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How to Buy advertisements using Buysellads

How to Buy advertisements using Buysellads

Few days back one of our guest author written about Do blog need to advertise and I strongly agree that one should advertise their blog, to get the new audience. I recently started a new portal for Blogspot to wordpress migration and I started advertising it using Buysellads and few other direct ad sales.

This is the first time I used Buysellads for buying advertisement and I find it pretty easy to buy advertisement using Buysellads, and here are the simple 1-2-3 steps to buy direct advertisements using Buysellads.

This simple tutorial will be useful for bloggers who are looking to advertise their website using Buysellads.

Most of website which are using Buysellads, shows the ad inventory and have a Advertise here link. Click on link and you will land into Buysellads page. For example, I click on Shoutmeloud sidebar and buy the ad inventory from Buysellads. You can also check their market place to buy advertisement. Follow the screenshots :

advertise-hre buysell-ads-add-cart

Once you will click on add to cart,  on the bottom you will see options like View cart, Add Creative’s. Click on add creative’s to add link, alt text and image for your advertisement.


Click on save and one the next screen click on checkout. You can make payment via Paypal, if you are a Buysellads publisher you can make payment from your current account balance or you can use credit card to make payment.

I enjoyed using Buysellads as a publishers and advertisers. If you are a  blogger and looking to sell direct advertisement or if you are an advertisers looking to buy advertisements, you should try Buysellads.

Here is a small screen cast for the above mentioned steps:

Do let us know which advertisement network do you use to buy advertisement for your blog and services?

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  • TheShadow

    I didn’t knew this method till today.i found it when i read todays post buy sell ad review.i have missed all opportunity till today.atleast now i knew.Thank you

  • sudha

    I never tried to buy advertisements. I only sell advertisements at my blog. BTW nice tutorials for new bloggers who want to buy advertisements

  • Bimal Roy

    Using it to buy ads can give more traffic and exposure. But does it give any backlink? Or any other uses?

  • neel

    My site is approved and the alexa ranking is also down graded below 100K still waiting for first advertiser to buy ads on my site?

  • Vivek Krishnan

    But they only accept high-traffic blogs right? Can you give us some figures?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Vivek what kind of figures you need? And it’s not that they accept only high traffic websites. My other blog which has only 4K visits/month, ( even that got accepted. Few good reasons to get accepted are:
      Neat and clean interface
      Niche blog


    BuySellAds is definitely the way to go for selling ad space, it’s easy and they do all the work for you.

  • Simran

    I never tried to buy advertisements. I only sell advertisements at my blog. BTW nice tutorials for new bloggers who want to buy advertisements :)

  • Genius geeks

    So you are an advertisers as well. I joined BSA 2 months back and I am happy with their service.
    Hey do you know other advertising network similar to BSA. I lost few ads after migration of my website. The funny part is that after migration my traffic has increased a lot. I guess PR and alexa rank is also the factor deciding the advertisements.

  • Basant Singh

    I am an AdSense Publisher. In coming months I am thinking of implementing some new Ad avenues. Something new for me. Definitely worth a try. Let me check it out.

  • SmashinGeeks

    Nice Tutorial, will try to do this once.


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