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How to Motivate YourSelf for Blogging When you are Demotivated

How to Motivate YourSelf for Blogging When you are Demotivated

Few days back I was talking to one of the budding blogger on Phone and he was worried about his motivation for Blogging. Here is the first few line of conversation I had with him over the phone. Let me call him Mister X.

  • Me: Hi what happened? Why are you so demotivated?
  • Mister X: Harsh I have worked on my blog for many months and this is my 4th blog and probably the last one. I’m still getting only 100+ odd views and people are commenting just because of back links like “Nice post” “useful posts” and at times I do get negative comments and that discourages me a lot.
  • Me: Why did you start Blogging?
  • Mister X: I started Blogging because I like it and it’s my passion. I’m Blogging for last 4 years and I like when people like my post and follow me. Secondary reason is money, which is not the main reason but will be a major one later in my life.
  • Me: What kind of people you follow on Social networking sites?
  • Mister X: Mostly Bloggers and internet marketers.
  • Me: How do you feel when people talk about their success stories on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Mister X: Some of them motivates me and few of them demotivates me. People who started with me and doing great demotivates me, where as blogs like ShoutMeLoud, HellboundBlogger motivates me, as I want to be like them.

Honestly, when I was having this conversation with Mister X, I was aware of his problem. This is one common phase of Blogging life, which most of the Blogger are facing. I have faced it too in the initial days of my blogging and I faced it last year, when ShoutMeLoud got hit by Panda.

Motivation for Blogging

And then I shared few of my experiences, gave him few tips and at the same time it gave me idea for this blog post. I’m sure many of you (New and budding bloggers) are also facing the same issue but until and unless you don’t take any action, you might end up as a failed blogger or quit blogging.

In this article, I will be sharing few tips which will help you to bring back the motivation for blogging again and stop being demotivated.

Bring back your motivation factor for Blogging:

Blog for yourself first and then for others:

You must have read a lot about writing for readers and it’s true. Though, to capture the audience for your blog you need to write for yourself first. One of the mistake which new bloggers do is by copying someone else style. Your blog is your personal space and it reflects your identity and your voice. You might not capture thousands of fans in a day or in a month or even in a year, but if your blog post is helping even a single person, it’s worth your time.

Just stick to your niche and write anything that interest you. One of the biggest misconception is, what’s the point of writing something which is written hundred of times. But the fact is, every day new internet user is born and your blog might be the first few Websites which a new user will come across. He might have never heard about Google analytics or even blogging before. So, write everything that you are learning and doing in your day-to-day life. Repeating myself again: stick to your niche.

Start from Basic to advanced:

This is another mistake with your blog content strategy. Most of the blogger starts from middle or directly goes to advanced. For instance, you end up talking about Hostgator hosting but you have never shared what is Webhosting and why you need one, how do you expect to build a readership with no end to end content. When I talk about readership, you need to have pile of content that make a reader stick to your blog and help him understand every in and out of topic he is reading about.

For example, in this case mister X has written about one of the premium SEO plugin and he was not happy with the comments he was getting. Well, first few questions which you should ask yourself:

  • When you see a Blog content with affiliate links, how do you feel?
  • Have you covered the other topic in the same niche?
  • Have you told them what’s the benefit of SEO, why SEO is important for your Blog?

Solution: Sit down and plan a content  strategy for your blog. Write down every basic to advance topic you can cover. This will help a starter to learn something new and when your content is moved from beginner level to intermediate level, your blog readership level will grow.

Blog without any materialistic view:

There is always a motto behind blogging and when I started, It was all about knowledge sharing. I write about anything which interests me and money and fan following was never in my mind. Even first few thank you comment helped me to motivate a lot for blogging and to write more. This is my story and yours may be different.

But when you blog with such materialistic motives, you miss out the most simple fundamental of Blogging: I blog because I like.

Your Blog is your personal space and you should write anything that comes in your mind and that interest you. Sooner or later, all like minded people will follow you and will love to learn new things from you. Don’t blog for money or for fan following, Blog for yourself and let it be a reason through out for making yourself one of the A-list blogger.

