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  1. Deepanshu
    May 4, 2011

    i was using bluehost shared…that sucks a bit :? so i decided to move to hostgator vps a day back only..so far hostgator support has been terrific on chat and i hope it continues to be gud :-)

  2. Mani
    May 4, 2011

    Accoring to me hostgator is the best for hosting whether it may for shared or VPS or dedicated server.I recommend Hostgator for its best support.Buy hosting from Hostagtor if you have more money else you have to face many problems from them!

  3. Kavya Hari
    May 4, 2011

    I think so, hostgator baby plan has an unlimited domain hosting plan with the telephonic support in it. Thank you so much for given here :)

  4. Anshul
    May 4, 2011

    Hi Harsh,

    Nice post but could you please give your thoughts on recently launched Godaddy’s 4GH Plan. What is your opinion on godaddy web hosting?

  5. Mohit
    May 4, 2011

    Yes,I am using Bluehost right Now but have Downtimes,moving next month to Hostgator,Great Review

  6. SiRu
    May 4, 2011

    My website also hosted with Hostgator. Past 4 months I received very good support from them. baby plan with unlimited is good if you are a starter :D

  7. Nirdosh
    May 4, 2011

    yes, Godaddy also need to be included in this review. Bluehost would be my last choice.

  8. Paritosh
    May 4, 2011

    My experience with Expertrio, an Indian host, has been way better than the usual “top notch” webhosts. The plans are bit expensive but the extraordinary support makes up for it.

  9. Devesh
    May 4, 2011

    Hi Harsh,

    Nice comparison. I don’t use any other hosting then hostgator. They are one of the best hosting provider on the planet.

    I think it’s time to upgrade my account, may be VPS.

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. Kok Siong Chen
    May 4, 2011

    Hi Harsh! Thanks for the comparison and rating for these 3 popular hosting companies. I am looking for a better choice recently. I am currently using the Hostgator Baby Plan. Quite satisfy with their support! :)

  11. Jarret
    May 5, 2011

    I started with Dreamhost which worked okay until my site started getting traffic. It didn’t take long before I was overloading their server. They quickly switched me over to Dreamhost VPS which I had innumerable problems with. Long story short, I’m now using Hostgator VPS and couldn’t be happier.

    • pinolobu
      August 20, 2012

      Hi Jarret: may I know:

      [1] which Hostgator VPS package are you on? Is it VPS3?
      [2] how much traffic are you getting per day ?

      Thanks for any info.

  12. Prashant Rohilla
    May 5, 2011

    My experience with All the three above mentioned hosting Company so far is Good! All the three companies Offer great shared hosting plans .
    But Harsh i will request you to right a similar post on VPS and Cloud Hosting Services !

  13. HackTik
    May 5, 2011

    Thanx for sharing this informative comparison. My personal favorite has been Hostgator, though. This comparison can help a newbie to make an informed decision about which web hosting to buy and why?

  14. Nipon
    May 6, 2011

    I personally do not recommend shared hosts as most of them have overloaded servers,but ok for new blogs.For professional site ,Linode VPS is the best

  15. Zero Cost Business
    May 6, 2011

    There is no doubt I will use Hostgator. I do not have any experience with Dreamhost or Bluehost because there was really no necessity for me to change or try anything else.

    A few times I had technical problems in my site when my database was corrupted and at another time I had a problem migrating my blog. Both times Hostgator support was totally awesome. They did not rush me, they patiently helped me to upload the database file and make my blog functional.

    So anybody out there who is searching for a good hosting option – especially if you are starting out and have a couple of websites or more – go for Hostgator – I recommend them for one reason – Superb Support.

  16. Miraclepitu
    May 6, 2011

    I Agree with you.. since 1 years ago, i have used Hostagor and some webhost providers. But, Hostgator is the best in Their Support. 24 Hours you can chat or submit ticket with fast response

  17. amit sharma
    May 8, 2011

    hi harsh, thanks for the bird eye view about these popular web hosting services, I own a blog “http://pcmastero.blogspot.com” want to make it “www.pcmastero.com” using hostgator webhosting baby plan..So I want to know the total expenses in this switching?

