How to Come Up With Compelling Topics for Your Guest Posts

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If you’ve been writing articles or blog posts for long, you’ll agree that sometimes coming up with the new topics can be more tiresome than writing an actual article, even more so when you are writing a post for someone else blog. When you are looking to write a guest post, you want a title that will catch the attention of the blog owner instantaneously. You want to write on something that is relevant to your target market, valuable for the blog readers, and unique, all at the same time. And thinking of a topic that serves most if not all of these purposes is easier said than done.

If you are stuck in one those awkward situations, when you are stressing your mind to its limit, and come up with a compelling topic for guest post submissions, but your mind seems to be clueless, you can try the following one of the following methods as the starting point. Chances are that you will soon be able to conjure up a suitable title.

Finding Great post Ideas for Guest Posting:

If you are a beginner in Blogging and never heard of Guest blogging, it’s one of the best ways to get quality backlinks and increase exposure to your brand. Traffic which comes via guest posting is bonus. Before I will share the ways to find new topic ideas for guest posting, here are few resources which will help you to understand more about guest Blogging and make most out of it:

1. Have a Look At Industry News:

Doesn’t matter if you are looking to guest post on topics related to Internet, social media, tech, home improvement, fitness, or travel, you will always find something to write about while going through the latest industry news. I am not suggesting anybody to start rewriting news, but there’s always a news or new development that will catch your interest. You can simply take this news and talk about the future, advantages, or disadvantages for your target market, and it will make an excellent guest post for a blog that’s targeting the same niche.

2. Look out for trends:

If you are a frequent visitor to relevant blogs or online communities, you will know when a particular topic is trending. For example Google Disavow tool is a topic, which is being discussed on many SEO blogs these days. Similarly, posts about different aspects of Microsoft Windows 8 are getting published on tech blogs. If you see a number of bloggers talking about a certain topic, you can simply have your own take on that topic and offer it to a blog. If that topic hasn’t already been discussed on that blog, chances are that your post will be live in next to no time.

3. Ask The Bloggers:

Many a time bloggers have certain topics or keywords in mind that they are looking to target, but they don’t have the time or material to write an entire post on that topic. If you are confident and knowledgeable enough to be able to write on any given topic in your niche, you can simply ask the blog owners if they are looking to cover a certain topic on their blog. It will help if you can do some relationship building before reaching out to them.

4. Lists or Bullet Points:

I am not really sure why, but the posts like Top 5 lists, or the posts having bullet points have a certain edge over a lackluster heap of text (i.e. a standard article with a couple of headings). If you can come up with an interesting title for the list, you can consider half the job done. When thinking of the topic, try to create one for a target segment instead of the general ones. For example, Top Five Smart Phones for Music Lovers is better than a broad one with no target audience, like Top Five Smart Phones.

5. Read comments

What’s better than writing on a topic that the readers are interested in reading about? You can have an idea of such topics from the comments made on relevant blogs or forums. At times, you will shrug off a topic because it sounds a little too simple for you, but you never know that a great many readers will be looking exactly for that information. Simply going through the comments made on recent posts will give you a topic or two to discuss in your next guest post.

I also recommend you to use Follow up article technique when you are working on Guest posting campaign. It will make sure that your earlier guest posts will also get good attention and SEO benefits.  Do let me know how you find the topics for Guest Posting?


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  1. Deepanker

    Guest posts are the best ways to create some genuin backlinks and get some readers. This post will surely help me to get better ideas for backlinks

  2. Raplus

    Acutually writing guest post is not a easy work.( Specially this kind of popular blogs). Already, Shoutmeloud has covered many things about Blogging. So it is very hard to find new topic.

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