The Six Techniques Of Social Blogging: Make Your Blog Great Again!


If you follow the blogging scene, then you have presumably seen that a few sites get a lot of traffic while others hardly get any traffic.

Why does this happen?

Experts say that these inconsistencies are a direct result of shifting advertising techniques.

How To Be A Social Blogger

It has been appropriately said that a few systems are more compelling than others.

Along these lines, when you need to blog for your site, then you ought to know the following tips.

1. Blog Most Of The Time

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Post new blog posts consistently so that your viewers don’t get bored with your content.

Google also ranks frequently updated blogs higher in search results.

Informative articles posted every day guarantees that the site can build authority. The more consistent you are, the more traffic you are probably going to get.

Posting only one high-quality piece of content a month is insufficient. Frequency, along with the quality of content, is very important.

2. Make A User-Friendly Blog

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If your blog is usable and easy to figure out, then there will be more subscribers and more engagement.

The best technique is to improve the site with the goal that it is anything but difficult.

Make it:

  1. Easy to share.
  2. Simple to navigate.
  3. Obvious to subscribe to (if readers like the content).

3. Make Your Blog Unique

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Google will crawl and index your site. They will look to see whether or not your content has been copied. If yes, then your rank will be lower.

If you are a blogger, make sure that your content is 100% unique. If you are hiring a blogger for your company, make sure your blogger makes your company a 100% unique blog and does not copy anything that already exists.

There are various online blogs on the internet, so it is very trying for bloggers to inject fresh ideas into a blog. But if you don’t do this, you will be negatively affected in rankings, and your user-friendliness will be much lower.

4. Streamline The Discussion

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It’s good to bring variety into the articles you post. This may help you get more traffic. But make sure it all stays within the same niche.

If your blog is niche-optimized, it is probably going to get more visitors.

The blog should be specialized so it displays knowledge. Be an authority in your niche, and make sure everything gets covered. Here are 3 hand-picked articles that would give you all the insights related to niche blogging:

5. Offer Value

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Your readers ought to discover their own motivations to read your blog.

If you offer value to them, then they will visit your site over and over again. Learn how to be a great writer and make sure your content is really good.

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6. Spread Goodwill

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When blogging, you will find comparable blogs that also have great content. Learn how to build a relationship with these other bloggers. Sometimes, simply sending them an email and asking for a backlink is all you need to do.

This will spread goodwill on behalf of your company, and your readers will appreciate that you are part of a great network.


Learn How To Build A Sociable Blog

These tips may seem basic, yet they are efficient and fruitful. Many people forget to do these simple things and they end up suffering because of it.

Practice building better relationships and your social circle will quickly increase.

When that happens, you’ll start having more influence. And when that influence builds, you’ll be able to build a stronger following, grow your traffic, and ultimately, be more successful.

That’s the power of social blogging.

How social are you on your blog? What do you do to make sure that you’re seen as an authority in your niche? Let me know in the comments below.

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I am Anand AS, A Blogger from Bangalore, India. I've been blogging for last 5 months now, Feel free to connect with me on my blog, i.e. where you'll be learned about Starting & managing a blog, WordPress, Social-media, SEO and Making Money online.

16 thoughts on “The Six Techniques Of Social Blogging: Make Your Blog Great Again!”

  1. samratjyotish

    This is a great post Jeevan! There have been plenty of times when I wanted to walk away but then I think about all the time I
    dedicated to my blog and I just can’t walk away now. I’m determined to see this thing all the way through.

  2. manish ransubhe


    This post is useful these 6 tricks I have used it relly work thanks for posting this useful post

  3. Ankit Nawlakha

    “Post new blog posts consistently so that your viewers don’t get bored with your content.”
    Can you please define ‘consistently’?
    Am I required to post a new blog post every single day? Or does it mean that I should be posting at least twice or thrice in a week.

    1. santosh

      no. daily posting is not required . you can make a schedule like posting on every third day. but to fill this gap keep recycling and updating your old posts.

  4. Saifuddin

    THanks Anand,
    Your work is great….You are just 5 months old blogger you are writing great….

  5. jasmy Fenze

    Thanks for Such a Great Post! It will Surely helpful for my Blog. Thanks for sharing this Post.

  6. Asif Sarkar

    Much obliged for good tips. You specified about being ‘Specialty upgraded’, would you be able to expand bit more on that? I have a travel blog, can solo-voyaging be a case of specialty?

  7. Amanpreet Singh

    Theses 6 tips are really very important. I was using only 2 tips as you mentioned. As you mentioned in step 2, I really have to make my blog user friendly and ofcourse I have to create backlinks with similar sites. Thnks

  8. Preeti

    Hey! Anand, great tips… I was a regular blogger of Y!360 if anyone remembers that platform. Now I have lost all backup and starting with my own site. Its difficult at the moment but your tips definitely makes sense.


  9. Ravi Chahar

    Hey Anand,

    Your blog is the representation of your thoughts. It’s important to keep the consistency. Your readers need the fresh content.

    The navigation is one of the major aspects. Try to make it user-friendly and easy to access.

    Social connections are always the plus points.

    An informative post indeed.

  10. Teddy

    Thanks for good tips. You mentioned about being ‘Niche-optimized’, can you elaborate bit more on that? I have a travel blog, can solo-travelling be an example of niche?


  11. ron

    Thank you Anand for the good post. These posts are really help full. I need some more information on how to get back-links. Shall i contact blog owners from my same niche?

  12. Jayant

    These are the simple things which every person in blogging space should follow. Some newbies wanted to create the same website which is in the business from last 6-7 years but they don’t think that their uniqueness helps them to stand out of the crowd.
    Thanks for the post
    Enjoyed reading


    the best 6 tips forever to be more social on the platforms.i liked the point “offer value”.As long as you offer some value to visitors ,no body can going to stop the growth of the blog

  14. Karin

    Thanks for the information. I own two blogging sites, and I never copy any content. I never need to because what I blog about is something I am well experienced with. so i always have lots to say in my own words 🙂

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