How To Get Media Net Approval Within 5 days (Smart + Legal Way)


When it comes to monetizing your blog using contextual ad networks, there are very few high-quality publishers out there.

But is one of them. ( is Yahoo! and Bing’s network for contextual ads.)

However, the higher the quality of the ad network, the harder it is to get approval.

We have seen the same for AdSense approval & BuySellAds Approval.

Last time, when I wrote a detailed review of, many users talked about not getting approval for the ad network. Most of the applications were rejected & let me tell you, rejection is always disappointing.

  • I didn’t get lucky with my micro-niche site; it got rejected. Sigh…
    Site got rejected
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Well, it would be wrong to blame bloggers or even for rejection, as doesn’t limit itself to only judging website content. They look for a lot of factors before accepting or rejecting an application.

Just in case you don’t know, once you get an approved account with them, you will get a dedicated manager who will help you at every stage to optimize your ad placements & settings for generating high revenue.

I’ve never before felt the luxury of having a dedicated manager just for having a publisher’s account on an advertising network.

Media net account manager
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If you have never applied, or your application was rejected, this guide will help you to understand what criteria they use to accept or reject a publisher’s application.

If you are confident about your site already, you can skip reading & create an account on here.

  • Before you apply, be sure that is right for you.

Traffic Source- Crucial for earning huge:

For starters, know that one common complaint most bloggers have with is low revenue.

The primary reason for this is the geo-location of your traffic.

We have already talked about why we have low CPC for Asian countries and this ad network follows a similar pattern. Unlike AdSense, this ad network works wonderfully for those websites which receive a high amount of traffic from countries like the U.S.A & the U.K.

However, there is a smart solution for this low CPC traffic & that is backup ads.

If you have an AdSense account or any other ad network account, you can use that to show backup ads when there is no ad inventory for other countries.

backup ads
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How To Get Accepted Into

Language of your blog:

If your blog’s primary language is not English, your application will be rejected. This ad network (by Bing & Yahoo!) accepts only those websites which are primarily in English.

If you are one of those bloggers who is using dual languages (English + some other language) on your site, I suggest you try applying.

Ensure that the first few pages of your blog showcases only English content. Once you get approved, you should let your account manager know about the dual-language aspects of you page & make it clear that you will be placing ads only on English content pages. (This may or may not work, but what’s the harm in trying?)

Original content & regularly updated:

Ensure that you keep your blog regularly updated at the time of applying for approval.

This is one of their main criteria as they accept only active blogs.

If you have a good blog which you are not updating, you can follow the trick of recycling old content to fulfill this requirement.

Leave a good first impression:

This one is a no-brainer, but I feel it’s important to mention as a good percentage of our readers are newbie bloggers.

These 3 things should be true:

  1. Have the pages: About, Contact, and Privacy Policy
  2. The design should be simple & not cluttered
  3. Don’t use too many ads. In fact, when you have submitted your application, disable showing any ads for a few days.

This is one thing that’s very common among newbie & intermediate bloggers; they don’t take proper care of their sidebar widgets.

Get rid of any unwanted widgets such as live traffic or any kind of fancy things which don’t add any value to the content.

Tip: Take advantage of social proof, as this will leave a really good impression of your blog in the eyes of the reviewer. (Yes! They review all the applications manually.)

Other Important Things to Know Before Applying:

Rejection reason for medianet
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Your blog/website should not indulge in any activity that is listed above.

Along with this, you should have quality & valuable content.

Ensure that you are not spreading piracy, hacking tools, or any such content which may harm an individual.

Follow the usual ethics of blogging & I don’t foresee any problems in getting approval.

Overall, has stricter policies when compared to AdSense.

But at the same time, it’s more rewarding in terms of revenue. 

So it’s at least worth trying.

I will keep sharing my insights & understandings about & similar ad networks in future posts. If you want to stay updated, subscribe to our email newsletter.

Do you use to monetize your website?  Share your reviews and opinions below in the comments section.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

58 thoughts on “How To Get Media Net Approval Within 5 days (Smart + Legal Way)”

  1. viky

    hii harsh , it is necessary to get a domain name for blog.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      It’s highly recommended.

