HostGator Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, Server Quality & Speed

Hostgator Review
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One of the biggest problems that we face while blogging is finding a reliable host.

A bad host can create chaos for bloggers like us, and that’s why it’s essential to have a quality web host hosting our Site. Today, I’m going to share my review of the HostGator Baby plan, where I’m hosting a couple of my tech blogs.

I was apprehensive at the beginning, but with powerful servers for HostGator’s baby plan and the combination of Cloudflare and WP Rocket plugin, my sites on Hostgator are doing pretty well.

HostGator Review & Feature List

Hostgator hosting offers three shared hosting plans: Hatchling, Baby, and Business.

  • Hatchling plan is single domain hosting
  • The Baby plan is multiple domain hosting
  • A business plan is a multiple domain hosting with features like SSL, Dedicated I.P., etc.

If your requirement is for single domain hosting, you can always opt for the Hatchling plan which is as good, but the only limitation is it lets you host just one website. When you are starting out, this plan is ideal, but with time everybody wants to add more websites.

The Hostgator Baby plan, like other shared plans, offers cPanel, unlimited Space, unlimited Bandwidth, free $100 AdWords credit, WordPress compatible, site builder, free setup, unlimited add-on domains, unlimited FTP, unlimited databases, Ruby on Rails, SSH, PHP7, Fast CGI and what not.

For any normal WordPress site, the Baby plan offers everything.  Earlier, I worked with the Kinsta panel which is a custom one and here Hostgator provides standard cPanel where you can see your server load and traffic from the cPanel dashboard.

Quick Feature list

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited addon domain
  • IP deny manager ( Security)
  • Unlimited FTP
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited MySql database
  • Hotlink Protection (Security)
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • 45 Days money back guarantee
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Fantastico
  • Cron Jobs
  • Automatic Backup
  • 99.99% uptime

The list is endless. I initially thought of it as a publicity gimmick, but it’s not. I will add some screenshots of Hostgator cPanel Dashboard, which will make it easier to understand what HostGator is offering you.

One thing I like the most is monitoring the Running process and visits from inside the panel. This way we can control the performance of our blogs. Additionally, their chat and telephone support are available 24*7. You can call Hostgator on 1-866-96-GATOR at any time.

Also, if you are one who likes to keep your website free from glitches, the Error logs feature in cPanel is useful and you can also use the hotlinking feature to stop others from stealing your images.

Which Hostgator plan is right for you?

Summing up all shared hosting plans quickly:

  • Hatchling: Perfect for a single blog (4.45$/mo)
  • Baby Plan: Perfect for multiple Blogs (6.95$/mo)
  • Business: Multiple Blogs + Private IP + Toll-free Number (12.95$/mo)

I suggest the Baby hosting plan for you, as you can add on Private I.P. by paying only 2$/month, and with their Live chat support, you will never need that Toll-free number.

(30% Discount Coupon for SML readers : ShoutMeLoud30)

Hostgator Baby Plan Pricing

With our most valued coupon “ShoutMeLoud30” you will get 30% off on your total bill. I would suggest buy hosting for a 2-3 years term to save maximum (since hosting discount is applicable only on the first bill). Here is Baby plan pricing before the discount:

Hostgator Baby plan Pricing
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You can grab Hosting for the monthly tenure, quarterly tenure, yearly, 24 or 36 months tenure. You can use this exclusive HostGator Discount coupon to get a 30% discount on your final bill.

One year hosting with a 30% discount coupon (ShoutMeLoud30) will cost you $89.55 instead of the usual $119.40. Similarly, you can buy a 2-year or 3-year plan and enjoy more discounts with the Baby plan discount code.

So far, my experience with them has been amazing, and hope this review of the Baby plan will help you to decide which hosting you should opt for.

Here is what the new Hostgator cPanel looks like:

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My personal recommendation would be the Baby plan, but if you need a Private I.P (SEO purpose) with a Toll-free number, you can opt for the Business plan. Here is a video that shows how to use the coupon.

In the case of any query, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Do share your experience & review of HostGator web hosting with all of us.

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

60 thoughts on “HostGator Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, Server Quality & Speed”

  1. Pallavi Burnwal

    Hey Harsh! Thanks for the review. I have started a blog and hosted in on the Hosgator Hatchling plan and I am quite satisfied with it. Also I have powered it with the cloudfare free nameservers for increased speed on your recommedation. Thanks for everything you are doing for the blogger community.

