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Get Higher Search Rankings with DMOZ Listings

Get Higher Search Rankings with DMOZ Listings

Many newbies have heard how SEO can help their site to rank better and drive targeted traffic. There are several methods which you can implement to check whether a site is an authority size. High page rank indicates that the page has great importance to the public. Getting a backlink from a high page rank site will increase your search engine ranking.

If your site is new, it can be difficult to get high page rank site to link to you. This is because no one wants to link to a new website that has pagerank 0.

Despite that, you can still obtain backlinks from website directories. Before search engine emerged, visitors find information by visiting the web directories. Nowadays, people use search engines to search for the information. There are many large directories that is well received in the public.

Dmoz is the most popular web directories on the internet. Dmoz is maintained by a group of volunteers. The volunteers are responsible for reviewing the site and listing them in the Dmoz directory. Since they are not paid, they are not restricted to review the site within a specified time frame. However, they will review their sites in their free time. Due to this fact, it can take a long time for site to get listed in Dmoz. If you want to increase your chance of getting a listing in Dmoz, make sure you read the submission guidelines. If you did not follow the submission guideline, your site will automatically be declined by the editor.

Dmoz has a high page rank because Google have trust in the review of the editor. Google believes that the websites listed on Dmoz are useful and informational. Therefore, site listed in Dmoz will be given priority in most cases.

Dmoz has a neat navigation. There are thousands of categories for every type of websites. When submitting to Dmoz, make sure you navigate to a relevant category. If you submit to the wrong category, the editor have to move it to the closest category. It takes a lot of time to find a category that is close to the topic of your site. If the editor have no time, your site will be left in the queue for a long time. Sometimes, the editor will just delete the site because he don’t want to waste time finding a suitable category.

After your listing is approved, it will take 2 weeks for the search engine to crawl your site and include it in the database. Your site will rank better than before. If your site used to be at nowhere in the search result, it will now appear in the front page of the search result.

You can submit your site here. Do let us know if your blog is a part of DMOZ or not?

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Article by Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has written 3 articles.

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  • mikeljose

    Good information, after reading your article, i want to submit my site in dmoz directory..Thanks for sharing such a nice article..

  • Vishesh Kachheda

    One Thing DMOZ Should Improve is the Category!
    It’s Really Hard To Find Our Blog Niches.. ;(

  • Nick

    I think that this is more useful to spent time for quality content creating instead of getting into DMOZ…

  • Amrish SIngh

    DMOZ is the best directory that every one know and it helps lot to increase SERP and page rank because google give move value to site listed is DMOZ . If one your Site in DMOZ then google will automatically add this to google directory and again your will get a backlinks to your site

  • Manish Singh

    Very tough to get into DMOZ actually…


    A very few lucky can get into DMOZ. In the inital days, I could get my Yahoo group listed but for the past three years none of my sites have got listed even these were of PR3.

  • fouzan

    well only 2 direcotires are imp in my view…yahoo direcotory and dmoz…usbmiting to yahoo doesnt make sense unles sthe blogger is quite rich.i mean he has to spend 299 dollars and then also there is no surity for accpetance :roll:
    and getting accepted in dmoz is virtually impossible :-D

  • Ruchita @ IBEE Hosting

    Hello Harpreet,
    I agree with you, Dmoz is high authority directory and we will get quality back link if they approve our site. But now a days editors are so busy i think.

  • Maninder

    Nice post on Dmoz submittion. Thanx for sharing. Yes, it is indeed quite difficult to get into Dmoz and if you achieve that then it is quite a significant achievment for your blog.

  • Kunal @ AndroidHogger

    How to someone know that their blog has been added to DMOZ?

  • Fayaz Ahmad

    I know the importance of Dmoz . But how can we submit our site to demoz because their is many categories.
    Will you tell me right category foe blogging niche ?

  • Vijayraj Reddy

    Yes, DMOZ Listing will increase ranking, but getting into it is really tough…

  • Rajeel

    I have submitted it. Hope it could bring on some change in my rankings…. Think it won’t be not just like some forums out there

  • TEChacked

    what is the approval time? because my site is not approved yet.

  • Basant

    I’ve submitted to DMOZ months back without any results :)

  • Samardeep

    I have submitted my site to DMOZ. This is my second attempt. Thanks for the post. But it is not easy to make DMOZ include our sites.

  • hamarasathi

    I have submitted my one blog to DMOZ last week, waiting for approval but this is nice article.

  • Shubham Dev

    Applying for dmoz now! Thanks for sharing :D

  • karthik

    im also going to submit my site and my site is new, thanks for the post…..

  • Digital Bunch


    It had been almost 6 months when I submitted my blog to DMOZ. But I can’t figure out why my blog is not approved and not listed there.

    I think I followed their guideline and other policies.

    Any suggestions is appreciated.


    • primoingoogle

      hi, the problem with dmoz is simple, submitted website must be approved by their “Volunteers”, and there is a lack of them, so you cound wait a lot… really a lot … and there is no way to know if your url is rejected and why…. the only thing i could say is that every time you submit an url again, you lose your precedence.. so add your url only once and hope…

  • admin

    Even I faced problem while finding exact category but lets see what happens

  • Vish

    Submitted my site today at DMOZ. Had a tough time choosing the category for my site :) Hopefully it will get accepted.


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