The Only Guide You Need to Start A New Blog?

Blogging is becoming a trend now days. No matter for whatever reason, you are blogging or want to start a new Blog, but everyone around have a blog. Someone is on BlogSpot, someone is using or self-hosted blog, many are also using Tumblr to create a blog, but by the end, everyone have their online presence via Blog. If you are still wondering, how you can start a new blog for yourself, this guide is a great way to start.

Guide to Start A New Blog

There are many reasons you can start a blog, you can talk about how you are feeling today, you can share your thoughts, you can write about something you like, you can start a new blog to promote your business or none the less, you can create a blog just to make money from it.

start a new blogNow, everyday many people create a blog and they forget about it, but here at ShoutMeLoud, we take Blogging seriously, and you can use it to earn handsome passive income. You can use advertisement or different blog monetization techniques,  to earn enough to pay your mobile bills or other utility bills, or you can become a Professional Blogger and earn a living out of it. But the only key is, you need to start with a plan and maintain the consistency.

In this article, I will be guiding you about few things, which you need to start a new blog and I will also link to best of resources from ShoutMeLoud and other websites on web, to make most out of your first blog. The road to your Blogging success is going to be long, but if you can do it right, you might be making handsome $5000-$10000/month like Harsh makes from ShoutMeLoud.

So, Let’s cover up the requirements you will need to start a blog on WordPress or BlogSpot platform.

How To Start A Blog When You Have No Audience

There are many skills that a successful blogger should have, and if you are running a blog or creating one for yourself, you are one step ahead from normal crowd and you can add Blogger as your designation. :) But, I’m sure you don’t want to be found and lost blogger, so it’s better you should have certain skills like Writing, Analytics, reading and many more.

The most important of it is, writing. Yes, I know you can write amazing and unique technical articles, but can people really connect to your writing? Is it easy to understand? You can always enhance your writing skills by practice and by learning from others writing on the web. You just need to have an attitude to learn new things, and I’m sure you have it and that’s why you are here.

Blogging Platform:

Anyone can get a free blog on and start with Blogging, and this is best platform to start when you are a complete newbie. But, if you are thinking of long-term, get yourself a self-hosted WordPress blog. , WordPress is a software platform, which you will install on your Hosting account and your domain.

If you wish to avoid necessary Blog investment and want to start with 0$, Blogspot should be your choice of platform. But, if you wish to start a new blog with the goal of making the side income, you should get a self-hosted blog. You can refer to ShoutMeLoud extensive WordPress guide to get started, where you can learn about everything you need to get started with your WordPress blog and domain.

Though, if you are the complete newbie, I recommend you to get a BlogSpot blog, and below is a nice guide on creating your first blog on Blogspot platform.

In short, it should be your decision that platform you wish to use, but if you look at all popular blogs including the one you reading right now, most of them are using WordPress and that’s what you should use. My suggestion would be, get a hitch of Blogging on Free BlogSpot blog, and after a week or two-week time, you can start a new blog on WordPress platform with the more professional approach.


A niche in layman term means the topic. Most of the people make the mistake by mixing various topic on a Blog. It’s good for the personal blog, where you can talk about anything you like, but if your goal is anything else apart from creating the Personal blog, My recommendation would be stick to a niche. For example, if you like to write about Politics, write only about Politics. If you like to write about colleges and universities, stick to education niche only. If you have an interest in photography, start a photo blog. If you are good with video editing, don’t hesitate to start a video blog.

Yes, I know you have made up your mind. But selecting a precise and appropriate niche is the foremost thing to do. Don’t run behind the common niche. Find a niche that you are best at. I would always suggest a newbie blogger to start a new blog of their interest and work hard on it. As the definition of the work according to me says: “Something done without personal interest”. So start a new blog in the ield where you have strong interest. It might be related to your hobbies. There are tonnes of niche you can select.The reason I strongly recommend newbies to start a new blog related to their interest is because even if you don’t make money for some months, you will never think of quitting blogging.

Now the tough question is how you can define and find a topic that interest you and below posts are the answer to your question.

Conclusion- selecting the appropriate niche is the first and the most important step for starting a new blog.

Web-hosting & Domain

Now, we have a topic in mind and we need a domain and Hosting to get started. Now, if you are starting with BlogSpot, you don’t need a Hosting account and your goal is to get a custom domain. By default, you get a domain name like but with a mere expense of $2-$10, you can get a branded domain name like If you are not sure, why you need a domain name, following two articles will point you into right direction.

