Vimeo Video On Demand: Make Money from Videos

One of the best thing about being online is, you get ample amount of opportunities to earn money. All you need is a unique skill set, and right platform to sell your talent. For example, if you are a good writer, you can earn from freelance writing websites, if you create screencast, you can earn money by using AdSense and Youtube partnership or using other Video sharing sites. Vimeo on-demand is a new feature added by popular video service Vimeo, which will let you make money by using their on-demand video service.

Who should use Vimeo Video on demand feature:

Video on demand service is for every film producer, video production houses, digital marketing companies or if you are one of those bloggers who create premium video content, you can use this service to make money from your videos. Specially, for movie producers this service is very useful, as it will let you earn money once your movie is out of theatre, or for digital marketing companies who creates viral videos.

Using Vimeo Creator
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How Vimeo On-demand Video service works :

First of all, Vimeo video on demand service is not for everyone. You need to have a Vimeo pro account in order to use it, which cost $199/year.  Once you have a pro account, you get many additional features like:

  • 50 Gb storage
  • 250,000 plays
  • High definition videos (1080p)
  • Compatible with all devices (tablets, smartphones, Yada, yada,yada)

So once you have a Vimeo pro account, you can join their on-demand service for free. After this, all you need is a video which can sell, and a marketing plan for marketing your videos. Since, I don’t have a pro account, I can’t lay down the exact steps for the same, but you can learn more about Vimeo on-demand service here. Here is a nice video intro of their newly launched service:

Few things which I like about their on-demand service is:

  • Revenue split is too sweet to believe. You will keep 90% of the price you set, and Vimeo will be taking only 10% split. Do remember, you are already paying $199/year for using their pro account.
  • You can target the region for the movie you are uploading. For example, if you want your video to be viewed by only U.S. viewers, Vimeo geo-targeting will let you do it with a click. You can watch the above video to understand how it works
  • You can customize Design, to suit your mood. After all, being online is all about personalization.
  • Create a short URL for your uploaded on-demand videos.

Vimeo Video on demand
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You can learn more about Vimeo creator and their on-demand video service here. You can also find few videos, that you can watch by paying a small price. Though, some of the videos will not work for you, depending upon your geo-location. You can also look into Udemy, which will let you sell your courses online.

How’s your experience with creating videos to make money online? Apart from movies, what kind of videos works for on-demand viewing?

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2 thoughts on “Vimeo Video On Demand: Make Money from Videos”

  1. Mukund Madhav

    I have been a avid user of YouTube. I have been uploading videos on YouTube’ itself. Can someone compare YouTube with vimeo.

  2. bhupinder

    I actually do freelancing but never knew how to make money by just uploading videos on vimeo. This a good source of making money if someone get what is buzzing around web and then by making simple videos with images and the news on the web. I hope it can work.

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