How To Secure Twitter Account by Removing 3rd party access

Twitter changed the authentication method from Password to OAuth. This means any third-party need authentication via Twitter to access your Twitter account, and you can see a list of all third-party Twitter apps, which need authentication. Especially this will remove your hassle of sharing username and password to any app and increase the security of your account.

If some application turns out to be spammy, you can always remove it from your Twitter account setting page. In this post, I will share how you can check which all apps has access to your Twitter account and how you can revoke access from it within one click:

Login to your Twitter account and go to Settings > Apps <Link>

You will see a list of all apps which has access to your Twitter account, review all the applications that you are using and click on revoke access that you wish to remove.

Revoke Twitter access
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This is a small tip but very useful to keep your Twitter account safe and secure. Do let us know what else do you use to keep your Twitter account secure?

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11 thoughts on “How To Secure Twitter Account by Removing 3rd party access”

  1. tresj

    Thank you for these easy instructions! I just removed an annoying company that inadvertently gained access to my direct messages! Just testing now to ensure they’re gone for good 🙂 Clinks

  2. LJP

    One of these Twitter apps spammed all my new followers with a direct message saying “I laughed so hard when I saw this about you lol **spammy link**” I was so annoyed I revoked access from all apps – I think it was one of the “unfollow” type apps…

  3. Tospider

    that is very good.i want to remove a lot of them 🙂

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I hope this post helped you …Make sure you don’t forget to remove spammy Twitter apps…

      1. atul

        Hello Harsh..

        I m not getting revoke/access app list on my Twitter account as suggested by you.

        There ate no such options like ‘connection>link’ in setting as discussed in your post.

        Can you please reply & help me in thus regard.


  4. Swashata Ghosh

    You know what! Once I got surprised to see an ad on my twitter profile. I never used any advertising stuff for my twitter. But dont know how it got there on the app list. Anyways I just revoked the access… But still in a confusion how it crept in! Currently I use only trusted services like Tweetmeme, disqus, facebook, twitterfeed, tweetdeck etc…

  5. Imran

    Yes Harsh! I agree Twitter I have stop lots of Application in Twitter account which automate my account which also looks very spammy.

  6. techperk

    Cool Tip 😀 Can be used in alarming situations

  7. vijay

    Recently i heard about hackers attacked social media profiles,your information is very useful to protect our social media profile …

  8. Tech Maish

    Thats great harsh. Very useful tip.

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