Forget social networking, focus on Blogging:

Yes, I know social networking is important but at the same time Social networking is a big demotivating factor for many. When you sit in a room for hours and you see someone updating about his trip to Las vegas, you feel miserable. To be honest, I feel miserable and I badly want to do that too. I want to get out of my office and take a trip to some new destination. Though, I know time will come and I will get a chance to do that too. But in that situation, such updates are not very healthy and I had a great discussion about this with one of my psychiatrist friend.

Similarly, when other blogger keep talking about “my blog achieved this” “My blog earned this much” it become demotivational factor for many.

Either you can think like me, and take action to reach there or you can simply stop using such social networking sites for Blogging. Use Social networking sites for creating real-life connection. Connecting with right set of people and learning new stuff.

If you are just sharing links and expecting hundred of people to jump on your blog post, it’s not going to happen. Use blog commenting rather. Comment on other blogs and not only it will drive targeted traffic but you will end up creating lots of genuine connection.

Another reason here for Mister X demotivation is, his social networking site is full of Bloggers and they are already aware of things which he is writing most of the time. Obviously, it won’t interest them a lot and instead of focusing on them, he should focus on people who are new to this field and want to learn more.

My story: When I started blogging in 2008, I commented a lot. I commented not for backlinks, but I commented for right reasons. I commented on Blog posts which motivated me, which taught me something or which triggered my thought process. I ended up commenting with my view, my disagreement, adding something which was missing in the topic and this way I ended up creating lots of comment. Yes, I got the benefit of branding, backlinks and I created lots of connection with this process.  And it’s one of the big reason for  ShoutMeloud growth.

Use Social networking only for right reasons, use it for networking and not for self promotion.

Have a blog business plan:

Now, at the same time have a business plan for your blog. If you wish to make money, have a plan for the same. Make a content generation plan, blog monetization plan, marketing plan, growth plan and so on. With time, your blog plan will change according to readership and according to need of your readers.

Things not to do:

  • Don’t blog, just for money.
  • Blog for passion and blog for yourself.
  • Before publishing a blog post ask yourself one question: Is it helping me or is it helping even a single person, and then hit the publish button.
  • Ignore other blog and bloggers which discourages you instead of motivating you.
  • When you see other successful blog, think what action you can take to reach there and start taking action.

Remember, Success takes time and you can’t be next Darren rowse or John Chow in a day or two. You need to work not only hard but also need to work smartly, to be successful.

When ever you are demotivated for Blogging, go back to past and ask yourself: Why I’m Blogging and why I started Blogging. Go through your old content and read the happy comments, that helped few to learn or helped them in fixing their problem. Here is a motivational video message for you:

Do let me know what things demotivate you from blogging and how you bring back the motivation?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1077 articles.

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  • surendra

    I totally agree with you! But the worst thing is that the people here think us(I am also a blogger) that we are mad and do nothing useful. I started blogging seriously since 6months and still not able to earn my first check(even half of it!) from google. Yes money makes difference but money should not be the aim for blogging. I believe making is more important everything .

  • Imran Topu Sardar

    I think, start your blogging career as your passion. Make a great resource for you and one day it will be a resource for all.
    Never race before money.
    Try to make a good blog, then it will bring money one day. It will be surprised then.
    Thanks Harsh for this great article.

  • Hung Pham

    Hi Harsh,

    For a long time, this is actually an article that sharing experience about blogging. At first, I get confuse that blogging is to write a lot and a lot which is not concerned to personal. And the second is how to make money from it.

    At last, I know that, all my thinks are wrong. After reading this article, I must “re-build” my opinion to blog :)

  • Ahmad Raza

    Thanks Harsh,
    You shared really great tips for us.
    Google updates and drop in traffic is the major cause of my demotivation.
    After every update I try to fix the issues and get my traffic recovered. But after a few weeks, the next update comes that again hits my site. This demotivates me alot..