    • Harsh Agrawal
      May 8, 2011

      Amit, if you use hostgator coupon code you can grab hosting fr 56$. Domain you can grab from anywhere which will cost $8-$11.
      I would suggest you to first grab the custom domain name and after 2 weeks try to migrate. You can grab hosting from my aff link and put a request for free BlogSpot to WordPress migration on: http://bloggertowpmigration.com/
      Do let me know if you have any more questions…

  18. sujit kumar
    May 8, 2011

    I was looking for the best hosting plan and also very chep right now i am hosting my blog @ host dime and plannig to migrate on hostgator

  19. Jasmine
    May 8, 2011

    These 3 are good hosting companies. But my personal favorite is HostGator, since they offer the best support and service in my opinion.

    • Harsh Agrawal
      May 8, 2011

      So far People are voting for Hostgator and some how justify my top rating for Hostgator. :)

  20. vitor mendes
    May 11, 2011

    I moved to Hostgator today from bluehost to a vps service.

    Anyone knows how long it takes for them to proceed with the migration?

  21. Raghav
    May 11, 2011

    Hostgator have a better service. So I prefer hostgator. Nice post.

  22. Nicholas Teo@Feng Shui since 1988
    May 15, 2011

    I have heard many people say good things about Hostgator and will give it a try when I want to start another domain. Will use your discount code when I do signup.

  23. Amit Sharma
    May 17, 2011

    I read few comments at the top and I’m surprised that bluehost has such bad reviews! It used to be known for best support.

  24. Joe Manausa
    May 23, 2011

    I used both Hostgator and Dreamhost. I will let my dreamhost account expire at the end of my “prepaid” period. I am having problems with them and of course, their support is a premium service. They do not respond very rapidly to ticket issues either. Hostgator is usually responsive in fixing problems.

  25. Justin Bieber
    July 24, 2011

    my top 3 order are 1. Hostgator, 2. Bluehost, 3. Dreamhost

  26. Ravi
    August 23, 2011

    Hostgator is good in support, features and pricing. But I have started seeing slow speed in their shared hosting for many clients which is a concern. But, still I haven’t found the best alternative as everyone has some problem.

  27. Leonard Grossman
    August 26, 2011

    Ten years ago my ISP went out of business and in a panic I moved everything to Dreamhost. Espicially since I didn’t have my own domain back then and was just ~user There are many times when I wished they had phone support and now they do — for a fee. They promise email support within 24 hours but lately they have been responding very quickly. The other day a WordPress plugin requred php-zip and they got back to me in just a few minutes with instructions as to how to upgrade to a new version of php.
    They have been very cooperative although the servers seem slow every now and then. Biggest problem, my internet cable company (Comcast) blocks a lot of mail from dreamhost servers which are getting a reputation as spam sources.

  28. Srinivas
    January 4, 2012

    What’s your opinion on KnownHost VPS Vs HostGator VPS?

    • Harsh Agrawal
      January 4, 2012

      I have used Knowhost VPs and it’s good and if you asking about which one is better: My vote would be Knownhost and after that hostgator. If you alright with unamanaged VPS, Linode is a good choice.

      • Srinivas
        February 13, 2012

        Thanks Harsh! Actually I opted for KnownHost VPS. Their service is exceptionally good but it seems to be costly thing with that. Right now the traffic is very low and thus I’m looking for good alternative. (may be shared one). Earlier I used BlueHost service which was good but when my traffic was high there was a problem of CPU throttling. Will there be the same issue with HostGator too? Can we have 5 to 6 wordpress blogs installed on a single account without any issues? Upto what level of bandwidth usage, HostGator can operate? Sorry Harsh for posing so many queries in a single instance.

