7 YouTube Alternatives: Where Would You Go If YouTube Died?


Just to get started with, pretty much anyone in this internet world if ever needed to upload a video by industrial standards, thinks about YouTube very first moment. This little website where billions of videos are uploaded, viewed and commented upon on a daily basis. YouTube has pretty much become a common platform for both individuals and celebrities alike.

Google not only does enjoy a lion’s share of the search market but also now holds a firm top position in the video industry, thanks to their $1 Billion buyout of YouTube. YouTube is the world’s third most visited website according to Alexa, and that simply gives an unbeatable advantage over its competition. YouTube has become the to-go place to watch anything and everything ranging from funny cat videos to music videos and instructional and educational videos alike.

A healthy internet strives on competition. There can’t be only a single player in a game, in that case, it isn’t a game! Just like everything else YouTube too does have a strong competition that is onto its neck.

The wise quote: “Go where the people are.” makes sense in case of YouTube.

Why you need YouTube alternatives website to upload videos?

Now, some might say things like, “If you say YouTube is most popular, why do I need alternatives for?”. You are actually both right and wrong. Right, that YouTube is the most popular, but that doesn’t always mean the best!

There a few drawbacks of YouTube and that is where its competitors come into the picture. Here’s a run-down of few things that went wrong on YouTube:

  • Suspending users for no reason and after suspending, you can’t get your account back in any conditions.
  • The infamous comment section of YouTube,
  •  and the notorious DMCA takedown system.

Websites Like YouTube For More Video Experience

  1. Odysee
  2. Vimeo
  3. Flickr
  4. Dailymotion
  5. Metacafe
  6. Photobucket
  7. Veoh

So, now, let’s remind ourselves that this internet offers a healthy dose of variety and is not about a single giant website. Here are a few of the best alternatives to YouTube and some even offer what YouTube fails to offer.

1. Odysee:

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Odysee is a decentralised YouTube alternative, which is idle for those who are banned from uploading on YouTube. The community and the userbase of Odysee is growing, and this is one network you should be part of.

Create a free account on Odysee

2. Vimeo

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Vimeo is the most classy video sharing website on the entire internet. It simply outclasses YouTube in every sense. Vimeo, which is literally the word ‘video’ with ‘me’ stuffed in the middle, launched in 2004. It actually does not compete directly with YouTube, where it puts in concentration on quality more than quantity, which in the latter’s case is vice-versa. Vimeo was created by creative individuals, film-makers and video creators who wanted to share their “creative work”.

The Vimeo homepage offers a great feeling in itself, being more about attracting casual passers-by than promoting content that’s hidden within it. Everything is categorized into its ‘Explore’ tab and it’s only a click away.

Vimeo isn’t the place to go if you are too much into the cats and dogs running on the treadmill stuff. Vimeo is more about classy short films, snapshots of interesting people’s interesting lives, experimental music videos, etc. The website has a 500mb upload limit per week, although this can be increased to 2gb by upgrading.

The best thing about Vimeo is its video player, which concentrates more on the video and less on the nonsense surrounding it.

Join Vimeo

3. Flickr

Flickr Video
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First of all, what is Flickr doing in this list? It is a photo sharing website, isn’t it? Yes, but if you didn’t know, Flickr also features sharing of videos online. Owned by Yahoo!, Flickr video is not one of those small and rising startups. It is pretty established and offers out-of-the-box features.

Flickr limits its videos to 90 seconds, keeping it interesting. They call it “long photos”. Free users could upload two 90 second videos per month, paid subscribers for $25 have unlimited uploads. Flickr video is for those creative guys who need to experiment with short videos and say it all in 90 seconds. Although it lacks many options right now, it is sure to improve soon.

Join Flickr

4. Dailymotion

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If there’s any website on the internet that is more YouTube-esque, that’s definitely Dailymotion, which shares the same type of layout and video categories. The French-owned site and founded in 2005 caps uploads at 150mb, and allows video uploads of about twenty minutes in length. It hasn’t been quite popular in the US yet although it is quite popular in Europe, Africa and Asia. Daily Motion is not too far behind YouTube in many terms, and with a global Alexa ranking of 92, it is a behemoth in its own sense.

Videos offered on Dailymotion are professional quality clips and they promote the best in their featured columns. HD uploads are locked in for pro users. There is a good chance for more coverage to your videos if you could make the mark in terms of quality.

Join Dailymotion

5. Metacafe

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Metacafe is one of the great community-based video sharing websites. Metacafe specialized in the short-length original video. Here’s what Metacafe says about themselves in their own words: “We don’t have full-length television episodes or movies chopped into pieces. The average video on our site is just over 90 seconds long”. Metacafe attracts over forty million unique viewers a month and it sure does not hold a big load of unwanted and garbage videos.

Metacafe, born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2003, it has been a long kid on the block. To get the most out of Metacafe, its worth checking out their originals, exclusives, and partner channels. The rest is a more cut short version of YouTube.

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6. Photobucket

Just like Flickr, Photobucket is perhaps more popular for its repository of images and pictures but it sure does host an impressive collection of user-generated videos. Photobucket doesn’t even apply the 90 second limit on the videos uploaded.

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7. Veoh

Now you have seen short-form videos and upload limit video sharing websites. If you are into longer videos, Veoh is the place to go. With no limit on the size of the uploaded video, you have the entire freedom. Veoh is ideal to find full-length movies and great short movies alike.

Veoh makes it relatively quick and easy to upload and view large videos online. Veoh is definitely the best for long-form videos.

Join Veoh

Watch this video to learn more:

So, now that you know all of the best alternatives to YouTube, do you happen to know of any other alternatives? Feel free to shout out your thoughts and comments below.

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7 thoughts on “7 YouTube Alternatives: Where Would You Go If YouTube Died?”

  1. iaan

    Apart from You Tube, I have used MetaCafe and DailyMotion and I found them as good if not better than You Tube.

  2. kenny duff

    i wonder how many users arrive here as youtube just shut them down for no reason!

    Happened to me, my account had only my videos and clips that i had rights to, shut down due to a severe breach of terms, news to me, what terms EXACTLY? no response.

    I can sense already that there is no appeals process, it is just a case of closed it and we do not have to tell you why, which i suppose is their right but sucks for me and i am sure many others.

  3. francisco cuellar

    From reading this list we conclude there is NO alternative to youtube not even amazon

    1. Anton V

      Indeed, no alternatives currently..

  4. Nina

    Thank you for this round up. I didn’t know Flickr also did video! Good to know. Another great YouTube alternative to consider is Vidd.me. It’s very simple and much easier to use than YouTube.

  5. Ankur Upadhyay

    Apart from You Tube, I have used MetaCafe and DailyMotion and I found them as good if not better than You Tube.

    The advantage You tube has right now over its competitors is the variety it offers to its users. You can find almost anything on You Tube. It is also a great promotional platform for your content.

    All these alternatives are pretty good in their own way but they are still playing a catching game. They have a long way to go before posing a tough competition to You Tube.

  6. Sagar Rai

    Hi Sri,

    Great Distribution..

    Also, i heard about Hulu, which is a joint venture of NBC and News Corps.

    It offers high quality video of television shows, movies, and old news broadcasts.

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