4 Blogging Blunders That Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Must Avoid

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4 Blogging Blunders That Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Must Avoid

In last 5 years I have worked on numerous client for their WordPress Website consulting, SEO and other blogging related services. In last one year, I have noticed a big increase in my number of clients from fashion and beauty niche, and two of the most common problem they have mentioned is:

  • Less traffic to their blog despite of regular writing posts.
  • Unable to monetize blog or earn decent income from their blog

Mistakes by Fashion Beauty Bloggers

In this article, I will be sharing most common mistakes and their solutions which I have noticed while working with beauty and fashion bloggers. Using this tutorial, you can easily fix those issues and improve your blog to drive more traffic and offer better user-experience. I will talk about making money from your fashion blog in a separate article, but I will definitely add few useful links to the article which will help you to learn basics of making money from a blog.

What are common mistakes made by fashion bloggers?

Mistake#1 – Using Too many tags

Too many tags or labels

One of the most prominent mistake I have seen on beauty and fashion blogs is using too many tags (WordPress) or labels (BlogSpot). One of the most common myth is, using too many tags or labels helps in better search engine ranking, and let me debunk this myth; this practice is old school. After Google Panda algorithm update (Read more about Google panda here), we don’t let search engine index our tags or labels.

Tags are useful for you to structure your content, and for your readers to navigate blog based on their interests. You should try to use not more than 6-7 tags/post, and create only those tags which you are going to use in future. More over, make sure your tag is of one or max two words. You can read this article which will give you complete idea about how and when to use tags, and how you can manage tags on your blog.

Mistake#2 – Not resizing Image and compressing before loading

big images on Fashion blogs

If you are a fashion or beauty blogger, I’m sure you must be using images in your blog post to add more value. This is indeed a good practice, as images makes your blog post visually appealing, and helps in search engine ranking too. At the same time, using too many images will slow down loading time of your page and it gives a bad user-experience. You should read this guide which covers how search engine increase-decrease ranking based on loading time of web-page.

If you understand that images are important, in that case you should optimise your image for publishing on web. All you need to do is resize the image before uploading, and compress it using any desktop compressor. If you are using Mac, I would recommend to use ImageOptim or you can find few image compressor for Windows here. Make sure you use those image compressor which doesn’t degrade the quality of image.

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, you can use WP Smush.it plugin, which compresses the image at the time of uploading. It also have a feature call Bulk Smush.it, which compresses all previously uploaded images. You can read this guide on how to use it. If you are very serious about your blog, you should also configure CDN for your blog, which drastically improves the loading time of a blog with heavy images. You can read here about what is CDN and here is handy tutorial to configure CDN on your blog. If you are not technical, you can take advantage of ShoutMeLoud WordPress services, and my team will configure it for your blog.

Bonus: Also make a habit to rename the image before uploading it. Instead of using the random name or default name, rename it to something relevant to the post. You can read this tutorial to understand why this is an importance practice. In case if you made this mistake of not renaming images in the past, you should use Media file renamer plugin to rename old images.

Mistake#3 – Still on BlogSpot, when WordPress is better blogging platform

BlogSpot is a good blogging platform, but once you are accustomed with blogging; you should switch to WordPress. WordPress is anytime a better platform than BlogSpot, and more over WordPress provide features which will help you to grow your blog faster. Most of those beauty bloggers who are on BlogSpot thinking you might lose your ranking after migration, and let me clear your biggest doubt:

You can make a search engine friendly migration from BlogSpot to WordPress, and this will also move images, posts and everything without affecting your existing traffic and subscribers. You can read this guide to know more about moving from BlogSpot to WordPress. None the less, even if you are on BlogSpot, make sure to use a custom domain with your Blog. I have already discussed various advantages of custom domain on BlogSpot blog, and here is complete tutorial to setup your branded domain on BlogSpot platform.

Mistake#4 – Not focusing on Search engine optimisation:

One thing which I always mention in my conferences and seminar is; if you are publishing anything online, you should ensure that people can find you easily. And search engine is the best way to discover anything on the web. Now, if you are thinking SEO (Search engine optimisation) is a rocket-science, it’s actually not. It may look a bit of technical, but with platform like WordPress and with the help of plugins, optimising your blog is very easy. If you find it hard to believe, check out these two posts

In case you are blogging on BlogSpot platform and you still not ready to follow my Tip#3 above, no problem, you can still use this guide to make your BlogSpot blog search engine friendly. Just to give an idea, you need to focus on two things:

  1. Proper optimise your blog for search engine crawling and indexing. This is one time setup and you can hire a WordPress SEO company and get your blog optimised for search engine.
  2. You need to practice writing search engine optimised articles. You don’t have to change your writing style, just take care of few things like headings, keyword relevancy, permalink and meta values. I have already discussed this things in details here and here. If you are on WordPress, you can use EasyWPSEO plugin to help you in keyword optimisation.

