How to Motivate YourSelf for Blogging When you are Demotivated

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How to Motivate YourSelf for Blogging When you are Demotivated

Few days back I was talking to one of the budding blogger on Phone and he was worried about his motivation for Blogging. Here is the first few line of conversation I had with him over the phone. Let me call him Mister X.

  • Me: Hi what happened? Why are you so demotivated?
  • Mister X: Harsh I have worked on my blog for many months and this is my 4th blog and probably the last one. I’m still getting only 100+ odd views and people are commenting just because of back links like “Nice post” “useful posts” and at times I do get negative comments and that discourages me a lot.
  • Me: Why did you start Blogging?
  • Mister X: I started Blogging because I like it and it’s my passion. I’m Blogging for last 4 years and I like when people like my post and follow me. Secondary reason is money, which is not the main reason but will be a major one later in my life.
  • Me: What kind of people you follow on Social networking sites?
  • Mister X: Mostly Bloggers and internet marketers.
  • Me: How do you feel when people talk about their success stories on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Mister X: Some of them motivates me and few of them demotivates me. People who started with me and doing great demotivates me, where as blogs like ShoutMeLoud, HellboundBlogger motivates me, as I want to be like them.

Honestly, when I was having this conversation with Mister X, I was aware of his problem. This is one common phase of Blogging life, which most of the Blogger are facing. I have faced it too in the initial days of my blogging and I faced it last year, when ShoutMeLoud got hit by Panda.

Motivation for Blogging

And then I shared few of my experiences, gave him few tips and at the same time it gave me idea for this blog post. I’m sure many of you (New and budding bloggers) are also facing the same issue but until and unless you don’t take any action, you might end up as a failed blogger or quit blogging.

In this article, I will be sharing few tips which will help you to bring back the motivation for blogging again and stop being demotivated.

Bring back your motivation factor for Blogging:

Blog for yourself first and then for others:

You must have read a lot about writing for readers and it’s true. Though, to capture the audience for your blog you need to write for yourself first. One of the mistake which new bloggers do is by copying someone else style. Your blog is your personal space and it reflects your identity and your voice. You might not capture thousands of fans in a day or in a month or even in a year, but if your blog post is helping even a single person, it’s worth your time.

Just stick to your niche and write anything that interest you. One of the biggest misconception is, what’s the point of writing something which is written hundred of times. But the fact is, every day new internet user is born and your blog might be the first few Websites which a new user will come across. He might have never heard about Google analytics or even blogging before. So, write everything that you are learning and doing in your day-to-day life. Repeating myself again: stick to your niche.

Start from Basic to advanced:

This is another mistake with your blog content strategy. Most of the blogger starts from middle or directly goes to advanced. For instance, you end up talking about Hostgator hosting but you have never shared what is Webhosting and why you need one, how do you expect to build a readership with no end to end content. When I talk about readership, you need to have pile of content that make a reader stick to your blog and help him understand every in and out of topic he is reading about.

For example, in this case mister X has written about one of the premium SEO plugin and he was not happy with the comments he was getting. Well, first few questions which you should ask yourself:

  • When you see a Blog content with affiliate links, how do you feel?
  • Have you covered the other topic in the same niche?
  • Have you told them what’s the benefit of SEO, why SEO is important for your Blog?

Solution: Sit down and plan a content  strategy for your blog. Write down every basic to advance topic you can cover. This will help a starter to learn something new and when your content is moved from beginner level to intermediate level, your blog readership level will grow.

Blog without any materialistic view:

There is always a motto behind blogging and when I started, It was all about knowledge sharing. I write about anything which interests me and money and fan following was never in my mind. Even first few thank you comment helped me to motivate a lot for blogging and to write more. This is my story and yours may be different.

But when you blog with such materialistic motives, you miss out the most simple fundamental of Blogging: I blog because I like.

Your Blog is your personal space and you should write anything that comes in your mind and that interest you. Sooner or later, all like minded people will follow you and will love to learn new things from you. Don’t blog for money or for fan following, Blog for yourself and let it be a reason through out for making yourself one of the A-list blogger.

Forget social networking, focus on Blogging:

Yes, I know social networking is important but at the same time Social networking is a big demotivating factor for many. When you sit in a room for hours and you see someone updating about his trip to Las vegas, you feel miserable. To be honest, I feel miserable and I badly want to do that too. I want to get out of my office and take a trip to some new destination. Though, I know time will come and I will get a chance to do that too. But in that situation, such updates are not very healthy and I had a great discussion about this with one of my psychiatrist friend.

Similarly, when other blogger keep talking about “my blog achieved this” “My blog earned this much” it become demotivational factor for many.

Either you can think like me, and take action to reach there or you can simply stop using such social networking sites for Blogging. Use Social networking sites for creating real-life connection. Connecting with right set of people and learning new stuff.

If you are just sharing links and expecting hundred of people to jump on your blog post, it’s not going to happen. Use blog commenting rather. Comment on other blogs and not only it will drive targeted traffic but you will end up creating lots of genuine connection.

Another reason here for Mister X demotivation is, his social networking site is full of Bloggers and they are already aware of things which he is writing most of the time. Obviously, it won’t interest them a lot and instead of focusing on them, he should focus on people who are new to this field and want to learn more.

