Bluehost Vs HostGator Vs DreamHost [Web Hosting Comparison]

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Wondering which company offers the best web hosting? Is it Bluehost, HostGator, or DreamHost?

Read on…

Starting a website is fun, but there are several things that we need to address prior to launching a site.

First, we must select a host for our website. There are many excellent web hosting companies available, and for a beginner, selecting the best of the best is no easy task.

All web hosting companies will claim to give you the best server and unlimited resources, but when you sign up with them, you will immediately begin to face a number of issues. For this reason, it is very important to be cautious and selective when choosing your web hosting company.

In this post, I will offer you a detailed comparison between HostGator, DreamHost, and Bluehost. I have chosen to compare these three companies because I have found them to be the top service providers for shared hosting to date.

This post compares:

I have used DreamHost and HostGator for my personal sites, and Bluehost for my customer sites. So far, Bluehost and HostGator have surprised me the most with their hosting quality and support.

In particular, Bluehost is highly recommended for running a WordPress blog, as it is recommended by the official hosting page & also offers free SSL which is a much required for our websites in 2017.

My experience with all three of these hosting companies has been in hosting WordPress sites, and WordPress uses memory-intensive software. In other words, WordPress is a memory hog! This is important to know when choosing your website’s host.

A WordPress blog requires hosting to be updated with the latest technology, and all three of these hosting companies offer a well-optimized environment for running a WordPress blog.

With Bluehost and HostGator, I have experienced handling of almost 20k/PV daily, all with a well-optimized WordPress blog + cache plugin.

DreamHost has lately disappointed with their server quality & delayed support.

Table Comparison of Bluehost vs. DreamHost vs. HostGator

Free Domain1 free domainFree primary domain migration + renew1 free domain
Domain Price$12$15$13.95
Free Blog MigrationNoYesNo
Free Adwords Credit$100$100$75
Payment OptionPayPal/Credit cardPayPal/Credit cardCredit card/Check
Support OptionChat/Email/PhoneChat/Email/Twitter/
Support Quality4.5/54.5/5 (Live chat wait time is longer)3/5
Discount CouponAdded in the link belowSHOUTMELOUD30Added in the link below
How to Install
 Sign up: BluehostSign up: HostGatorSign up: DreamHost

If you are looking to start a serious website, and you are anticipating more than 200,000 PV/month, I would suggest that you choose Bluehost. Bluehost also offers free SSL & PHP 7 which will ensure your website offers optimum performance.  In fact, my personal choice would be Bluehost for their high-end servers and top quality service.

Note: Bluehost is officially endorsed by WordPress community for hosting WordPress sites.

So far I have used Bluehost’s telephone support five or six times, and they have always taken care of my issue within a couple of minutes.

DreamHost also offers telephone support, but unlike Bluehost and HostGator, they don’t offer free telephone support. Their telephone support is a premium service, and this is a feature which I do not like. More over, in 2017 Dreamhost service has gone down due to their team change & is not recommended for hosting WordPress site.

When it comes to support, we usually use live chat, a feature that is offered by both Bluehost and HostGator.  They both offer a ticketing system as well.

Personally, I would recommend these three shared hosting companies in the following order:

  1. Bluehost
  2. HostGator
  3. DreamHost

I hope this comparison of DreamHost vs. HostGator vs. Bluehost has given you a better idea of your various hosting options before you begin your successful online career!

Do let me know which web hosting company you prefer among the above 3, and which web hosting company you would recommend to others. Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

61 thoughts on “Bluehost Vs HostGator Vs DreamHost [Web Hosting Comparison]”

  1. I am presently planning to go for Dreamhost, but I have a small confusion. You just mentioned that “Though I would advice Dreamhost if you starting a new website with low traffic. In case, if you starting a serious website and expecting more than 200,000 PV/month, I would suggest sign up for Hostgator or Bluehost.”
    Does it mean that it is not possible to get good traffic with Dreamhost??
    Thank you for your wonderful information.

  2. Sourabh Jain

    Hi, Harsh
    Tell which one is better for my blog
    bluehost,dreamhost and hostgator

  3. Hari Varrier

    Looks like Hostgator is the best among them for me. Hostgator India has been decent. Hosting global has been abysmal with their recent massive downtime.

    I used Bluehost for a client. Not bad at all. But a bit more expensive than the others.

  4. Sashwato Chatterjee

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for this gem of an info!

    I am just a newbie on this great blogging platform. Can you personally suggest me whether Bluehost will be good or HostGator given that I am going to target a huge traffic through my domain?

    Also I believe Shared hosting will not be good. Therefore is the new Baby Plan be good in such a case? Do I need to get Dedicated servers or VPS?
    Please help…

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sashwato Chatterjee

  5. Hostgator is the best according to me. I’m their client and I’m sure that you can trust them blindly. They have an awesome support which helps them stand out from the crowd. The cpanel is clean and is easily understandable. Good Luck.