Choose a catchy and attractive domain name relevant to your blog niche. Make your domain name speak everything. It should represent your brand and the type of blog you own. Don’t make your domain name irrelevant and don’t make it sound too funky (actually newbies do it!). Select an appropriate, attractive and relevant domain name.

Though, selecting a domain name is not easy but hey, I’m here to help you and we have already created an easy to follow guide for you. Here are articles, which will help you to get a select a domain name and will give you more insight about domain names.

So, by now you have decided upon your Blogging platform, your niche and with above guide you also decided upon a domain name. Now, if you are listening to my suggestion and getting yourself a WordPress blog, it’s time to get a hosting. We need hosting to Host our files. Web-hosting plays an important role. There are plenty of hosting service provider but not all stand up to the expectation. A good web-hosting means- a good support and a good up-time.

Going for a free hosting and regretting can be heart breaking, eespecially during the starting phase of your blogging life. Don’t annoy your visitor with slow page load and down time. They might not visit you ever again. I would suggest you to buy a shared hosting initially. Once your blog starts to get heavy traffic, shift it to dedicated hosting.

Conclusion- First rule of any business is to invest if you really want to make something from it. So invest on good web-hosting service to start a new blog. We have some useful guide and resources for Web hosting and below are few articles, which will point you into right direction.

Learn SEO:

If you are just getting started with a new blog, you may or may not have heard of SEO. SEO stands for Search engine optimization and basically it’s a set of rules and guidelines which we follow to make our blog more search engine friend. How do you find something on Web? You use Google search or Bing Search? That’s where SEO come into the picture.

Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has always been the most difficult job for all the bloggers. Though, believe it or not, it’s quite easy and you don’t need to be an SEO expert or dedicate day and night to learn SEO. You can easily spend 1-2 hours a day for initial few days to learn the basics and as you will blog, you will learn other aspect of Blogging.

Again, as I mentioned, I’m here to make your life easier and I’m creating a list of resource below, which will help you to understand SEO in simple word. There are many things in SEO, but you can start with basics and here at ShoutMeLoud, we are here to help with everything:

There are plenty of SEO learning resources. I would strongly suggest you to follow SML’s SEO section and download the following SEO E-books:

Selecting a Good design:

So far, if you have followed everything you are ready to start your new blog. Now, there are things which you need to do to make your blog appealing and attractive. After all blog is not a book and it’s actually judge by its cover first and later with content. So, you can easily create an everlasting impression of your blog with a great design.

First impression is the last impression”, that’s the mantra we follow for a blog. A good-looking and fast loading blog has always attracted back its audience. This helps you to get a good bounce rate. There are many Premium theme clubs are available which will let you buy attractive design for a nominal price or if you looking for a cheap solution, you can always get a free theme from WordPress theme repo. Or simply search in Google with your Blog Platform + Free Theme + Year (Ex. WordPress free theme 2012) and you will find many resources to get a free and nice looking theme for your blog. Here are few resources, which will again help you get started with your WordPress Blog design.

Writing your first Blog post:

Now, you are all geared up with a WordPress blog or free BlogSpot blog for yourself. Next and most important thing is writing your first article. You can always start with something you know and in your style, but there are many things which you should know or take care when writing an article. I have mentioned many resources below, which will help you to get started and learn the pro techniques of writing.

It may be time-consuming but once you get your basics right, your complete Blogging journey will be way easier in long run.

Driving traffic to your Blog

So, you have got everything covered and you your first blog post is live. Now, the major problem is driving traffic. If you have read about SEO, it won’t be an issue. You should start with Getting your site indexed in 24 hours.

Now, there are many techniques which you can use to get traffic to your newly created blog. Here are just three resources, which you need to get started.

Getting social:

Once you have established your blog. Socialize yourself. Let the Blogosphere know your presence. Bookmark the articles you write. Submit it to famous bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon and Reddit. Pin images of your post at Pinterest. Make most out of  Twitter and Facebook.  Remember this is inorganic traffic but they are regular and they are your strong audience. Read: Benefits of social media marketing for Blogging.

You just need to get started and no need to stress, as again I’m here to guide you with best resources to start a new Blog. To get social with your blog, you need a Facebook page, Google page and official Blog twitter account. Here are two resources, which will help you to get started here.

What Else you need to reach next level of Blogging:

Now, you need to swear that you will not make these common newbie blogging mistakes and you will be serious about your Blog. Now, it’s time to start making money from your blog and there are many ways by which you can make money from your blog. The best way is to start using Google Adsense. Our complete Adsense guide, is the resource which you need to get started with it.

