9 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins Of 2015

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9 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins Of 2015

Socia Media WordPress Plugins

Social Media has become the next big thing and it’s very important for bloggers to integrate social sharing buttons on their blog. By integrating social bookmarking and sharing buttons you will let your readers quickly share your blog post on their favorite social networking site. This will help you to drive more traffic from social media sites and helps in search engine ranking. I have already discussed advantage of Social media sharing for SEO, and it’s very important for every blogger to add social media sharing buttons on their blog from day one. There are many WordPress social media plugins which will let you do that, and here I have compiled a list of some of the best plugin which you can use.

Do remember, “less is new more“, so add only those social sharing buttons which are useful. I would recommend you to add atleast, Facebook like, Facebook share, Google plus like, Twitter, Pinterst button on your blog. Depending upon your blog demographics, you can consider adding other buttons like LinedLn any any other. So let’s get on with my list of favorite WordPress plugin to integrate social sharing icons on your blog.

Best Social media sharing plugins for WordPress

Floating Social media sharing plugin:

Floating social share

Here is in-house solution for adding floating social media sharing buttons with counters. Using this plugin, you can add social media sharing buttons on your desktop and mobile site both. This plugin supports all popular social media buttons with counters, and you can enable or disable any of the plugin placement.

Download link

Monarch by Elegant themes:

Download Monarch WordPress plugin

If you are looking for a paid social-media sharing plugin for your WordPress blog, look no further than monarch. This plugin is by Elegant themes and they have done a great job with this plugin. Not only this plugin let you add social media sharing buttons at various place, they are created with a target of encourage sharing.

Monarch social sharing plugin

Monarch let you add sharing buttons at various spots including flight. Flyout are usually popular for adding email subscription option, but if you are someone who understand the important of social media sharing, you should look no further than Monarch. To download Monarch plugin, you also need to buy a license of Elegant themes, which also include access to all their themes and few more premium plugins.

What I liked the most about Monarch plugin is, it also let you add sharing button on mobile. The placement will ensure that you get good number of share even on mobile phone. This is highly recommended plugin which you should use.

Download Monarch plugin from Elegant themes.

Ultimate Social delux:

ultimate social WordPress plugin

Ultimate Social deluxe is a premium plugin which is sold at Codecanyon for only $14. I like this plugin because it’s modern and looks sexy. It’s a light weight plugin and uses light javascript and css to show the buttons. It doesn’t uses iFrame which helps in faster loading of your page. The plugin add responsive social sharing buttons which is a must have feature for any plugin today. It also let you add widget which you can use to show social media profiles of your blog with numbers.  There are five placement options for Ultimate Social Deux social buttons. They can be positioned at the top or bottom of the page, at the top or bottom of each post, or they can float. Choose between vertical and horizontal layouts, and specify alignment – left, center or right – for horizontal social media buttons. You can also exclude buttons as needed.

Download Social Ultimate deluxe plugin

Jetpack sharing:

Jetpack social sharing buttons

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugin which adds many feature on your blog. One of the feature let you add social-media sharing button on your blog. If you are using Jetpack plugin, you can activate the sharing module and add these buttons. You can learn more about Jetpack plugin here. You can check out this official page on activating Jetpack sharing buttons.

Digg Digg

Digg Digg sharing plugin

This is another most popular plugin in WordPress plugin directory to quickly integrate social media sharing on your blog. This plugin offers multiple features including lazy loading, which will make sure social sharing buttons will not slow down your blog much. You can also add floating sharing bar using this plugin. I love this plugin but the only thing which I don’t like it is, it doesn’t play well with Jetpack responsive theme. If you are using any other method to offer mobile version of your site (Like WP Touch), feel free to use Digg digg plugin.

Share buttons by AddtoAny


Share buttons by Add to any

This is another advances plugin to integrate social share buttons on your blog. The reason I used word advanced is because, this plugin comes with lots of customisation option. Share buttons by Add to Any will let you add responsive sharing buttons on your blog, which is a plus point. More over, this plugin let you add over 100+ sharing buttons (Ofcourse you don’t need this much), but in some cases this is going to be beneficial. There are plenty of placement options. One of the best feature of the plugin is, it will let you track your social media sharing using Google analytics. You can check out more features of this plugin on official page here.