  2. Michelle

    Hi Harsh,

    I want to start a website to sell my Bootstrap Themes online.
    The size of each theme will approximately be 1.5 to 2 MB.
    For the start, I will start with About 10 themes only.

    I already have a hatchling plan. Will it be okay to start off with this plan?
    Or will I need to upgrade to a higher plan?


    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hatchling plan is good enough.

  3. Harpreet Kumar

    I am also using Hostgator shared hosting (baby plan). reviews that you have shared, is awesome. thanks for exploring your experience sir

  4. Mohan

    I want to ask If I make a wordpress website for anyone else and offer my domain and hosting from my hostgator baby plan. Will it affect my other blog’s speed, bandwidth etc.

  5. hemant

    harsh i m from nepal is there any gateway to pay from nepal to hostgator

  6. Deepa Suresh

    I have only one blogging site for now and recently shifted from Hostgator Baby plan to Hatchling plan. I did not notice any degradation in performance.
    Secondly, I see comments related to experience with Bluehost vs Hostgator. I would like to bring to notice of fellow bloggers that both belong to same company – Endurance International group. They also own Bigrock. Just different groups of same company targeting different segment of people.

  7. shailesh shakya

    I am also using Hostgator shared hosting (baby plan). reviews that you have shared, is awesome. thanks for exploring your experience….

  8. Tyler

    Thanks for the review. I currently use GoDaddy and HostGator. I had a bad experience with BlueHost and will not ever use them again. Out of the three, I like HostGator the best. Easiest to use and best customer service. And, no down time.

  9. Suj

    Hi Harsh,

    I need you help in choosing a right hosting plan for my new website. I have tried hosting betheme WP theme in Godaddy but I am facing issues always (” Error: Unable to allocate memory Hope this is due to RAM limit if I am not wrong. After reading through multiple forums and reviews I believe HOSTAGOR is the right option. Having said I just wanted to know what is the RAM limit provided by HOSTGATORS hatchling and baby plans. I appreciate your suggestions.


    1. Mohit Yadav

      Hi SUJ,

      I used to stuck in this situation earlier. The best way to avoid these error. Install on a local server(MAMP/XAMPP) and then upload through ftp. I know little messy but it is the best way to avoid resource usage on the shared server.

  10. Ganesh

    How much visitor, pageviews and hits handle with hostgator baby shared hosting plan. i am Indian please help


      Hello harsh Agrawal and everybody.
      Ive read all your comments about hostgator baby plan, but i have one question.

      – HOSTGATOR BABY PLAN offers unlimited addon domains, would one be required to make extra payment for setting up the extra addon domains after purchasing the main baby plan domain or the setup is absolutely free?

      Thank you.

  11. Anish

    Been browsing this helpful site via Google searches for the last few days since I started looking for a good webhost for my upcoming site (php site, non WP). Decision making has been incredibly hard. And after stumbling on this blog today, I’m once again confused. 🙁

    Considered Hostgator long ago, decided against it due to mixed reviews around the web, shocked to find (on another comment elsewhere on this excellent site) about how it is part of a conglomerate (Indian led :O ).
    Then my search led me to Siteground, eespecially after seeing it rank highly on As I seemingly closed down on it, despite many anxieties due to the non-Indian nature of it, and the fact that all the staff were East European, I discovered a shocking couple of posts about how they are running a major scam, on webhostingtalkforums which completely destroyed my confidence.
    Sadly, I returned to HG, being unable to find anything else which I could confidently use, and the fact that my developer is also selling a HG Reseller account. Now the only decision to be made was whether to go for the Indian branch or the US/Europe branch, due to nature of my likely customers. And then I found your blog today, and the advice on top, advising against HG.. And now, I’m back to square 1.. 🙁

    Btw, can’t see the pic icons for the commentators or the time/date of the comment, the latter being very critical…

  12. Konen L

    Hi Harsh,

    We need your help. We hosted our site on Godaddy but after facing many servers issues we thought of changing the hosting company. Then we came across this useful article. As you said ‘shoutmeloud’ is hosted on hostgator baby plan, we decided we will go for the same plan. Now, our site is hosted with HG.

    Here is the problem after we shifted to HG. Yesterday, we received a suspension warning from Hostgator for exceeding their CPU usage due to high traffic. As suggested by them, we installed WP Super cache and now it is working fine with 1k real-time visitors.

    My question: How many realtime/daily visitors can this shared baby-plan hosting support after WP Cache installed?

