you.
    Thanks for the share!



    Hi Abdul,
    I like the concept that you have highlighted. Well, I think writing the first blog post needs to be unique and fresh. I like the tips that you have highlighted. Thanks for the share!!


    Shiwangi peswani

    Hi Abdul, nice tips indeed. Though I am not an A list blogger but would like to add a tip in your list “Writing the blog post in first person” also makes the post understandable and helps in building trust with readers.
    I mean, rather than submitting an essay type content, its better to converse with reader.
    Pls correct me if I am wrong.


    Abdul Ghani

    Hi Shiwangi,

    you couln’t be more right !

    You have to differentiate from the plethora of other blogs out there as much as possible. And writing in first person is definately a great way to do this.

    You can also get more personal, sharing important parts of your life, of your story.

    This will only make your readers know you, and it will certainly make them more loyal and closer to you.

    Thanks for adding your input to this !

    PS: I just followed you on Twitter :)


    Vandhana Karthick

    Its very useful to me I am just budding into it..What is list blogger? Really informative and though many blogs are there to say how and why but Shoutme loud is unique..


    Abdul Ghani

    Hi Vandhana,

    you mean A list Blogger ? If you do, it refers to the most well known bloggers out there.

    Among them, Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, Brian Clark from CopyBlogger, Danny Sullivan from SearchEngineJournal or Seth Godin.



    nice info @abdul you can add amit agarwal from labnol also in your list..


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