Mistakes are part of our blogging journey, and we should learn from the past mistakes and work on them to create a better blog at the end. Here are few more posts which highlights the common mistakes by majority of bloggers:

I hope this post helped you to learn something new, and feel free to ask any follow-up questions you have. If you find this post useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. You can also subscribe to ShoutMeLoud newsletter for more blogging tips and updates.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1043 articles.

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  1. Gurmeet Kaur says

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for posting such informative article.

    Today I came to know about CDN.
    I think I am making all the above mentioned mistakes :( I want to monetize my blog but still my Adsense is under process I don’t know whether it will be approved or not. As mentioned I should now move to WP..
    Can you plz..guide me what should be done to monetize my blog. I know sewing niche is a bit different but still I hope to earn from my blog.

    Hope you visit my blog!!!

  2. Nirav says

    i am really glad that you noticed fashion blog and help them to solve their problems. kind of mistakes also done by new users in blogosphere too.

  3. says

    But fashion blogs tend to attract more visitors as they mostly depend on offline marketing like TV ads and other ways.But these are important mistakes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ryan Biddulph says

    Hi Harsh,

    Not a fashion guy or beauty guy here but seeing many of these folks in my feed I’d have to agree 1000%.

    Too many go heavy on the hashtags. It’s desperate, turns off many followers or potential followers and to make matters worse, it diminishes your targeting ability. You can’t appeal to everybody because if you try to target 30 niches, or tags, you’ll stop specializing and start generalizing.

    I also see the blogspot/Wordpress thing all day long on many Google Plus groups. Some content is top shelf, but when wrapped on a free platform it fails to make an impact. In an eye-candy type niche like fashion or beauty you need the functionality of a WordPress blog to share crystal clear images and eye-popping pictures to get your point across.

    I’d add too, that keeping things positive is a biggie. People want to be uplifted after reading your fashion/beauty blog, so never tear other people down or make fun of them. Lift people up, stress the going fashion trends and accentuate the positive. Positive, high energy readers will follow you around and expand your presence. This goes for any high energy blogger or niche.

    All spot on points dude.

    I’ll think of forwarding to a few fashion blogging friends of mine who could benefit from this.

    Thanks Harsh.

    Tweeting now.

    Generalizing is the great kiss of blogging death. Gotta drill down.

  5. sushain says

    Hey Buddy,
    Basically my blog is not on the fasion and style niche based,But still enjoyed reading your article and the tips and tricks you mentioned in here will surely gonna to help me.

  6. says

    However, I am not running a fashion or beauty blog but I think these mistakes are done by most of the newbie blogger because I have also done these mistakes in my initial days of blogging.

  7. says

    Nice post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and gained some good tips today for my blog. I’ve been following and implementing the tips mentioned here as well. However i’ve a question here..

    When it comes to implementing on CDN ..my blog Timespent on download page is currently 1000-15000ms. If i use CDN can it come down below 300/500ms? Right now i dont have much knowledge on monetization and feel like moving to CDN straightaway may be a costly thing. What you suggest ?

    I will be looking for your monetization article :)

    • says

      Actually CDN is very cheap, and it helps in a great deal to speed up your website, and this better user-experience. If you are earning a decent income from your blog (Even more than $50/month), you can start with MAXCDN which is cheap and best. You will get all the support for installation and configuration from them or you can find excellent tutorials on web.

  8. says

    Hey Harsh,

    i really glad you noticed fashion blog and help them to solve their problem. you’re right with your points. EVEN these kind of mistakes done by newbies in blogosphere too.
    Some many unnecessary tags, no SEO and so on.

    Thanks for post. Keep connecting with newbies like me.


  9. says

    Fashion and beauty blogs can drive good amount of traffic from social media, because there are good chance that if a person sees any article related to beauty or fashion they are intended to click on it, create a good looking facebook page, try to get more followers, it will increase the traffic.

    • says

      I agree with your points, and apart from Facebook, a fashion blogger should focus on all other social-networking sites too. Specially Pinterest works great for Fashion niche. Thanks for your valuable comment.

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