2 New Features of Rakuten Affiliate Network You Must Try


Rakuten Affiliate Network is a popular (CPS) affiliate network that is in the news for its new features which help new users to automate affiliate marketing & increase their sales.

In this guide, you will learn about both the new features of Rakuten Affiliate Network. If you are not a publisher with them yet, you can apply for a free account here.

Recently Rakuten (Earlier Link share) launches two new features:

Automate & Curate. Both the features have the potential to increase your affiliate sales.

For Advertisers & brands, Rakuten offers Omnichannel experience. You can learn more about it from the below video,

New Rakuten Affiliate Network Features:

1. Automate:

Automate as the name suggests, will make Affiliate Marketing automatic for your website or blog. This feature is of particular interest to Bloggers & Website Owners.

It’s a javascript tool & when you add this Javascript to your blog, all the regular links will be converted into affiliate links. Of course, this will happen only for those brands/websites that are an advertiser with Rakuten. This basically takes away the pain of adding deep-link & especially for those who have started with Affiliate marketing pretty late.

To access this feature, you need to login into your Rakuten dashboard & click on Portfolio > Automate.

Rekuten Automate Feature
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Here you can get the codes based on the website you have. For BlogSpot bloggers, select the blogger platform & copy paste the script as suggested. For any other platform use, ‘All other platforms’ & copy paste the script before the closing body tag </body> at the bottom.

If you are using any other similar script (Viglink, Skimlinks, or CJ Affiliate automation ), you should pay special attention to compatibility mode.  Here is what compatibility mode does:

When on, if Automate can not affiliate a link, it will stand down and allow other network scripts to run on the link. When on, your links must be formatted to open in the same tab.

When off, if Automate can not affiliate a link, it will stand down, and your users will be redirected to the URL with no affiliate info even if you have another network auto-linking script installed. When off, links can be opened in a new tab or the same tab. Please ensure no other auto-linking scripts are installed on your site, or they may interfere with Automate.

To place to add the code you can edit your theme or be smart & use Google Tag Manager, which is free & makes your workflow easier.

Note: This deep link feature will work with selected advertisers on their network.  You can learn more about the automate feature on the official help page over here.

2. Curate:

Curate is an interesting one as you can create a products widget that could be placed at any of the areas of your blog or website. For a blogger, placing it around contextual content can yield great results.

Curate Rakuten
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Of the advertisers I’m affiliated with, Only Udemy supports the Curate feature. You can explore both features of your own.

I have been an affiliate with Rakuten for almost three years & they are an award-winning affiliate network. If you have a readership from U.S. or U.K., this affiliate network can do wonders for you. Many of you might be interested in Fiverr affiliate program which is available on Rakuten Affiliate Network.

Are you also an affiliate partner with Rakuten? Do share your experience with them or any other affiliate network that you are using.

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  1. Twice Nice

    Hi Sir,
    I have A Question Regarding Rakuten Affiliate Network whenever I Sign up on Rakuten Affiliate Network LinkShare after completing my profile it terminates my account under section 20 and they don’t provide any reason for that. can you please tell me why I am facing it? because there is nothing mention under section 20. whats the reason behind it I missing something or what?

  2. Peter Pham

    Thanks a lot, can you compare this affiliate program with Amazon affiliate program? which is better?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

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    Brand new information for me. Did not know about Rakuten. I will have a look at it. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks HARSH for introducing us to this new affiliate program. I just landed on the signup page for rakuten linkshare program but i am confused with a input name “Social Security Number” where i can obtain this number ? please help ..

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      In your case Social security number doesn’t apply. It’s for U.S. Citizen. See if there is an option to skip or just enter random digits.

  5. sat

    Harsh. Thanks for the information. My Blog is very new, how many page hits per day I need to have to sign up the affiliate marking or the affiliate marketers needs certain page hits per day before they even let you sign on to their program? Thank you

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    Now going to try these two features. Thank for sharing Harsh

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  8. Amit

    Hi Harsh just want to know if this affiliate links affects the link juice of the the website that is they are follow or no follow links???

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      In this case,these will not affect the SEO as redirection is done using Javascript.

  9. Ahsan tariq Awan

    Thanks Harsh Sir,
    You can share full detail about this network i really like this network first i use clickbank now i use this network again thank a lot

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