4 Crucial Phases In The Life Of A Blogger


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For most bloggers, blogging is not just a source of income; it’s a passionate way of life.

Many bloggers go on to lead successful lives, both as movers and shakers in their respective industries.

If you’re a blogger, you probably already know how fulfilling it is. But if you’re not a blogger yet, you may be interested in starting sooner than later.

But just know that every blogger goes through various phases in their journey.

Here are the four phases that I went through…

Different Phases Of My Blogging Life

1. Starting Phase

Starting Phase
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I came to know about blogging 10 months ago when my friend told me that I could make money online just by writing articles.

I took his words seriously and started writing. I didn’t know what to write or even how to write articles. I was new to the BlogSpot blogging platform and had to learn how to use the BlogSpot interface. But I still made a blog, and I started writing articles.

I was unaware of the power of Twitter and Facebook and other social media websites. I didn’t know about commenting. I knew nothing about marketing.

The most memorable moments were when someone would drop a comment on my blog. I used to feel so accomplished when I received comments.

And that’s how my blogging journey started.

2. Part-Time Blogging

Part-Time Blogging
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I kept on blogging, getting better with every article.

I attended WordCamp India 2009, an important event for any WordPress user. There, I met one of the founders of WordPress, Mr. Matt Mullenweg.

I came to know about the power of WordPress and blogging, and immediately after the event, I started blogging on WordPress.

But I faced a huge problem. I had a day job. It was very hard for me to be a blogger when I still had to go to another job every day.

3. Full-Time Blogging

Full-Time Blogging
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After some time, I had various projects and freelancing offers on my plate.

I started earning money from my blogging job.

I started consulting with my friends about my work, and in the month of October, I resigned from my day job and became a full-time blogger.

It makes me happy because now I am earning a good amount of money with freelancing work, and I have enough time to take care of my blog.

4. Professional Blogging

Professional Blogging
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Full-time blogging is not the same as professional blogging.

Professional blogging implies lots of responsibilities and lots of discipline.

To be a professional blogger, you need to maintain a constant work schedule and workflow to make sure your audience is continually supplied with great information. You should work and think like a professional.

There are many bloggers out there who are considered “professional bloggers”. Harsh Agrawal is a perfect example. He’s worked hard for many years, and has built up one of the most impactful blogs in the world.

The Four Stages Of Blogging

Starting from nothing, it takes a long time to become a professional blogger. But it’s not an impossible goal. Many people have done it, and many people are still doing it.

You just need drive, discipline, and perseverance. Things will get challenging. But you need to be able to make hard decisions and overcome the obstacles.

And with persistence, you can become a full-time, professional blogger.

Which of these four stages are you currently in? What’s stopping you from moving forward? Let me know in the comments below.

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Authored By
Himanshu is a full time professional blogger from India. He is passionate about computer technologies. He daily updates his blog Guiding Tech. Apart from writing on internet he likes listening to music, reading various tech magazines and several other blogs on internet.

19 thoughts on “4 Crucial Phases In The Life Of A Blogger”

  1. Rajat Arora

    I am new in blogging and I usually write blogs on any topic which comes to my mind
    Is it important to write blogs on a particular field ?
    Do some grammatical mistakes really effect your blog ?

  2. sedin

    Professional blogging is difficult you have to love what you are doing. I also started blogging with the idea to earn some income with it. But i made the mistake writing without passion. I was just writing without any goal. Now i write about things i like, and things i would like to know more about.

    I don’t earn money with it but i like to write! And maybe i will make some money in future

    Cheers and thanks for the post

  3. Glenda

    I am just in the very beginning stages of checking out how to become a blogger. The information so far is very interesting. Thanks for all the comments. I will continue to research this. It may be my new profession soon.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Glenda,

      Wonderful to hear & Let me know if you have any questions

  4. Tejpal Choudhary

    I am newbie in blogging and now see blogging as a carrier option .SML is my best place to visit about getting new things of blogging .I got inspired from Harsh.
    Thanks Himanshu for sharing

  5. Kok Siong Chen

    I’m still in Starting Phase. I wish to become a part-time blogger in a short time. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Rajat Jain

    hey Himanshu..

    its really vry good feeling when sm1 shares his/her journey of blogging..
    it boost the ppl who havn’t started or trying to start..
    I m 1 of them..

  7. George Serradinho

    At this stage, I’m a part time blogger and loving it. One can get exhausted and tired, but the love and reward you get, just out weights everything else.

  8. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    the illustration you used and the way you wrote this article is awesome.. Professional or full time blogging is the key step and needs lots of struggle and sacrifices so one has to think twice before deciding..

  9. MostlyBlog

    Good post , i am still doing part time blogging and waiting for one final day to start full time blogging like Harsh and Himanshu , both of you guys doing really good work.

  10. Dana @ Online Knowledge

    I am still in part time blogger, hope can reach full time soon.

  11. Mrpant

    I’m still in the first phase. I’ll work hard to be a professional blogger someday.

  12. Bloggeri @ Blogging Handbook

    Hi Himanshu,

    I am just at the starting phase with my blog. I have been only blogging for a few months. I still work a full time job and only blog on the side. Hopefully someday I can start to blog full time. Learning takes time and I am learning more every single day. Having goals and sticking to them will probably help.

  13. Arijit Das

    Harsh need to be appreciated for becoming a founder of such an effective daily blog… ShoutMeLoud is my 3rd Favorite blog after Mashable and Techcrunch. 🙂
    He really worked hard for being a Professional Blogger.

  14. Rakesh waghela @Webiyo

    Himanshu !

    Nice article ! But I would suggest instead of being monotonous in several aspect , you can tell the readers about developing strategy to make their blog happening ( at least a lively blog ).

    I am sure you have much more to share with SML readers !

  15. Shivaraj

    Nicely explained the different phases of blogging.As i like the way you write the post as same as Harsh………Both of you had same writing style.

  16. srivathsan.GK

    part time blogging is one of the major conflicts and what you said at last ” Power brings responsibilities ” is 100% true ..

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