My story: When I started blogging in 2008, I commented a lot. I commented not for backlinks, but I commented for right reasons. I commented on Blog posts which motivated me, which taught me something or which triggered my thought process. I ended up commenting with my view, my disagreement, adding something which was missing in the topic and this way I ended up creating lots of comment. Yes, I got the benefit of branding, backlinks and I created lots of connection with this process.  And it’s one of the big reason for  ShoutMeloud growth.

Use Social networking only for right reasons, use it for networking and not for self promotion.

Have a blog business plan:

Now, at the same time have a business plan for your blog. If you wish to make money, have a plan for the same. Make a content generation plan, blog monetization plan, marketing plan, growth plan and so on. With time, your blog plan will change according to readership and according to need of your readers.

Things not to do:

  • Don’t blog, just for money.
  • Blog for passion and blog for yourself.
  • Before publishing a blog post ask yourself one question: Is it helping me or is it helping even a single person, and then hit the publish button.
  • Ignore other blog and bloggers which discourages you instead of motivating you.
  • When you see other successful blog, think what action you can take to reach there and start taking action.

Remember, Success takes time and you can’t be next Darren rowse or John Chow in a day or two. You need to work not only hard but also need to work smartly, to be successful.

When ever you are demotivated for Blogging, go back to past and ask yourself: Why I’m Blogging and why I started Blogging. Go through your old content and read the happy comments, that helped few to learn or helped them in fixing their problem. Here is a motivational video message for you:

Do let me know what things demotivate you from blogging and how you bring back the motivation?

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  1. says

    Hi Harsh,
    This is my first comment on your blog although I followed you from last 3 months.
    Needless to say, you have inspired a lot to all the wannabe bloggers out there.
    One thing I love from the most from the blog post is to start with writing on the basics and then jump to intermediate to advanced.

    Yes this is the mistake lots of people do. Even I was in the confusion how to start a blog filled with quality content. This made me clear that I have to start from the basics to help out other bloggers so that I can help my readers and make my blog authoritative. I am just a newbie in this blogging world and I must say I am proud to follow your blog. :-)
    Vinayak Bhat.

  2. says

    Harsh, you have inspired me to create my first blog month ago, but when I created it a lot of things confused me, I read your blog for two years as I remember but reading is something and doing is something else, I said to my self I will create a very good blog but I didn’t, I didn’t know from where to start, I loved blogging and SEO so I said to my self let’s create a very high quality content but it didn’t work, my grammar is some bad so I said to my self I will learn and include what that to my content as well, but it this end with zero visitor, I looked for how I can get visitors to read my blog so I wrote about daily trends and this came up with some visitors but not my niche I love blogging and SEO not trends, then I found that I need backlinks and in 2015 backlinks is so hard to get but I remembered you wrote that in a post about backlinks and said building broken links so today I came with very good tool to find broken links and started with your blog, believe or not I write this while the tool covering your broken links I found more than 100 links and the tool still working so I said let’s do it and set a strategy to write all this content with high quality, then I asked my self what make a blog with more than 100.000 daily unique visitors link to another blog with less than 100 didn’t leave a single comment. I loved your blog, you inspired me but I become like I don’t anything, so please tell me, Do I failed in blogging? Is there’s anything I can do or just I’m not a good blogger?
    Thank you so much for every thing and please forgive my grammar it’s some bad.

  3. MahalSingh says

    Great stuff mate, you’ve inspired me to write though :) And yeah you were absolutely right about social networking.

  4. says

    Thanks for such a wonderful post, SML was one of the first blogs from where i started learning blogging even though i use blogspot it helped me a lot in other aspects. I am highly demotivated since past 4-5 months hope this post(bookmarked it) will put me back on my track.

  5. says

    Thanks Again Harsh, gone thru your video, this really nice and you have given all of a very constructive input on making livings…. on blogging.

    Keep doing good work.. thannks Once again

  6. Subham Srivastava says

    It was seriously helpful and it motivated me too. I’m a new blogger and want to be like you that’s why I’m following you in every possible site.

  7. says

    You just pointed out many things which is actually demotivating me right now, I think i should remove some people from my social media list. Thanks for this eye opening post, Harsh.

  8. says

    Being a newbie blogger this article has always helped me and I have always kept it in my bookmarks of my browser. Never the less I am a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud but this article has always found it’s way to me when I am demotivated for any other reason or any other field as well. Thanks a lot Harsh, for sharing these immensely helpful articles that actually mean a lot for us.

  9. says

    I started blogging in early 2013, after few months i landed on SML, since then SML is always a motivating factor for me. Many of my friend asked that they want to start blogging what should they know, what they need etc all i recommend them is to Visit ShoutMeLoud.

  10. piyush sharma says

    Great article! Yes, we should start from the beginning process of any topic. This is a great point and a inspiration for the newbies to start from the right way.

  11. Subha says

    I am regular reader of shoutmeloud. I recently started my blog, this post helped me to maintain my motivation and keep blogging for myself not just for money.

  12. says

    Thanks for this article because I am new to blogging and this helps me to motivate myself.
    Thanks u very much.
    I have started my blog in WordPress. Can you suggest how to improve my blog?

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