RightMessage Review: Add Personalization and Grow Your Digital Product

Rightmessage Review
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If you’ve been blogging for a while, then you probably have an email marketing campaign set up for your blog.

Growing an email list has been proven to be effective in increasing website traffic and converting visitors to customers.

Because of this, it’s important that your email campaign is relevant to your subscribers. You don’t want a huge email list with low open or click rates.

Unfortunately, not all your subscribers signed up to your list for the same reason. Some might have signed up just to get the free e-book you promised, without any interest in reading the rest of your emails. Others might have signed up expecting to receive specific information. And the rest, well, they were probably just curious.

Enter RightMessage.

RightMessage Personlization tool
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It’s a brilliant tool for knowing exactly why a person visits your site, giving you the power to deliver content that is relevant to them based on their answers.

It’s simple yet it solves a problem that most e-mail marketing tools can not.

What is RightMessage?

RightMessage is branded as a website personalization software. It installs a code in your site so it can capture answers to survey-type questions that you set up. Once a visitor answers one or more of these questions, they are immediately added to a field/tag in your email marketing software.

It’s a great way to segment your users. Especially if you are using modern email-marketing services like Convertkit, Aweber, Hubspot, ClickFunnels or any other, RightMessage is what you should also be using.

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Head to their website and you’ll see a testimonial from online entrepreneur Pat Flynn, claiming that this tool made him over $100k worth in customer sales.

How to Setup RightMessage

RightMessage works with any Content Management System including WordPress, Shopify, Leadpages, and Squarespace.

When you sign up (they have a 14-day free trial), you’ll be taken through several steps.

  • Choose a business type: Select what kind of business you are promoting with your website. This can be changed after the welcome phase.
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  • Choosing the questions for your site visitors
RightMessage Questions
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You can choose from a list of suggested questions or create your own.

  • Edit the widget

You are given a preview of the widget that will appear on your site. You can click on the heading to edit it, or click the Add button on the bottom to add more choices.

RightMessage Label
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You can also change the appearance of the widget by clicking on the gear icon on the top-right corner.

RightMessage Question Widget
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In addition to changing the appearance, you can also change the widget position, the trigger (when the widget appears), enabling/disabling for mobile, etc.

  • Integrate with email service provider

Now, it’s time to connect RightMessage with an email service provider.

If you don’t see your email provider here, you can still use RightMessage’s data to learn about your site visitors and create a strategy accordingly.

RightMessage email marketing
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  • Install the script to your website

You’ll be given a script with instructions on how to add it onto your site.

RightMessage Snippet
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  • Publish RightMessage to your site

After verifying that the script is successfully installed in your site, you can publish your first RightMessage widget to your site.

RightMessage Snippet
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The dashboard will show you what steps you’ve done in the process. You’ll notice a Publish button on the top right corner and you’ll also see the questions you’ve set up.

Welcome to right message
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All you need to do here is click on the Publish button.

How your website visitors will see RightMessage

Depending on where you set it up and which trigger you chose, the RightMessage widget should be somewhere on the bottom of your site when it pops up.

RightMessage popup
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How RightMessage works with email

The most interesting (and rather technical) feature of RightMessage is connecting the data with your email list.

Syncing gathered data with email provider

When a subscriber or visitor who later opts in your list answers one of the questions on the site’s widget pop-up, you can set up RightMessage so that it saves the information into the subscriber’s account information via a special field.

This field can then be used to automatically put that subscriber into a segment based on his answer.

As an example below, I’ve setup ActiveCampaign and created a field called Rightmessage to record my subscribers’ answers.

RightMessage syncfield
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In addition to syncing subscriber data to your email software, RightMessage also lets you control who can see the widget on your site. These “conditions” are applied to each question on the widget.

RightMessage Conditions
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In the example above, anonymous or unsubscribed site visitors and subscribers can view the personalization widget on the site.

You can also set conditions to a referring domain or URL, or if the visitor came from a different page of your website.


RightMessage has a monthly and annual subscription fee which depends on the number of subscribers.

RightMessage Pricing
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Starting at 10,000 subscribers, you can sign up for the Survey Plan ($19/month), the Enrich Plan ($29/month), or the Personalize Plan ($79/month).

Do You Need RightMessage?

Now that you understand how this tool works, you might be asking yourself if you need this for your website.

Here are some reasons why you might need RightMessage:

  • You’re in the early stages of launching a product but you want precise customer research
  • You have more than one product/service and you want to sell it to different customer groups
  • You want to take your email marketing to the next level
  • You value each visitor that comes to your site
  • You want to segmenet your existing email list
  • You want to grow your sales

There are more reasons why someone would want to use RightMessage, but these are the most common ones.

RightMessage Review: Conclusion

RightMessage is another useful tool that will help make your email strategy more personal — and less scripted. In a world where promotional emails all say the same thing to everyone, this software is a breath of fresh air.

With that being said, it’s not a must-have tool, but it’s a nice-to-have.

If you want to pursue a meaningful relationship with your email subscribers, then RightMessage can make that happen for you.

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    Thanks for sharing this tool with us. As my website plate form is Shopify I will take first 14 days trial if this is good then i will purchase it.
    Thanks Again

  2. Shardwan Charla

    Hi Kim,
    Interesting software, this is the very first time I came to know about “Right Message” and the post beautifully describes it.

    Yes, I think it will help greatly help in segmenting and understanding visitors intent. But does one need to have a specific amount of traffic to justify ROI?
    Please bring out cons, if any, for using “Right Message”.

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