DC simple share buttons plugin

DC simple share button

Above all plugins offers the similar functionality but one thing which you might not like about them is, they increases the load time of the page. Specially when it’s a well-known fact that site load time is one of the ranking factor, you might like to take an alternate route. If showing the number of social share is not in the top of your priority list, you can use DC simple share button plugin. This plugin does not load JavaScript and external script, and thus doesn’t slow down your blog.   I had to add this plugin into this list for its simplicity. This is not for everyone, but I’m sure few of you would like the concept of this plugin.  Here is the official download page of this plugin.

There are many more popular plugins in WordPress plugin repo, but my favourite here is Digg Digg. If you want to check out more popular social sharing plugins, here are few which you should check:

If you are using any other plugin and would like to recommend to other shouters, feel free to let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social-media sites.

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  1. Swarnava says

    The “Floating Social media sharing plugin” is giving an error on the fb share tab, plz help. I really liked your plugin.

  2. says

    Almost everyone of us must be using Jetpack so enabling jetpack sharing option is best way to reduce no of plugins on site, addthis is another plugin that offers many other futures like you can display message on site and you can monitor your shares

  3. says

    Thanks again for the list Harsh. Yes indeed,you have a great list and i smiled as i see you including DC to your list. am a big fan of simplicity and flawless load and that puts it ontop of my list.

    Great share tho, will have a look at the others, especially your favourite ;)
    Thanks Again!

  4. says

    Hi Harsh,
    I am using jetpack plugin and have activated sharing module but in available services only email,print and pocket is present.None of the social services are available.Checked their official page but according to them my blog is private that’s why i am not able to see so i checked my settings in reading section and their is no site visibility option from where i can make my blog public and allow search engines to index this site.

  5. says

    Great article sir. I have used lots of social sharing plugins but there is no any option of Jetpack and Sharethis. I m not promoting these plugins just sharing my experience. BTW a great collection by Harsh Sir.

  6. says

    Was reading something online and found this great article. Well I use the Jetpack social sharing in it’s native official buttons mode, it works pretty great. I will try the Ultimate social delux too, it looks pretty good.

  7. I. C. Daniel says

    I didn’t pay much attention to my social sharing buttons. I’m using Jetpack sharing module at this point. It’s okay!

    • says

      I also got recommendation for Flare from a Shouter on Facebook. I will definitely try it and if it looks good, will add it in the post. Anyhow others can still try Flare after reading your useful comment. :)

  8. Vinay says

    Dear Harsh,
    I tried using Digg-Digg for my blog. But since my website theme is full width, so Digg digg either get hidden or it hides my post. So do you know any other floating bar(I found floating bar more interesting then fixed ones) which could just fit my full width theme on the left ?

  9. says

    The plugins are cool. I haven’t used addtomany before. Others I’ve tested in the past.

    Currently, I use jetpack and digg digg altrrnative

  10. says

    Harsh, All plugins are cool, I’m also used The second one ‘Digg Digg’.
    Sharing buttons are effective for blogging traffic. I recommend which one is Greater page loading speed, Make custom sharing buttons are Get effective on branding. I believe last one have lighten speed. Thanks for sharing informative article.

  11. says

    Thanks for sharing this list, actually I was looking for the floating share bar that was previously used over my blog but I was not getting the name of the plugin. I found it here because I randomly opened to read your blog today.

  12. Ganesh says


    Thanks for this post. Will explore the Jetpack plugin. Right now am using Super Socializer plugin and found it very effective and it doesnt delay the page loading time.

  13. Sanket says

    Harsh Shareholic plugin is awesome it provides many functions to show sharing button almost at each and every place in the post :)

  14. sushain says

    All of the above mentioned plugins are best.As i am using WPEX GoPress theme on my blog so, which one will suit better for it?(i.e the plugin that will not not slow down the page load speed)
    Waiting for your reply :)

  15. Karan Rawat says

    Hi harsh,
    One of the best social plugin i have ever used in my blog is “flare”.


    • says

      I too have used Flare. But i find it too costly to remove the branding. It is 79 dollars per year just for a social media plugin. Whereas, Digg Digg is doing the same work absolutely free.

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