If you are looking to make more, you can use many other techniques like Affiliate marketing, CPM ad network and many more. Here are few more blogs, which will help you to dive into the world of Blogging:

Prepare a mind map of all the above points and you can have a good head start. At blogging world we always wish that there were someone who can guide us right from the scratched when we start a new blog. While that may not be possible but there are plenty of resources available. Join the group and forums related to blogging and put up your doubts, there are thousands of people out there to help you out. Welcome to Blogging!

I tried to cover as much as I could for a newbie to get started, but if you still have a question in your mind before starting your new blog on WordPress or BlogSpot, feel free to give us a shout via comment. Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and bookmark it for future reference.

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  1. Krisna says

    Hi! Thanks for the information. What can you say about weebly? As a newbie and hobby-blogger, I chose weebly over wordpress for ease of use. Will it be good for long term?

  2. Shubhajit says

    Epic one! Lots of info, with good links, comprehensive one.

    I disagree with a point when you say WordPress is for long run, blogspot is for newbie. there are thousands of blogs running on blogger that are better than wordpress in terms of design and revenue. And after all blogger is a Google Platform. And if you talk about SEO, there is a little relevance of descriptions and keywords in SEO field. Google is itself a math but expect human behavior from users.

    I also to a certain extent disagree with the topic of choosing niche blog. Suppose i’m interested in making a blog on religion because that’s where my interest lies. Perhaps you know one of the lowest CPC rates is on religion and very comparatively less people are interested in it. it’s not what you feel, but there are several factors like CPC rate, interest, materials available, keyword competition and others.

    Blogging in my experience is perseverance. I once got visitors like 400 in relatively less known blog, and now it has been reduced to 50..there is always ups and down but consistently doing things with enthusiasm without looking back can give you good result. And anyway, people waste so much time in flimflams why not take it is a constructive waste of 2 hours daily!

  3. Ehsan Ullah says

    A great article with almost complete guide on starting a blog for newbies, but I would like to mention that Harsh is using too many links inside the post. Limit it!

    • Amit Shaw says

      There is No Harm Ehsan if you are using Link of Enternal Post.
      It will help you to get Some Visit On those articles, as well as it will help you to get ranking on Google too. . .

  4. raman says

    There are no words to say it is a great post for new and smart bloggers also.thank you for this post.

  5. Nizam says

    Well yes, a newbie blogger should start a new blog with the niche in which one is interested and should work on it, but sticking to a particular niche and working on it is really important for non-personal blogs. And no doubt a good looking and fast loading blog will attract visitors and as said “first impression is the last impression”. Thanks Kunal for this wonderful and useful guide on “getting started with a new blog”.

  6. prateek says

    that is an awesome post. i have recently started a blog of mine and many of the topics mentioned here helped me

  7. says

    I was Thinking That First post 25 post and then start directory submission and Guest posting,
    But here i have Read Exact Different Idea.
    Is it Work, that to start Guest posting and Directory submission right away after first post ?

    • says

      Sooner you start better it is.. If you are guest posting for traffic, and branding, then it’s good to have 5-10 posts, else visitors might not convert into regular readers….
      Directory submission will help in building links, and thus higher ranking in searches.. Do keep in mind, after Penguin update Article directory submission is not that effective, but they do work.

  8. rahul says

    Every one knows about how to create blogs today. They are lacking behing foreign bloggers in the knowledge of getting traffic. The tips published in various blogs are not sufficient to get more than 5000 visitors daily. Still there are something which is secret of bloggers like Amit Bhawani, Harsh and Vijayraj Reddy. I hope I will also get traffic like these bloggers soon.

    • Kunal says

      Hi Rahul,
      I agree to you. May be from our perspective everyone now a days know to start a blog. We can say that because we are blogging. But going back to our starting phase of blogging journey, we knew nothing about how to start a new blog. I taking my case, did not know which was the best platform and I had spent countless hours doing Joomla.
      Taking the similar case, there are thousands of newbie around the globe who are willing to start a blog and they are confused about every bit of blogging. This post is mainly to tell them for a perfect start and than emphasizing on generating traffic.

  9. Deepak says

    Niche selection is where every bloggers lacks behind.
    And i think he needs to be guided properly.
    Just to enhance that particular point Niche should be selected as no one did.
    That doesn’t means that you have to do some thing else you just have to do some thing differently.