  • Akash

    Nicely explained all..we know all the main reason for demotivate; we can’t get enough traffic that we expect… We must over come from this stage and start blogging where we leave..:)

  • precious

    Thanks a lot harsh,actually,am currently facing the same challenge,my traffic hanging around 110 unique visitors/day.
    Am encouraged thanks to you and am looking forward to more encouraging posts!

  • Anil Agarwal

    That’s true from time to time I got demotivated with my blogging things in the past. Here were some of reasons due to which I started feeling on the lower side:

    – I was putting too much effort on my blog but was not getting the expected traffic

    – I wrote a great post to the best of my knowledge but it does not get the much needed exposure in the form of shares and comments

    – Since making money is one my main aim behind blogging, so there were some months I got good earnings, but in some months earnings really went down. So there was no clear cut trend in earnings.

  • V Srinivasan

    Hi Harsh,
    I like they way you narrated the story of a blogger “x”. It is really motivational, you have tuned up the blogger’s morale. Very valid point, concentrate on blog, don’t blog just for making money and use social networking for connecting real life people. Thank you for giving such a wonderful post.

  • Krishna

    Money is an important factor in blogging, when comes to me. I have dedicating my full time in blogging but not getting expected money from blogging so that, for sometime,I feel so demotivated.

    But, I still have hope in making good money out of blogging because, I won’t get success until I go to the right way. Therefore, I am working to improve my blog and try to keep my self always motivated.

    This post gave me a boost. Thanks

  • Victoria

    Thanks for a really motivational post! I think these problems are not with bloggers but for everybody starting their own business,or even making their passion a business project. Because expectations are often far from reality and it turns out that there’s much more work needed

  • Aakash Salunke

    Thanks Harsh for this post. Very helpful. I also had lost interest in blogging but now i’m back

  • Gagan

    thanks Harsh for sharing this conversation.
    i started blogging in 2009 and done very well.But I stop that for my further studies and now again i started some blogs but they are getting only few as 80 views.i follow some seo strategy due to which views increases to 200+ but still not getting more than 220 or 230 views.
    I think i know what wrong thing m doing and trying improve it.
    this article encourage me to keep trying thanks buddy.

  • John Appling

    I really liked the note on blogging because you like to share. If you like it – blog it. I’ve just started blogging and I think even now I spend too much time wondering if this is good enough or in the right area to mention. Write for the joy – if you get money out of it, great. But if only one person (yourself included) is helped – it’s worthwhile.

  • parul

    Thanks Harsh.

    Your blogs are always interesting and motivating. Can encourage everyone who is new in this field and want to start blogging.

  • Shivkumar

    Hello Harsh,

    All those points which you have mention above fits to many newbies as well as blogger with some experience.
    Here, apart from the points listed above i.e. people get demotivated due to social sites and less hits on their post,less than avg visit on blog. I would like to add one more that sometime when blogger with high PR and Alexa Rank get the comment on their blog from those people who has lesser PR and alexa rank than theirs, they don’t approve their comments though the comment is genuine. Why? I don’t know.
    I am sharing this because, before a couples of days, I heard this from one of the blogger with same issue. What can you suggest for those people?

  • Satbir Patial

    Undergoing with same situation..!! Motivation is extremely important for newbies in there first few months of blogging when you keep writing useful stuff regularly and search engines seem to be ignoring you..!! You get ZERO real users comments and Hundreds of SPAM comments..!! But we need to keep on like as you said, “Write For Yourself First”. Loved this article Harsh Sir..!! Dhanyawad..!!

  • Rabin

    Thanks Harsh For this motivated article. Same thing happen here what happen with your friend mr.X . But now i am again back to my blog.
    Thank You So Much :)

  • srinath reddy

    Hello harsh,
    First of all i would like to thank you for motivating me. Yes. This post really motivated me. When i read the conversation of you and Mr X, I observed that the same thing happens to me which had happened to Mr X. I always get demotivated when ever i see status of some bloggers who have started blogging after me and are much successful . I am blogging since 2 years and not much successful. Social media connection always distracted me from my blogging journey and demotivated me. Now for sure i will shut down temporarily all my social profiles and concentrate on blogging. Thanks for your great tips. You are always my inspiration.

