How To Create a Facebook Business Page: 2022 Edition


One of the most common branding tips you will find for your business or website is to create a Facebook page. For this reason, I am sharing with you in this article a complete tutorial on How to create a Facebook page for your business website.

If you are not sure why you should create a Facebook page, read on!

Our target for you in this post is to illustrate how you can have a Facebook fan page for your brand in 15 minutes’ time.

Why you need to create a Facebook page for your business:

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites out there, with 1.038 billion daily active users worldwide. By creating a Facebook fan page, you are allowing your potential readers, clients, and customers to connect with you.

Depending on your social media skills, you can engage your Facebook fans in conversations, and make your brand more prominent. In fact, many companies are even using Facebook as an announcement channel.

create Facebook Business page
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With 1,.59 billion monthly active users, if you brand is not on Facebook yet, you are losing a lot of good things on the plate. Facebook is one of the biggest marketing and branding tools available & many brands are solely relying on Facebook for their existence. Well, I’m sure you are aware of these facts, that’s why you are all set to create a Facebook page for your blog, existing business, a new brand or may be for your upcoming startup.

There are obviously other uses for Facebook as well, and we discuss those at length in other posts, but for the purpose of today’s post let’s get back to Facebook as a tool for business enhancement:

Step by step tutorial: How to create a facebook business page

Facebook fan pages help you to brand, socialize and send messages to all of your blog or website fans. If you have not yet created a Facebook fan page for your blog, do it now and enjoy taking your brand to the next level.

Selecting the type of page:

Go to this create a Facebook page link, and select the type of business you have. Selecting the proper category will allow your brand to reach the right audience.

Selecting Facebook Page type
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Selecting Facebook Page type

For example, if you need a fan page for your website or blog, select “Brand or Product” and select “websites” from the drop-down menu.  Next, add your brand name. This is not a vanity URL, but you can add a custom URL from your fan page later.

Facebook fan Page Website Category
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Facebook Fan Page Website Category

Click on “Get Started”, and then add the details and choose an avatar for your fan page. I would suggest using your official Gravatar, and if you don’t have a Gravatar, you can always create a picture for your fan page that is similar to your brand’s logo. Note: the maximum size for your Facebook fan page profile pic is 180*540 px.

Setup Facebook page
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Once you’re finished uploading your picture to your newly created Facebook fan page, Facebook gives you an option to invite your friends to your fan page. You can skip this for now if you wish, and return to this feature later. On the next page add your website details, and click on “Continue.” Once done, you will have a page like this (see image below), and you can hit “Like” and recommend people, and also edit page settings.

How to edit Facebook page settings:

Once you have learned how to create a Facebook fan page, it’s time to learn how to edit your fan page. Having a look at this screenshot will give you great many ideas about the customization options of Facebook fan pages.

Facebook Fan Page Architect
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Notice the pointers, and follow the notes added below:

1) Fan page wall: 

Like our Facebook profile, this is the wall for the Facebook fan page. You can use it to upload images, text, share links, ask questions and upload videos. I would suggest that you use in as creative a manner as possible.  Apart from publishing your latest post to your fan page using RSS Graffiti, I also suggest you that you work on asking interesting questions and engage your users in conversation.

2-3) Edit fan page:

Facebook Page settings
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As you are editing your Facebook fan page, you will find the admin management page of Facebook, and from there you can take various additional actions related to your newly created fan page.

4) Use your page as a profile:

Sometime back, Facebook added a new feature to Facebook pages for businesses, and it allows you to use Facebook as a profile. You can “Like” other Facebook pages, and comment using your Facebook fan page name. You can not add another user to your Facebook profile, but from a branding point of view, you can effectively use this feature to make your reach wider. You can engage in conversations and discussions, and if you are an expert, your answers will help you to get genuine fans.

5) Facebook fan page SEO:

Facebook Fan page SEO
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In this post, I’m not going to elaborate on how to optimize your Facebook page for SEO, but it is important to note that your “About” section works as a meta description with search engines.

For this reason, you will want to write your “About” section carefully, so that it is easier to rank for any keyword using a Facebook page.

So –choose your name and the contents of your “About” section carefully.

Here is how my Facebook page is shown in search engine:

Facebook Page in Search engine
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6) Fan count:

This is one number which we would always like to see increasing! You can refer to the tips in my other posts on increasing fans on your Facebook page, and watch this number grow. One of the easiest ways to increase fans on your newly created Facebook fan page is by adding a Fan Box widget on your website. Here are hand-picked articles that would help you get more fans:

You should also download official Facebook page manager app for Android & iOS, which would make it easier for you to manage & update your page from your smartphone.

