How to Create A Facebook Business Page For Your Blog

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How to Create A Facebook Business Page For Your Blog

One of the most common branding tip which you will get for your Business or your Website is to create Facebook page. Here I’m sharing a complete tutorial on How to create Facebook page for your Business Website.If you are not sure why you should create a Facebook page, read below. In this post, we will look into the same factor about Facebook fan page, and your target should be: Having a Facebook fan page for your brand in 15 minutes.

Create Blog Business Page on Facebook

Why you need To Create A Facebook page for your business?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website with 850+ million users. By creating a Fb fan page, you are helping your possible readers, client, customers to connect with you. Now, depending upon your social media skills, you can engage your Facebook fans into conversations and make your brand more prominent. In fact, many companies are using Facebook as an announcement channel. create Facebook Business pageFacebook is one of the biggest marketing and branding tool if you use it wisely. Do you remember Vodafone ZooZoo’s which become very popular after the launch and Facebook played a major role for the same? If you have been ignoring Facebook till now for Marketing and Branding, you are losing a significant amount of readers and client for your blog and service. There are many another usage of Facebook, and we will discus that in some other posts, but for now let’s get back to our topic:

Step by step tutorial: How to Create Facebook Business page

As I mentioned above, Facebook Fan Page helps you to brand, Socializing and more over sending a message to all your Blog or service Fans. If you have now created a Facebook fan page for your blog, do it now and enjoy and take your brand to next level.

Selecting type of page:

Go to this create Facebook page link and select the type of business you are having. Selecting proper category, will help your brand to reach the right audience.

Selecting Facebook Page type

Selecting Facebook Page type

For example, you need a Fan page for your Website or Blog, select “Brand or Product” and select Websites from Drop-down.  Then, add your brand name. This is not vanity URL, and you can add custom URL from your fan page later.

Facebook fan Page Website Category

Facebook fan Page Website Category

Click on Get started, and next step is to add details and avatar for your Fan page. I would suggest, use your official Gravatar, and if you don’t have any Gravatar, you can always create a Pic for your Fan page and keep it close to your brand logo. Max size for your Facebook Fan page profile pic is 180*540 Px.

Setup Facebook page

Once you done uploading picture to your newly created Facebook fan page, Facebook gives you an option to invite your friends to Fan page. You can skip it for now and use this feature later. On next page add your Website details and click on Continue. Once done, you will have a page like this (Below) and you can hit like and recommend people and also edit page settings.

How to Edit Facebook page settings:

So once you have learned how to create Facebook fan page, it’s time to learn how to edit Fan page. Look at this screenshot, and it will give you a great deal of ideas about customization on Facebook fan page.

Facebook Fan Page Architect

Notice the pointers and follow the notes added below:

1) Fan page wall: 

Like our Facebook profile, this is the wall for Facebook page. You can use it to upload images, text, share links, ask questions and upload videos. I would suggest, you to use it creatively. Apart from publishing your latest post to Fan page using RSS Graffiti, I also suggest you to work on asking interesting question and engage your users in a conversation.

2-3) Edit fan page:

Both the links can be used to edit your Fan page. It takes you to admin management page of Facebook, and you can do the hell lot of things related to your newly created fan page from there.

4) Use Page as Profile:

Sometime back, Facebook added a new feature to Facebook page for businesses, and it let you use Facebook as a profile. You can like other Facebook pages and comment using your Fb fan page name. Though, you can’t add another user Facebook profile but as a branding point of view, you can use this feature for making your reach wider. You can use Facebook as your Fan page and get into the conversation with any famous page discussion. If you are an expert, your answer will help you to get genuine fans.

5) Facebook Fan page SEO:

In this post, I’m not going to discus how to SEO optimize Facebook page, but about part works as a meta description in search engine. So, use you’re about me carefully and it’s easier to rank for any Keyword using Facebook  page, so pick your name and about section carefully.

6) Fan count:

That’s one number which you would always like to see increasing. You can refer to my other posts on increasing fans on your Facebook page and see this number grow. One of the easiest way to increase fans on your newly created Fb fan page is by adding Fan box widget on your Website. There are many other things which you can do is, link your Facebook fan page with Twitter and all your updates will automatically post on Twitter too. Anyways, that’s for later but for now, as a Facebook fan page admin, I would suggest you to read following posts:

Anyways, if you are looking for more branding & social media outreach, I would suggest you to create Google+ page too. You can learn about it from my earlier post on How to create Google+ page for Businesses. If you are planning to create a custom tab for your Facebook fan page, you should know that Facebook has ditched the FBML. You can use custom HTML, JavaScript and jQuery to create the custom iFrame tab for your Facebook page. But this is something we will cover in some other time.

I would love to know if this tutorial helped you to create Facebook business page for your business or website or not? Do you think it’s necessary to have Facebook page for every brand and business?

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  1. Chadrack says

    Just the information I’ve been looking for. I’ve just followed the simple steps and created my blog’s fan page. I’ll be dressing it up and then making it life.

  2. Deepti Sachdeva says

    Hi Harsh…

    this post is such great help… but I don’t see this option ‘Add fanbox to your website’ on the facebook page I created.. and can’t figure out a way to get it..
    i installed the facebook fanpage widget on wordpress but that asks for an API key and a Profile ID… could you please help me with this…

    looking forward to your response

    thanks heaps

    • says

      Hey Deepti
      when you click on Edit page at the top you can see your Fan page ID. You need to add that ID.
      Hope this will help.

      • Deepti Sachdeva says

        hi Harsh…

        thanks so much for your response. I kinda made it work yesterday.. took me a while to figure out…but getting the API and ID both didn’t require me to scratch my head as much as I did… :)

        you are doing some great work here… all the best!

        Will keep visiting for more..


  3. Ana says

    Dear Harsh,

    I found your article via Hesham’s site, and I have to say this is a splendid idea. Your article is very informative, and for anyone who is new to this it will be very useful. I find this is a great tool to promote and expand one’s own work.

    Thank you for such a useful article.

    Kind regards

  4. says

    There are other ways to promote it like facebook ads or Twitter Dm or Make it social. Though Promotion will help you when you have an insight that how you going to use that page in future..

  5. CharteredClub says

    Facebook Page VS Facebook Group

    What is the difference and what do you recommend

  6. Hesham says

    Very good post Harsh, thanks for the screen shots that make it easy to follow the steps!