A Beginner Guide To CJ Affiliate by Conversant MarketPlace

This is part of your affiliate marketing guides series, and if you have missed my earlier articles; you should first go through them to understand the basics. Here are the links for your reference:

Today I will be sharing a detailed tutorial about Commission Junction which is one very popular market place for Affiliate marketers. I have been a part of commission junction as a publisher for almost 3 years, and indeed they are one well reputed company where you can find high quality affiliate products to promote.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

In this guide I will cover all important thing which you need to know about Commission Junction which is recently re-branded as CJ Affiliate by Conversant.

What is CJ Affiliate by Conversant and How you Can Start Using it?

CJ Affiliate by Conversant; previously known as Commission Junction is an affiliate marketplace, where you can find thousands of products to promote and make money. This global affiliate marketplace is a great solution for independent blog owners (Publishers) like me and you to connect with affiliate programs offered by thousands of online brands. The best part is, you don’t need an exclusive training to learn using CJ network, you can simply sign up for a free account and start exploring the dashboard.  Sign up for a free account here.

Once you are signed up, complete your profile to ensure you get fast approval for any affiliate program via CJ. Now, click on get links and you can either search for your target affiliate program via Advertiser list as shown in below image, or you can click on general categories to browse new affiliate programs. They pay via Check or direct bank deposit.

Get CJ Affiliate Links

If you have read my earlier article on how Hostgator is cheating their affiliates, you might like to sign up as an Hostgator affiliate via Commission Junction, which is a good start. One thing which I like about Commission Junction is you can easily select product based on different niche. Eespecially if you are one of those who are running different niche blog, you can pick niche based product which you can put into your blog and make huge commission.

Remember last time when I talked about Godaddy affiliate program, if you are a part of Commission junction, you can quickly apply for it. Along with it, if you are interested into other hosting products, you can quickly apply for top hosting companies like Hostgator, netfirms, BlueHost and so on.

Here is a screenshot of various categories which you can use to find best products for affiliate promotion. One major advantage of using CJ is, usually pay per sale is high in comparison to affiliate via direct product site.

Affiliate Category niche

If you are looking forward to make some good money via Affiliate marketing, you should sign up for CJ and it’s free. Here is a free started video training for Commission Junction:

Sign up for CJ

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    W-8BEN Certificate Of Foreign Status Of Beneficial Owner For United States Tax Withholding

    Certificate Of No United States Activities


  2. says

    Hi Harsh, I am new to CJ, I did my first campaign and got a 49% click through rate, but zero conversion. Is there a time delay when actual revenue and conversion rates are posted? It’s been 2 days. Thank you.

  3. veenachlasani says

    I have joined the commissionjunction account before a month,and also I have approved some advertising companies getting the HTML code how can I post the link to website? I tried so many times but din’t understand how to post. I am a graduate house wife. so please help me.

  4. says

    How much time it normally takes For Direct Transfer In India. In Panel its showing 18th But still not received in Bank Account.(Payment Mode : Direct Deposit)

  5. says

    Hi Harsh,
    One simple question, how much visitors, pageviews need for getting minimum revenue from CJ or any other affiliate market places?

  6. NilanthaNRNM says

    Thanks Harsh. An useful post about affiliate programs. I sign up with CJ just now. Your posts are very useful for me.

  7. Vikas Yadav says

    Hello Hasrh, I have listen good review about the CJ Affiliate by Conversant MarketPlace. I have a query that can you please tell me whether it offer affiliate product on the programming niche.

  8. Ishtiaque says

    I applied for Expedia affiliate program through CJ. but still my application is pending for 12 days. Actually when I applied I did not add any travel related website, but now I have. I also contacted them through official website, but no answer. How can I deal with this problem? Any suggestion?

  9. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    Commission Junction is a perfect idea to be able to join various affiliate programs and feel good about a very easy payment method which just depends on only one system :) !!

  10. aks says

    Really commission junction is the biggest place for advertisers and affiliate publishers both.There are many reputed companies using this platform such as corel,adobe,godaddy ,serif etc.

  11. Kimi says

    I have tried CJ, but i then stopped it.

    I tried with sharesales and it works better.

    What i don’t like from both of them is, they don’t pay via paypal =(

    It will be expensive for the transfer cost, unfortunately.

    • says

      Kimi both of them send money via Check with 0 transfer cost..
      Also Both of them are different as CJ have more advertisers than Shareasale..
      I suggest while you look to promote new products,,check out both of them…

      • Kimi says

        Oh, thanks for clearing it up Harsh!

        I still hold from sharesales, because i haven’t faxed them my “non-US” thingy.

        That’s awesome with 0 transfer cost!

  12. hubpk says

    Harsh nice article on Affiliate Market.I am not using any Affiliate Program but i read article about Affiliate Market some blogger.This is best way to earn money on internet.

    • says

      Hubpk if you are not using any affiliate program, you should give it a shot. It might help you to boost your earning…

      Note: Try to comment with your real name, we don’t accept comment with blog name.. Will love to interact with real people :)

    • says

      I started using Shareasale and they are good too..What I like about them is reporting feature..
      CJ is nice but little complicated..Still CJ is one of the top marketplace for affiliate marketers…