  6. premchand solanki

    Hostgator India is worst.Previously my site was hosted at Hostgator US but because of easy payment facility I migrated my site to Hostgator India and experiencing slow speed and I contacted their support team but of no use.So once again I’m migrated my blog to Hostgator Us.

  7. finally moved from Hostgator India to Bluehost US…had very bad experience with Hostgator India….every body plz never go for Hostgator India waste of time and money.

  8. @Amit
    Both are almost the same in India, as they are part of EIG group and everything is managed by EIG only. You can pick either one of them. My suggestion would be Bluehost India.

  9. Prabhudatta Sahoo

    Hi Harsh, after reading a lot of reviews it comes as Hostgator’s uptime is higher than any hosting provider even from Bluehost. So I would like to know from you that what you will personally suggest Bluehost or Hostgator and more importantly what are you using personally?

  10. I have been with Hostgator india for the past few years and just a week back they migrated their servers (so called upgrade). Since then the response time had gone down and they have implemented more restrictions on my unlimited business plan account, this has impacted my sites and my client sites, very unprofessional. I have also observed that their support is also not good recently, every ticket we raise takes weeks for them to respond. We started chatting and calling them for urgent issues but most of the time they say “due to technical issue…blah blah blah”. Seriously time to ditch hostgator india and considering to move to more predictable and reliable hosting provider.

    I wanted to share my experience so that other can avoid the same mistake.


  11. Rahul Sadarangani

    Hello Harsh,

    I have used all the 3 Web Hosting Bluehost, Hostgator and Dreamhost. As per My view I would chose go with Dreamhost then Bluehost and then Hostgator. I have been an Dreamhost Customer for past 4 Months and I have not even chated with the support because there was no issue in using it. They Provide SNI Technology for SSL to Load which and also the 100% uptime guarantee. When My Website was Hostgator US There were lots of issue with wordpress as i was experience Slow Performance in My Dashboard and also Support was Okay. Well with bluehost My Experience was Good as Support via Phone and Chat were Helpful but their Ticketing System was Slow in Responding.

    In My View if a Customer want to host a Website I will Chose Dreamhost > Bluehost > Hostgator.

    Rahul Sadarangani

  12. Hey Harsh!! Thanks for sharing this informative post and all of them are great hosting providers. Many hosting server companies in the market offer best, affordable and reliable web hosting plans.

  13. Thomas Charlie

    Hi Harsh! Thanks for the comparison and rating for these 3 popular hosting companies. I am looking for a better choice recently. I am currently using the BlueHost plan. Quite satisfy with their support!.
    I use Bluehost for my customer sites..

  14. Hi Harsha
    nice comparison,but it has made me more & more confused as i am now even more cautious ,don’t want to get duped by these hosting scammers as by one,very bad i have read a lots of reviews and mostly your views regarding Bluehost has influnced me to decide upon Bluehost.And i believe you refer to but by chosing ,one will lose on call support(as numbers provided are international) so what will be your suggestion /

  15. I am Extremely Unhappy with Hostgator India.
    When I started my blog on Joomla. It taking 10-15seconds. I contacted support team. They said this was no their system problem.
    After, When I shifted my blog from Joomla to Wp…. it taking good loading time. But sometimes taking too much time.
    In a day two or three time my blog goes down … blog traffic is under 1000.
    When I complained about it. they show me google page speed score ..
    they make me fool.
    What is doing Hostgator India…
    Such A Worst Hostgator India.

    Now I have decided to shift to Bluehost as recommended by wp and many fame bloggers.

    1. I have faced the same problem, so i shifted to inmotion and now im very happy. Website load in 4 seconds and their support is awesome.

  16. Hi Harsh. I run a small charitable trust helping women suffering suffering from domestic violence. The fund I raise locally is not enough. So I got to know that I can do this online by creating a website. Which website will be ideal for me. Can I collect funds from all over the world through this web site. Can u help me in any way.

  17. Hello every one. I want to start a new website in WordPress. Can you suggest me a good Hosting and domain buying website. I am a BEGINNER.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Sairam,

      You cab buy hosting from Bluehost. You can grab a starter plan from Bluehost for $4.95/month for a 1-year hosting plan, $3.95/mo for a 2-year plan and $3.29/month for a 3-year plan. You will get a domain name free. I would recommend to go for 3 years plan as it will save a lot of money.

  18. Hi Harsh! Thanks for the sharing this information. i have one question for you what is different between or and or

    I am currently using the Hostgator Baby Plan. in

    1. Hey Raj,
      .in means that the server is in India and .com means outside India. Now, if you are targeting just the Indian audience, .in is good to go. However, if your target audience is U.S, U.K then .com is a preferred otion.

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