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  • Hi Harsh… great post, but please pardon my ignorance.. how do I find out if some body is using my images? As a travel blogger I post a lot of images. Though now a days I hotlink my own images from my Facebook or Flickr account. This way I don’t have to upload them again on wordpress.

    • @DesiTraveller
      There are many ways to find, if somebody is using your image or not. If you are hosting images on your server, your server logs can show that.
      You can also take advantage of reverse image search, to find the copy of your copyright images.

      Regarding hotlinking your own images by hosting them on FB or Flickr: It’s a bad idea for many reasons:

    • You lose the benefits of Image SEO
      Your image will start showing 404 error after some time
    • If bandwidth is an issue, you could always go with unlimited Webhosting companies, or use a CDN which is faster and cheaper…

  • Hi Harsh….Great post, but please pardon my ignorance… how to find if somebody is using my images.
    As a travel blogger I post a lot of images, but now a days I post them on my Facebook or Flickr account and hotlink them to wordpress. This way I don’t have to upload the images again. Do you think this is a good practice or I should revert back to uploading the images to wordpress itself. Thanks

  • Excellent and much useful post. Didn’t know about image hotlinking. This post does helped a lot to learn about it and well described on how to stop image hotlinking using .htaccess . Thanks a lot Harsh 🙂

  • Thank you Harsh, this is very helpful. I’m planning to build an image-extensive site in the future so this info and that htaccess file helps a lot.

  • hi harsh sir,

    Great post about image hotlinking. I use a watermark on the images which are used in post. But is it OK to host big Images on other server, You know i use Dropbox somoetime to host my images.

  • Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for information.

    Does it effect Google Image Search? I was some images on Google, on-click, it will show some default images but not the original.

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