How to Establishing Quality and Usefulness in a Blog

There are thousands of Blogs out there, but very few of them see the face of success. Many Bloggers quit Blogging within six months because they couldn’t maintain the consistency after some time. One of the major reason is not selecting a niche for their blog, and another reason is motivation. One of the biggest motivation is increasing readership, more traffic and if you are Blogging to make money and you can’t make money from your Blog, you will eventually quite. So, what all attributes our Blog should have to establish the quality and make our Blog useful for our readers.

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Now I am going to look on those essential blog features that help you establish quality & blog usefulness, how those features can affect blog performance.

Blog for adding value and quality:

Let me start with Blog for your passion and interest. Money could be one big factor, but what’s the point of taking Blogging as an option, when you are not enjoying. You can enjoy Blogging only when you are motivated, and if you are not motivated, you can find few reasons to motivate yourself. It could be gaining popularity, it could be gaining monetary benefits, it could showcase your knowledge. Reasons are endless, you need to find the right reason to stick to Blogging. So, I assume you have it and now read further to improve your Blog quality and make it useful for your readers. If your Blog is adding value, your readers will surely subscribe and stick to your blog and if you failed to do so, eventually a time will come when you will quite writing articles and your blog will be just another name in the big sea of internet.

Writing Valuable Content

Analyze the requirement of readers, think on that, research that, discuss & publish that in the best way you can.

Key Points:

  • Motivation
  • Formulate the basic content idea
  • Writing style & presentation skills
  • Content value comes from information richness

Here are some articles, which will help you to become a lovable blogger:

Link to Good Contents in the Blogosphere

Don’t hesitate to point to good content from other bloggers. It is a symbol of how you look to your surroundings & bloggers working on the same scene. It helps you not only getting more readers but also people who can judge your blog & content in a better way. Do you know, content curation is an art and if you achieve it the right way, your blog quality will drastically improve. Lifehacker is a great example for content curation and linking out.

Key Points:

Content Relevancy & Posting

Putting a content that is most suitable to the topic, it is covering, maintains a higher quality value for any website. Make sure you pick a niche for your blog and stick to your main topic of your blog. Don’t post random topic for the sake of it.

Key Points:

Keep them engaged in what they want

Go with those topics, articles, issues, etc. providing more information, that readers want. Google want aspects are eminent from the reader’s point of view in the niche you are considering & provide consistent matter on that regularly.

Never compromise with the content information richness & simplicity of presenting that content.

Key Points:

  • Add diversity in your blog content
  • Diversity means covering wide areas in your blogging niche.
  • Link to free useful downloads when needed. People love free stuff. Don’t you?

Acquiring Reader’s Confidence

As soon as visitors find your website interesting & valuable, you have their confidence. Now, keep working to build their confidence more & more with hard attempts to add more visitors to your website by producing high-value content.


Taking feedback, yes it’s the key to knowing how your website content is viewed & judged by the readers. Comments on the topics & post help you gain their views, what they want, what they liked & what are the weak points. It’s a great help indeed to rectify your mistakes & not to do them again.

Key Points:

  • Think that readers have to judge your posts
  • Always ask for feedback & comments
  • Work on their feedbacks & suggestions
  • Interact with other bloggers
  • Feel free to say your views on different blogs


Compelling content will be your key for getting traffic and good SERP. Always write quality stuff for your visitors. You have created a website for your customers and visitors, so keep notes of their likes dislikes with latest trends.

Always try to write unique content because duplicate content affects ranking of your site, and it is also possible that one day you may not find your site in SERPs. Content is one of the important and quite effective factors that help you to get high-ranking.

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  1. Riddhi Mohan says

    To a great extent, it is expansion of knowledge in your posts, Pascal. Its also helps simply grow topic to content exactness in your blog.

    We can say that its a way to separate information that are from the same topic, category, domain etc

    Thanks for sharing this way to offer quality in the posts.

  2. Pascal says

    Quality content drives and keeps traffic more than any other factor. Every blogger reads here and there about the importance of writing quality content. But all bloggers struggle to write quality content. Isn’t it?

    To provide a quality post, I keep following one idea in my blogs. That is, I choose a main topic to write, so i am doing some research and learn things related to it to write content. Once i learned everything need to write my main topic, i prefer to write about the related things learned instead writing my main topic.

    For example, when i try to write about adding favicon, i learn how to upload it to server via ftp. So at last, i am writing about favicon in post and the another one post about using ftp software.

    I suggest you to follow this to offer quality content.