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    Thanks for posting this… I just set up my blog and I need a logo! Lucky me, I stopped by your website tonight. Keep of the great work. – Jason


    Rakesh Narang

    I think you have to register before you can get the logo, is it free of cost??

    Anyways, you shoutmeloud logo is great, where did you get it from?


    Sandeep kumar

    I think it is really nice to have a logo for your Professional blog but for personal or hobby blogs Is it necessary to have a logo?



    Good site dude, Also check the cooltext.com too. I use it for all my purpose ..



    There are many online services which provide free logo designing service but i do prefer for my photoshop work. I know its not very easy to design with it but its good to create professional logos and any other graphics


    Gautham Raj

    Hi Harsh

    I tried this app …But i am getting PNG as output …but i need JPEG as output …


    Istiak Rayhan

    I made a nice logo for my blog by this tool. Thanks Harsh for sharing this.


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