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Online Logo Maker : Free Logo Creator Tool

Online Logo Maker : Free Logo Creator Tool

When you decide to start a business, doesn’t matter its online or not, you must have a logo for your business which represents you as well as your business. When it comes to blogging or online business, we hardly know our visitors or competitors personally, we know each other either by blog’s name or logo.

There are many benefits of having logo for your blog, few of them are:

  • It helps you to brand your blog and your online persona.
  • A perfect logo describes what your blog is all about.
  • It works as an online visiting card for you.
  • Graphics are always memorable than names.
  • It helps you to differentiate from your blogger.

Making a logo in Photoshop or Corel draw might be time-consuming and for making logo because you need to learn these softwares first. Thus, it is better to use an online logo making website ( tool ), which will help you to make logo for your blog within minutes.

OnlineLogoMaker is a free online service which helps you to make logo easily and fast. It is user-friendly and there are hundreds of symbols and options to customize them with vibrant colors and stylish fonts.

How to use Online Logo Maker?

One of the best thing about this free logo creator web app is, it’s easier to work on it. Anyone with no design skills can create a logo using OnlinelogoMaker. To get started with your first logo, go to OnlineLogoMaker site and you will be seeing a logo creation window like this:

Free Logo Creator

Following are the options to use Online Logo Maker

1. Working area:

Working area helps you to insert text, symbols and images to make your logo.

2. Properties panel:

It gives you option to edit and see the properties of any object your select from working area.

3. Objects:

Helps you to rename, delete or reorder objects while making logo.

4. Asset Buttons:

This gives you options to add symbols, text or pictures.

5. Other Buttons:

Allows you to save and load your logo.

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All the above features are easy to use and help you to make your online logo attractive with lots of stylish symbols and features. So, get your own attractive logo now that for free and don’t forget to provide your feedback.

Do let us know your opinion: How important do you think a logo is important for any business/blog/website for branding? Do you know any other such online free logo creator apps or software’s?

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  • Sumesh

    Thanks Harsh For Sharing This Article, i have also created a logo for my site but there is one question to you that The Logo we create from this site and if someone else had already created the same logo like mine, so is there any copyright issue or not ?

  • Istiak Rayhan

    I made a nice logo for my blog by this tool. Thanks Harsh for sharing this.

  • Gautham Raj

    Hi Harsh

    I tried this app …But i am getting PNG as output …but i need JPEG as output …

  • Pushkar

    There are many online services which provide free logo designing service but i do prefer for my photoshop work. I know its not very easy to design with it but its good to create professional logos and any other graphics

  • Rajeel

    Good site dude, Also check the too. I use it for all my purpose ..

  • Sandeep kumar

    I think it is really nice to have a logo for your Professional blog but for personal or hobby blogs Is it necessary to have a logo?

  • Rakesh Narang

    I think you have to register before you can get the logo, is it free of cost??

    Anyways, you shoutmeloud logo is great, where did you get it from?


    Thanks for posting this… I just set up my blog and I need a logo! Lucky me, I stopped by your website tonight. Keep of the great work. – Jason


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