    Srinath Reddy.

  • Rahul Sharma

    Harsh, first of all, great article.
    But I am confused, I am a 3rd year I.T. Student, I want to go for blogging as my future, but I am not sure whether this is good as a full time job after college or not.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I understand your confusion and this article fits perfectly in your situation. Read this to get my answer to your question:

    • Abhishek Tavasalkar

      Hello Rahul,

      I am Abhishek Tavasalkar, a budding blogger too. I’m just 2months old to pro blogging.

      Now the question you asked here is somewhat similar I find in a newspaper’s Job Query section. Now to move forward blogging has nothing to do with your education, even a 10th kid can start pro-blogging.

      Now if you are getting into blogging to make a career; to earn money (I bet you’ve seen Harsh Agarwal’s Income Reports) then I must tell you; you’re doing it totally wrong dude.

      We bloggers have flare for writing and before that, we have knowledge about what we write. TBH I am not discouraging you. But blogging to earn money is the most hardest and butt-hitting job in the entire world. Only if you have passion for writing, you have plenty of knowledge to share and you’re not here to make it big because someone else just did; only then start blogging (to make money).

      If you ever read any blogger’s bio; you’ll never see them saying they took blogging as a career. You’ll always hear them saying they started it as hobby (because they love writing).

      Read this article gave me immense boost and knowledge and hope will help you too.

  • Susheel karam

    thank you harsh. I was doing most of the things that you mentioned in the post. first thing was i was blogging only for readers, fans and secondly i used to ignore to write the posts which were already written by most of people. Once again thanks for such a motivating post. I was now decided to change my attitude towards blogging.

  • Jayashree

    Thanks Harsh for this great motivational article. Am sure who are demotivated after reading this will be able to identify their pitfalls for demotivation and correct them. I think the key to success is to follow the Three P ‘s rule being passionate in what we do, perseverance and being Patient .This applies for everything we do not only for Blogging

  • Alice Smith

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks a lot for this post. I was reading one of your post and found a link of this article on that post.

    I am really upset with my blogging. I, sort of, demotivated in this field. But i can’t leave blogging because this is the only way to get some money for me.

    I read this post and found very encouraging. I really need to focus on blogging rather than money.

    Thanks once again

  • Raspal Seni

    Hi Harsh,

    I had a laugh after reading ”For instance, you end up talking about Hostgator hosting but you have never shared what is Webhosting and why you need one”. I think I did this mistake. I had a post about how to start a WordPress blog on a shoe-string budget, but assumed people know what is webhosting, or there are thousands of websites which explain this already.

    Thanks about telling to plan a content strategy. I’ll do that and brainstorm more topics I can write.

    I’ll agree with you – Money making, though a crucial factor about blogging isn’t the only one. The other day, after getting a question from Jane Sheeba in her newsletter, why do I blog, I wrote a post containing 13 reasons why I blog. Here’s the link if anyone likes to read. Some times, I go back and read it.

    Some months ago, I saw a webinar by Danny Iny in which I heard him saying that it’s fine if we post just 2-4 times a month. I loved that point from him. What’s your advice on the number of times a newbie blogger should post per week?

  • Prashant


    Thanks a lot…for this nicely drafted article!!

    I have started my blog site 6-8 months back and feeling the same as like Mr.X…and I am trying to answer myself on the Question mentioned by Abhishek in above comment…

    But Now after reading this, I have a lot work to do for my site.

    Once again thanks for directing the path!!

  • Amit Kumar

    Dear Harsh,

    First, of all thanks for being so modest and giving all the information which makes a Blog HIT among people.