    I guess Shoutmeloud is a high-traffic website with below 4k worlwide Alexa Ranking. Doesn’t Shoutmeloud suffer any server/CPU Usage issue with hostgator?

    I would be really happy if you can assist me on hosting plans. We are not in the condition to shift to dedicated server.


    1. Harsh Agrawal

      ShoutMeLoud is now hosted on Cloudways and the issue which you mentioned about resource usage, a lot of users on Hostgator are getting it. My recommendation for you Konan is, also integrate Cloudflare on your blog (It’s free). You can read a guide here:

      This will speed up your website and also take little load away from your Hostgator account. I still have few tech sites running on Hostgator and they are working fine with the setup I mentioned in the article (WordPress + SuperCache + Cloudflare) and traffic goes up to 16000 Pv/Day without any issue. So you don’t really need to move to VPS or Dedicated server but in case if Hostgator keep sending you that resource usage mail, you should look at this alternative : Siteground as they have added new features (Server level caching, Memcache), and it’s powerful. I was working on a client site and was amazed to see the performance of the server.

      1. Konen L

        Thanks Harsh, your tips are really helpful. I will go ahead and integrate Cloudflare. Let’s see how many visitors can this handle.

      2. Don

        I’m also considering CloudWays for hosting multiple wordpress powered sites. How is your experience with Cloudways so far? Are you still using CloudWays? The more details the better. Thanks.

  13. mintpoint

    How about the usage of wordpress pluggins? I have hosted my website with godaday, but All the time they have one or other issues. Sometimes they wanted me to uninstall all the plugins which I can’t do. Please advise.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      For plugins I would recommend use only from trusted sources (Like and use the one with high rating and reviews. More over, I personally not a fan of Godaddy for hosting WordPress sites. I would rather suggest you to use any of these Hosting sites:

  14. yatin

    Hi harsh and all readers,
    I want to know that if I am planning to make a blog only, then is it necessary to have sitelock feature from hostgator. There will be different categories for post. There will be no e-commerce platform and forum options like this.

    so, is this feature useful when we are adding forum options in the blog

  15. Nikhil

    Hello Harsh,

    Your site is very informative to newbies like me. I would like to ask you What is the renewal cost of HostGator Baby Plan? Is they offer any discount coupon for that? In 1 year of HostGator Baby plan I have no problem from them their customer service is excellent.

      1. Nikhil

        Hello Harsh,

        Thanks for your guidance. Will you please focus on AtContent plug-in? How is it? How traffic generated? Is it legitimate? And how it is beneficial?



  16. Rajiv Kumar Sharma

    Hi Harish,
    I just check you post and also hostgator website. It has a plan like $3.96/month on an around Rs.3000/year, which i think is little bit costly for a student, Don’t you think so? Is there any low budget plans like in 1000k to 1500k.

  17. Rushi

    @ harsh,
    I am planning to change my hosting. Need your help bro.

    Going thru this article portrays hostgator has best shared hosting service on planet (baby plan).
    at same time you shares your horrible expericence with them coz of SSL and finally u moved on to knownhost. (in other post)
    Getting deaper into, just read HG’s flat policy that you are not allowed to use commentLuv, coz it caused some prb to their servers. (not on SML)

    Just to know about best option for shared hosting, i went thru almost all articles i could find via goodle on SML. Coz u share your personal expericences with different hostings it makes me more worried. Having very bad time with Godadd 🙁

    I’ll be thankful to you if u guide me thru.

  18. Anoop

    Hi Harsh,

    I planning to host my new site on Hostgator. I need your opinion about the domain registration.When I checked,Hostgator charging more(15$) for domain registration compared to other provider(includng shoutmydomain).

    As per you, do I need to go with Hostgator domain registration or can I go with other domain registration ? and If I go with other domain registrar, Is it easy to configure that domain name along with hostgator hosting service

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Yes, you asked the right question. It’s a good idea to buy domain from other places like Godaddy, ShoutMydomain and then change the name server to Hostgator. Which is very easy. When you sign up for hostgator, you will get two Name servers, and all you need to do is, login to your domain panel and update the name server, which is very easy to do…

  19. Gagan Arora

    these days i heard may security issue from Go daddy …..many website host on Go daddy hacked by hackers….so i think hostgator is good option for hosting….i never heard and complaint of Hostgator…

  20. piyush

    how to add new domains in hostgator bussiness plan???n how we will manage our bandwidth in that??

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