5 Key WebPages Every E-Commerce Web Site Should Have

There are many factors that play a role in the success of an e-commerce website. Even if you have great product range, it’s very important to design your website in a creative way, which attract customers. Apart from simple site navigation and convenient web design, in my opinion, there are five key web pages an e-commerce website SHOULD have. It’s very often that we miss some very simple static pages, that can play an important role in success. To me, they should be considered wisely when designing an e-commerce website.

Must have Pages for E-commerce Websites:

Now, when ever you starting an E-commerce business, make sure you have these pages on your site. The reason for adding these pages in your E-commerce site is to increase the trust factor of your site. Usually, when you get traffic from the search engine or paid traffic, user look at many factors before making a payment on your site. Personally, when I land on an unknown E-commerce site, I look at about page, company profile page, FQA page and terms and condition. This gives me peace of mind while shopping and I can at least give me credit card details on an unknown page without any doubt.

1. About Us

First is the “About Us” page. Here you need to tell all about yourself: who are you, your business, your team, your commitments, your aims, etc. This page is like a boost to the customer’s confidence, as it gives the customer a reassurance. Try to keep it short and meaningful, add details that are important and will help you to earn the buyer trust.

2. Contact Us

Next is the “Contact Us” page. For customers, you need to make it convenient for them to contact you. For that, you need to mention your email address, physical address, and phone numbers. If you have any specific timing for answering phone calls, you should mention that as well, that will save your customer their efforts in getting to you. And obviously, like I said before: make it convenient for them.

If you really want to make your E-commerce site contact page kick-ass, set up a live chat button on your page and take user query in real-time, this will not help user to know your company better but you will be seeing your sales number rising at great level. The fact is, people need great customer support and without support, you will miss out the word to mouth marketing opportunity.

3. Why Buy from Us?

Third is the “Why Buy from Us” page. This is a very useful page. Here you have to attract the customers and retain them. You need to persuade the customer why to buy from you by giving compelling reasons. You have to be confident enough in telling what you offer that others don’t, for example free shipping, guarantees, easy return, and exchange, etc.

Also, here you can compare your e-commerce website with others; you can match price and quality. And this will certainly be effective. If there is no such page in your e-commerce website, there is less attraction for consumer or there is a very less likelihood of converting browsers or window shoppers into buyers.

4. Legal Information

“Legal Information” is without doubt a very important page that your e-commerce website needs to have. Here you need to mention your “privacy policy” and “terms and conditions” that protect you and the consumer as well.

5. Testimonials

And the fifth important page is “Testimonials”. The absence of this page can make you lose some of your sales because some shoppers need proof. And this page is a proof of your good and reliable service. This page makes the shopper trust you by looking at your record.

Apart from that you can have pages for FAQ, payment terms and conditions and team page, which will help the user to know all the details before swapping their credit card on your E-commerce site payment system.

These five pages are important in building up your trust. It is advised to design your website in a way that it includes all these five pages because they do make a difference. You don’t always see what seems important to you, but what your audience might be looking for to trust you.

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Khuram Iqbal is CEO of Wisdom IT Solutions LLC, a Web Design and Internet Marketing Company in Dubai specializes in E-Commerce Web Designing and Development.


COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. John@Design A Website says

    I would like to see other important pages like Disclaimer and privacy policy on an ecommerce website

  2. Wasim Ismail says

    I also believe having a privacy policy page is one of the most essential one on an e-commerce site, not just from the customers point of view, but it also protects the site owner, so that the users that’s buy off your site, know that their information and data is safe.

  3. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Khuram, I think you have missed the Refund policy page here, which is very very important for every e-commerce site.

  4. Usman@FirstHosting says

    I think legit testimonial with proper verification is required to do some handsome business.

    and why buy from us is also important.

  5. Sharat says

    Hey Khuram, I totally agree with you.
    Every one like to see 5 sectors in any e-commerce website which you have mentioned above.
    I mostly use to see about us, contact us and testimonials.

    Thanks :)