    I really admire you for the way you present any topic – it’s simple, to the point and the same time motivating…I have seen very few people who are sharing such precious information without any fees. We are a Group of Friends and not a single day passes when we do not discuss about your ways of achieving the success.
    Loved it by heart…Thanks Sir…

  • Abhishek Tavasalkar

    This post is true not just for blogging but also for any person starting with anything like an entrepreneur. It always happen that you’re really motivated for the initial part but as the days go by without positive results; thoughts keeps running in your heads “Why am I doing this?” If you’re really passionate about it only then you would be able to answer this question.

  • Pankaj Bhatt

    Thank you Harsh sir,
    after 1 year 5 months of blogging is also same as Mr.x , even worst.
    it may be because of blogging for money. thanks for sharing such a motivating post.
    it have now given me the future strategy for blogging that is share what you know.

  • Abhinav

    Hi Harsh

    That was wonderful piece of advice – much needed. Many many thanks.


  • siddhartha

    Exceptionally brilliant case study, my story is also similar to Mister X, few weeks ago I too tackled a similar situation, there was also no hope, no inspiration nothing. But then something triggered me, all i can say is that, Just keep blogging! Sooner or later you will get noticed.

  • sahil jain

    hello harsh sir,
    superb article.truly inspiring and motivating.i am completely agreed to you.nothing can be achieved overnight.just focus on hard work in right direction.

  • King

    The concept itself is unbeatable and is very quite common phase for each and every blogger be a successful one or a failure blogger who always complains about things the way to get out of this is to concentrate on proper business plan yeah I reiterate a proper business plan for blogging is very much essential when you have the goal of making money through blog.. the fame which you (may) expect will follow once you reach a sustainable level in blogging.. I strongly suggest people prepare an execution plan that works (atleast for you) you can always learn from your mistakes if some thing goes wrong..

  • Jan Christian

    Thanks! for this article. This is a really big help for me coz I’m currently I feel down on my blogging efforts right now. I’m surely gonna follow this tip to make myself get motivated again.

  • kanishck

    Thanks a lot Harsh!
    you helped me realize my major demotivation sources.

  • Yonas Prayudhi

    Thank you, this article motivate me a lot. Start from today I will write for myself and everyone just like you said. :)

  • Asif Billah

    Seriously, this article is a must read for every blogger. Awesome line – “Write for everyone and you write for no one, write for yourself and you write for everyone.” Thanks.

  • Asif Billah

    A wonderful article for bloggers I have ever read. We should write whatever our heart says, regardless of others.

  • Rohit chugh

    Thanx for motivation sir.bloggers like you motivate me regularly.i read your all about me page.sir i m also doing final frm lil confuse which course i should do. web design or java n one more thnk i want to be a good blogger like u in next few years. plz help me out.

  • Vishal Srivastava

    lack of motivation for blogging is a must be seen phase of every blogger journey and i also face it often because my niche is not biology research and education which is not quite sufficient to drive traffic of millions of people. I love to blog because i wanna help fellow biologists so able to cope up from the psycho trauma of demotivation quickly.
    Your blog is like a panacea for bloggers whoever they Are a newbie growing or mature.i am your blog from 2009 and learned a lot. Thanks for such a nice article.

  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    OK This was a one hell of a post , Harsh you nailed it , The issues you discussed are real and the solutions you presented are simple and achievable , I got motivated That’s for sure !!

  • Paresh

    Simply Great.

    It makes me remind Bhagvat Geeta message of “Nirpeksha Karma ” :
    “You have Power To Act Only.You Can’t Influence The Results.Therefore Act Without Anticipation Of The Results & Without Succumbing To The Inaction.”

  • Satish

    Well, I would have seriously not written for money. Initially it was not the intention for any blogger. But later on things will change its priority. Blogging as passion will become a requirement and source for money. Once we start blogging, we should never stop with silly reasons. What harsh told is true, Blog for yourself ;) Not for others :) Anyway, All the best Mister X :)

  • Mokshis

    Indeed a very good post. I believe this is something which all new bloggers should follow.
    Liked the very first point itself. And ofcourse liked another good old post linked in the 3rd point about the confession.