Download Android App || Download iOS App

If you also need to create a landing page for your Facebook page which is great for email capture, offering tripwire, you can do that easily with Leadpages.

Here is a video for the same:

As a Facebook fan page administrator, I suggest that you read the following posts:

I would love to know if this tutorial helped or inspired you to create a Facebook business page for your business or website. Do you think it’s necessary to have a Facebook page for every brand and business?  Tell us what you think using the comments section below.

And as always, if you find the information in this post useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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  1. Teri Ziegler

    I’m going to start a FB fan page for selling my crafts. This was helpful, but I have 2 questions:
    1. How does “blogspot” work with a fb fan page? Is that a separate place to blog or connected with fb page? Would you suggest blogging in addition to fb fan page?
    2. I also have a photography business I do part time & would like to see my photographs, cards, etc…
    Should I have a separate fb business page for this? Not sure I want to monitor my personal page, a craft fb page & a third photo fb page….Not sure what to do…Did anyone answer that question you asked ?

  2. Atul Sinha

    I am taking help from your articles and implementing on my blog…. it is very helpful and showing in the Alexa ranking.

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    I too enjoy writing so have now planned to write blogs. This post was really helpful and resourceful.

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    Thanks for this elaborated post. Though I have my facebook page for my website but didn’t knew about the SEO thing. This is helpful as always!

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    Images you added with this article helps me to understand everything quickly. But I have a doubt. Suppose if I have an FB page. Can I convert it to business page as you mentioned above ?

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    I found your article via Hesham’s site, and I have to say this is a splendid idea. Your article is very informative, and for anyone who is new to this it will be very useful. I find this is a great tool to promote and expand one’s own work.

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    Thanks for creating this elaborated post. Though I have my facebook page for my website but didn’t knew about the SEO thing. This is helpful as always!

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    Awesome strategy now i will create my own business page for my blog
    Thanks Harsh 🙂

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    Usefull information.
    I have been searching for this article and i just followed your article and created my own blog fan page.
    Thanks you for this post. I will be waiting for new posts like this.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Ramakrishnan, Happy to help. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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    Thanks for the valuable guide. I have already created a page but I have to revisit the page to see of I have missed somethingt based on your guide.

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    Omg! Was going to create fb page for my blog today & saw this article. Thank you harsh for this post.
    Shoutmeloud has everything that i need.
    Keep going 🙂

  12. Deepak Gera

    Great info Harsh, I never tried any other options in page type but could you please let me know if we see any difference in optionsconfiguration differences using different page types.

    And one more thing I am little confused is, How page type can create impact to reach target audiences. As per my understanding, target audiences depends on the way we promote our page or it could depend on adwards type we create for which specific location & interest.

    May be I am missing anything.

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    it’s really helpful for me.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

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    That was a great tutorial everything step by step. I have also added like box to site.

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    Just the information I’ve been looking for. I’ve just followed the simple steps and created my blog’s fan page. I’ll be dressing it up and then making it life.

  16. Deepti Sachdeva

    Hi Harsh…

    this post is such great help… but I don’t see this option ‘Add fanbox to your website’ on the facebook page I created.. and can’t figure out a way to get it..
    i installed the facebook fanpage widget on wordpress but that asks for an API key and a Profile ID… could you please help me with this…

    looking forward to your response

    thanks heaps

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Deepti
      when you click on Edit page at the top you can see your Fan page ID. You need to add that ID.
      Hope this will help.

      1. Deepti Sachdeva

        hi Harsh…

        thanks so much for your response. I kinda made it work yesterday.. took me a while to figure out…but getting the API and ID both didn’t require me to scratch my head as much as I did… 🙂

        you are doing some great work here… all the best!

        Will keep visiting for more..


  17. Ana

    Dear Harsh,

    I found your article via Hesham’s site, and I have to say this is a splendid idea. Your article is very informative, and for anyone who is new to this it will be very useful. I find this is a great tool to promote and expand one’s own work.

    Thank you for such a useful article.

    Kind regards

  18. Harsh Agrawal

    There are other ways to promote it like facebook ads or Twitter Dm or Make it social. Though Promotion will help you when you have an insight that how you going to use that page in future..

  19. CharteredClub

    Facebook Page VS Facebook Group

    What is the difference and what do you recommend

  20. Hesham

    Very good post Harsh, thanks for the screen shots that make it easy to follow the steps!

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks Hesham. I prefer adding Images because they always speak 100 words 🙂

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