  29. Ankush
    March 4, 2012

    Is “hostgator.in” is equally excellent like “hostgator.com” for linux shared hosting..??
    plzzz reply asap…

    • Harsh Agrawal
      March 4, 2012

      I would recommend to go for Hostgator US Server as they are much better in terms of support and more powerful.
      One of my client signed up with Hostgator India and I moved him from Hg U.S to H.G India and this is what he sent me yesterday:

      My site wisdomtimes has never been stable after moving to hostgator.in.

      Their response was ” We are having some unprecedented issues with MYSQL on the server.We are working it on a war footing and would get it fixed at the earliest.We regret for the inconvenience. ”

      Today I found that my database is gone and site empty. They want me to pay Rs 830 for a backup from Feb 25.

      This is ridiculous

      • Ankush
        March 5, 2012

        thanku so much harsh sir for your reply..
        @Harsh Agrawal
        sir I want to host my site on Hostgator US server(hostgator.com), so can I do that with hostgator india(hostgator.in). I can make payment only through debit card that’s why i’m unable to register directly on hostgator.com where there is a only credit card option..

  30. Raju Acharya
    September 1, 2012

    Hostgator has always been good to me. I love its customer support service.

  31. Animish
    January 11, 2013

    I am using HostGator USA, BlueHost and HostGator India also. For me, HG India is the best. Number of sites on each server is very less in HG India, while servers are identical. I also want all users to know that BlueHost, HostMonster, JustHost and FastDomain are all sister companies with exactly identical service, servers and performance.

    • Harsh Agrawal
      January 12, 2013

      Thanks for your feedback about Hostgator India. So far, I never had a good experience with them due to lack of direct technical support and high latency. Though, I checked that almost 8 months back, and hopefully they have improved a lot in this time. Your feedback is important and would be useful for others to decide on their next hosting company.

  32. Shaikh Javed
    June 29, 2013

    My experience with Hostagor India is terrific!! After purchasing Linux shared baby plan I placed a transfer ticket for moving my site from Mochahost to Hostagator India but after 2 days someone responded on ticket system and mentioned that my transfer has been successfully completed. When I checked preview of my site using SWAM of Hostagtor I couldn’t find any web page there. Then I FTPed to the host name and surprisingly I didnt find any of my hosted files there. After complaining the same on the ticket system I didnt get any response from them till now.

    After that whenever I am contacting support person both India/US using phone calls/chat/ticket system no one is responding to me and acting such that I am the foolest person on the earth.

    After 7 days today I applied to cancel my account and ordered for my money back.
    I will request all the newbies dont go for Hostgator India..They are the worst service provider I have ever faced.

  33. Avsi
    August 1, 2013

    Is it not better to host on Hostgator.in vs Hostgator US? I have been reading that the location of your server affects search engine rankings. Something of great importance to a local business.

  34. Basavaraj Tonagatti
    September 30, 2013

    Currently my site is hosted by BigRock and I am not facing any technical issue. But still do you think it is better to go to any of the above mentioned hosting providers. What is your view on BigRock? If your suggestion is to move then which is best and will they help me while moving?

  35. Shreyo
    October 7, 2013

    i agree that hostgator has a good support service, has cpanel and the plans are ok. but the websites hosted (shared account) are often vulnerable to spammers and other malware code (when compared with bluehost or other well known provider). i don’t know why. after struggle and help from support i was able to clear them all but this can’t happen often.

  36. Paul
    April 5, 2014

    I am presently planning to go for Dreamhost, but I have a small confusion. You just mentioned that “Though I would advice Dreamhost if you starting a new website with low traffic. In case, if you starting a serious website and expecting more than 200,000 PV/month, I would suggest sign up for Hostgator or Bluehost.”
    Does it mean that it is not possible to get good traffic with Dreamhost??
    Thank you for your wonderful information.

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