  • Ravi

    Thanks for reminding, i was confused what to write, and was searching for things what will attract users instead of what i am interested. I am confused about one more thing, I have named my blog Embedded world as i originally planned to write only on Embedded systems and Technology. But i get thoughts and ideas an thoughts which i want to share , but stop myself thinking i should not mix up the blog with articles of totally different topics. What would you suggest ?

  • Design Hash

    Thank you for that wonderful article, I was very motivated now, I was on the verge of losing the desire in blogging. One factor also is that you lose your inspiration when you see others are very good in blogging that you cannot compete with them.

  • Prashant Rohilla

    As always Harsh Great Post , guess what i resumed to blogging after one year break, Sold my previous blog due to other commitments . Came to your blog and Like always gathering some inspiration.

  • Harrysailal

    Hi Harsh
    Thanks for sharing this post at this time because it help me lot to move forward in my present situation . I Too started one blog before 6 months on blogging niche presently i m not blogging, As you told in the post by following other blogger on social networking sits can demotivate us . I think that was reason why i leave blogging its really makes me so sad when other bloggers who started their blogs at the same time when i was starting my blog,when they are posting about their blog success it make me bit nervous to focus on my blog. Thanks for your tips because it not only motivate but also inspire me to start a blog for my passion not for money

  • Kunal

    Being honest, I too find myself in situation to Mister X sometimes, but I fight back. I know why I restarted my blog. I worked on it. I though my design is not appealing, I redesigned it. One should listen to himself first and ask ” Should I quit blogging because I am not making money like others?”. This will solve their problem.

    I see newbies posting on facebook that they made this amount of money, that amount of money. At times I don’t understand their reason to showcase it. But maximum number of time they do this to get other people follow them and admire them.
    I have earned big bucks at times, but never showcased it on social media.

    If you don’t give up, success will surely come. To some it comes soon and to some it take time.

  • Vivek

    Really thanks for this article. I was searching a lot for such stuff. I am this days into motivating my juniors in my college to blog about something. This article will surely help them out.

  • Sreejesh

    I’m sure everyone had gone through such a situation in their blogging life. Mostly this happens due to lack of plan and trying to be like someone. And focusing of too many things at a time and prioritizing wrong or unimportant tasks than on focusing on main areas.

  • Harish Krishna

    Passion is the backbone of blogging success. Success in blogging takes time. Internet is expanding and its not easy to become popular easily. Passion is all needed. great post !!

  • Aakash Goyal

    Harsh your this article was an antidote to me as i was unable to give time to blogging and my blog’s pagerank decreased from pr4 to pr2.thanks for motivating me.Hats off.

  • Ravi kumar

    Thanks Harsh,

    It is very motivated posts and very nice to know about your experience, I really liked that thing that ‘to whom you are following in facebook and twitter’.

    I started blogging When I learned about Internet during my +2 exam, I used to write that time only for personal diary purpose, that time I did not get it that what is the purpose of blogging.

    Now I blog to share useful information in my field and want to give benefit to the people.

    Off course, like others, I also want to earn some part time money from it.

    Thanks for motivation

  • Noordeen

    Hi Harsh,
    first of all, Appreciate for Guiding me for motivation. I totally new to blogging. This will encourage me a lot. And Thanks once more and keep going.

  • Aditi

    I like the concept that you have shared. Sometimes, it do happens with bloggers when they do not get full success, they get frustrated and just stops blogging. Infact, this shouldn’t be done. I like the motivating tips that you have shared!!

  • sahil

    @Harsh very nice article, Thanks for the updates

    and yes i seriously mean it,

    i do agree with the fact that blog for passion and money will flow with times
    also ask yourself why this is useful for yourself or others then only they would be interested

    Keep it up ..

  • Ngan

    I motivate myself by rewarding myself by buying gadgets whenever I feel down. Usually I spend 5% of my income.

    Sometimes the way forward is to pause once in a while, a clear mind is a mind with vision, therefore translates into motivation.

  • Harikrishnan M

    I have just started my blog.I am also in a condition similar to Mr.X.This post gives me a lot of confidence.


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