5 Tips to Land On Any Blog With Your Guest Posts

guest blogging tips to land on any blog
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Who else wants to build a popular blog?

If you want to build a great site, you need to put your blog in front of the RIGHT audience. To get it done being a new blogger, there’s ONLY one way – guest blogging!

There are millions of blogs out there and 90% of the time all you read is pure junk. It’s impossible to build a better blog by writing crappy content. You must learn the art of writing great copy to make your blog stand out from the remaining crowd and to establish yourself as an authority in the blogosphere.

Guest blogging can help you to make your blog stand out and to get more online reach with your guest posts.

The great thing about guest blogging is without mastering the art of marketing or SEO skills you can bring decent traffic to your blogs even if you are a new blogger.

For someone who is new to blogging it’s hard to get noticed in the crowded niche, the best way to build thriving audience is to land on those blogs which already have great audience and traffic.

So how to land on any blog with your guest posts?

Here are few incredible tips for you to start guest blogging the right way.

How to land on any blog with your guest posts?

1. Make a list of the best blogs in your niche

Use Buzzsumo, Google search etc. to find the relevant blogs in your niche before jumping into guest blogging.

Use the search terms like “your niche + guest post” to find out the blogs which accept guest posts. For example if you are in marketing niche, you could use “marketing + guest post” etc.

If you are blogging for a while, you will easily find out the best blogs in your niche, all you have to do is to make a list of 15 to 20 blogs that have loyal readership and massive Facebook fans. For example the blogs like ShoutMeLoud (it has more than 50k+ fans on Facebook and massive loyal readership).

2. Before writing a guest post – read and analyze their guest posts

This is a no brainer, if you want to land on any blog with your guest posts – try to understand what topics are covered by their guest bloggers. If you read and follow the blogs in your list for a while, you can easily analyze what type of contents are going viral and receiving more comments, shares and likes.

After finding the type of content to write, all you need is to find a unique approach to give yourself more chances to land on the particular blog with your guest posts.

For example, if you have a blog on “marketing” and your targeted blog where you want to guest post covers a lot about “productivity” you need to find the unique approach by merging these two topics into one. How can you do that?

Simple. Give productivity tips for marketers or marketing tips to live a productive life – this way you will not only increase your chances of getting your guest posts published but you will also drive traffic from your guest posts (as more people will be curious to reach out your blogs if your guest post has some meat).

3. Start writing for B list blogs to gain online credibility

This is the least used tactic by most of the bloggers. Everyone wants to see their guest posts getting published on an authority blogs (even if they are new to blogging world!). Instead of targeting the top blogs, try to land on those blogs where you require minimum effort and time.

This way you will be able to gain some confidence to land literally on any blog with your guest posts and you will also be able to hone your writing skills as a blogger.

4. Leave insightful comments on the blogs where you want to guest post

If you are targeting the top-notch blogs there are two ways to land on them with your guest posts

  1. Write so great content that no one wants reject
  2. Read and analyze their blog content, leave comments and share their posts (to create a long lasting relationship with the author)

2nd way is always the BEST way eespecially for the newbies. You will not only understand to whom you are writing for but you will also create relationships with others before writing even a single guest post.

Always spend time to leave thoughtful comments, don’t comment just for the sake of getting links or traffic.

5. Get into their heads

Now that you have everything on your hands to write a kick-ass guest post.

Try to show some authority with each and every guest post you write. There are so many bloggers like  Zac Johson, Gregorry Ciotti, Neil Patel etc. have boosted their online presence just by using guest blogging as a weapon.

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So guest blogging works always! All you need is to show yourself as an authority and try to frequently land on other blogs in your niche with your guest posts to build a thriving community around your blogs.


Even if you are a new blogger, you can build massive community within months just by guest blogging. So make sure you are spending quality time and efforts in writing awesome guest posts which help others to do something better.

Do you have any more tips to land any blog with guest posts? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Land On Any Blog With Your Guest Posts”

  1. Adhip Ray

    That’s a really great package of tips! Thanks a lot. I was searching for pre-guest posting tips and this post offered me just that in a very complete and actionable manner!

  2. Andrew Mooers

    Blogging posts if current, helpful and loaded with links to drill down into the information are great. They don’t waste a surfer’s time, make the user happy. For now. Great post!

  3. Rohit Kumar

    Hello Sagar,
    Really nice post!! I am also new blogger from India wants to make blogging as career. Article is well described about guest blogging. I surely follow these steps for guest blogging. But i have question that my site’s niche is career and recruitment then how to find such type of site which provide guest blogging

  4. Amal Rafeeq

    Hi Sagar,
    I totally agree with you. Going for B lists are much worth than already going for the A list before having an online presence. Once you have dominated the Sector B, you will automatically get on the radars of people on the Sector A. There are chances that those people might come to YOU – requesting content from you.

    Creating a list is something I should work on I think. Thanks a lot mate 🙂

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