5 Blog Commenting Etiquettes Every Blogger Should Know

Blogger Should Know
We all know that commenting on other blogs is very important. It’s not just about building links it’s more about building community and sharing your feedback. Everyone likes to get feedback on their articles or their views because every blogger try to write quality articles thus it is important that you should also provide a quality comments.

It’s important that we should have few commenting etiquettes while commenting on any article, no matter it’s on a blog or any social networking websites. If you have views to share about any topic, make sure you express your comments in good way. Here are few things which you should remember before commenting on any posts:

Maintain Online Persona:

Bloggers and readers might not see each other but they do have a bond between each other. People might not hear your feedbacks but the way you give your feedback via comment shows your personality in front of other. When you comment on a post, there are many other readers also who read your comment and start thinking what kind of person you are.

Respect others:

Whenever you are giving any feedback to the article make sure that you keep in mind that the article is written by a human being and he can make mistakes. Thus you always need to be polite while commenting. Even if you are giving a negative comment or positive, you have to use words which don’t seem to be rude. Your negative comment might hurt writer’s feelings or they might get de-motivated.

Make Valuable Comment:

Many times I came across comments which are submitted without reading the article properly. Before putting your insights it’s really important that you read and understand writer’s view clearly. Just commenting “Thank you” or “Nice article” does not make sense and visitors give such comments when they haven’t read the article or understood the article. Once you have read the article provide genuine comments not just for link building.

Make it succinct:

As described above, it is necessary to make a valuable comment. But while making a valuable comment, make sure that your comment should be to-the-point and brief. You should make your comment explicable so that others can know what you want to share but it should not too big that it looks like an article. Make a short and to the point comment.

Provide negative feedback in properly:

If you think that writers has done few mistakes in article, it might be typing mistake or sharing wrong information, then give your feedback politely instead of insulting. If you think writer need to improve somewhere, give the tips to him/her to improve. If possible mail the writer telling where he/she lacking and believe me writer will be happy with your feedback and tips and try to improve.

If you have more tips to share feedback/comments in better way, share with us. We would love to learn from you.

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COMMENTs ( 23 )

  1. Alice Smith says

    Helpful article.

    I saw many bloggers add comments like ‘Nice post’, ‘Thanks for sharing’. Are they really going to make their brand by commenting like this? Or are they getting back links by such comments?

    I think both purposes does not get solve by commenting like this. We read many times the effectiveness of quality comments, but do we include that in practical?

    This article is such a great post which effectively tells us how to comment properly. I personally feel the usefulness of the article and will include in my blog commenting routine.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Nihar says


    Well written article. All your points are important for the blogger to share valuable comments instead of just “great post” or “Thanks”

  3. fareed khan says

    very cool points whiztechy, blog commenting is one of the smast method to increase backlink and traffic..In the topic of Respect others and making valuable comment is well deserved points….Thank you for providing a nice post.

  4. Mani Viswanathan says

    Replying to others doubt, at times when the post writer is unable to reply to the commentators comments; also builds up a certain reputation.

  5. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    Very good !!! well done , i really loved everything and my best was how negative reviews can be posted but properly cause that make the product improved for sure !!!!!

  6. Bilal Ahmad says

    I agree with you, human do mistakes and we must not insult any one. Pointing out some one mistake is good, but in a proper way.

    • says

      Bilal, there are many readers who just want to show off that’s why submit negative comments but if you really want to improve other’s mistakes it’s better to provide that negative feedback in proper way.

  7. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Whiz, Blog commenting is a popular way to get backlinks for our blog. But whenever we leave a comment its always important to brand our comments in a good manner. It is the best way to develop reputation for us and for our blog. Anyways, Thanks for sharing an useful article.

    • says

      I agree Sathish that commenting is good way to brand blog and blogger but if we are providing valuable comments, other will be automatically get attracted.

  8. Saleah says

    Thank Whiztechy, for reminding us the ethical way to comment on blogs, a good comment always make a writer’s day and also build your strong relation with like minded people.
    cheerz :)

    • says

      Glad you found it worth Saleah, I hope bloggers take these factors seriously and start sharing valuable knowledge /feedback and build community better. :)

  9. Chris Fellows says

    I agree with you guys. Commenting on blogs is not just a mere strategy just to create links towards your website. A blogger and an online entrepreneur like me, value each others’ thoughts and sharing of knowledge. Through blog commenting, we can learn from other people- be it a negative and a positive blog comment.

    • says

      Commenting is not only praising the writer or article it is for sharing knowledge which many of the bloggers and entrepreneur ignore and just run after link building. Thanks for dropping valuable comment.

  10. Vivek Parmar says

    thanks Ruchi, its a nice write-up. eespecially if you don’t know how-to comments on the things that you never know don’t comment on it.
    Link building is necessary but its not a manner that you criticse any one or provide negative feedback to someonw who works too hard to write a single article.

    • says

      I have seen many bloggers who just comment negative on other blogs. Vivek I know that just for link building or for pretending that they have more knowledge.

  11. DailyTechPost says

    I think your comment should reflect the knowledge you have on that particular topic. Then only readers will value your comment and will look forward to visit your blog.

    • says

      Right DailyTech, comments are for sharing knowledge and if other readers like your comments they will surely attract to your blog for more knowledge.

  12. Thiru says

    Fabulous write up, Online presence is more important for commenting, Comments should not be a formal thing, it should come from your mind when you start commenting to others blog.

  13. Geet | Create-a-Rainbow says

    Commenting just for the sake of a link is not a good idea. The comment must add value to the article otherwise it should be considered as spam.