  2. Ravi

    What is the average ecpm for

    1. Sreehari Sree

      That will be based on your blog traffic.
      If you are receiving more traffic from the USA, the UK, and CA, your rate will become high.

  3. Hardik

    Nice Post Harsh, I apply in 2015. but my blog has been rejected. my blog 80% traffic is from the USA. but then also I was rejected. because’s requirement is minimum traffic of 10,000+. i am right harsh?

    1. Parekh

      I recently got approved from within a day, and my traffic is around 200 daily unique visits. – I’m still in review for adsense since last 7 days.

  4. ADEEB C

    Hi Harsh, How many traffic do I require for applying Now I have only 30 visitors and 50 pageviews per day.

  5. VK Verma

    Hi, Harsh Sir, Is is compatible with Google Adsense? because my one friend was using both ads on his blog and after sometime his Google Adsense account was gone suspended.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey VK,

      Yes, you can use and AdSense at the same time but make sure to style them differently.

  6. Ajay

    Hello, Harsh Why my site is only getting traffic from India. Have you any suggestion to solve this.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Start to target traffic from other countries. If not, use your country specific ad network.

  7. Ravi sharma

    Thanks Harsh Sir For your Amazing tips to get approved by my Question is that can i use both adsense and ads simultaneously on my website.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Yes, you can! I’m using the same on ShoutMeTech

  8. Murad

    Hi, I’ve been following your website ideas and articles since a year ago… letterly changing my life and how to look for blogging and making money online. one more thing i need to thank you a lot and your team for what you are doing to the world of blogging.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  9. Lubuzine

    Hi Harsh,
    A quick question. My Google adsense got approved in one week of blog and I have been blogging since 4 month, so can I get approved for this? Should I apply for one or wait for some more time?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      If your blog follows the pointers I added above, I believe you should get approval. I think it would be wrong to say that AdSense approval means approval or vice versa.

      1. Sparsh

        Hey Harsh,
        My blog does fulfill all the requirements above, but I have a free domain of Will my website be approved in that case. I am getting about 4,000 views per month mainly from India, USA and UK. What are my chances?

  10. AKHIL C

    I got media net approval for my site. I got $2cpm for the first few days, then it came to $0. I saw the same issue with many bloggers out there. Any idea why is it happening?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for reporting & let’s hope to hear more from fellow bloggers. I hope somebody have solution or tips on improving the revenue.

  11. Roopa Sinha

    Hello Harsh,Thank you for sharing approval tips.My experience with Media is very poor.I stopped displaying their ads due to low RPM.CTR is good but revenue is zero.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Roopa,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It always help our readers.

  12. Sayem

    Dear Harsh bro, is it true they are accepted only US traffic related site?? if possible also please show some reports of their payments. actually wants to know how much they paid for eCPM, eCPC

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      That’s a good suggestion & I will add the report in coming week.

    2. AlexTheSmall

      Yes, i m sure it is the only thing they check…US traffic related site.

      They rejected my bilingual site, despite it is 4 years old, despite my 600+ pages, despite my top positions in google SERP`s, despite the 300.000 unique users per month, despite that my main language is English, despite that 25% of my traffic comes from USA and UK.
      What the hell more they looked for?
      After their rejection i applied for google adsense and they approved the site at once, thank you stupid Bing for rejecting me…you are idiots!!!

  13. Chris Mophart

    Very Informative content on how to monetize you blog. These factors keep on changing from time to time depending on one blog to another. Key aspects to consider is where majority of your audience comes from as well as performance of a particular blog. Approvals are normally rejected if other sites are performing better than yours. Therefore, the most appropriate time to apply for or any other company its wise to apply when your site is performing exemplary.

    1. Harsh Agrawal


      “The most appropriate time to apply for or any other company it’s wise to apply when your site is performing exemplary.”
      That’s a wise point.

  14. Shibam Kar

    Hey Harsh Sir, This is your big fan. Thanks for the full to guide post. But I have a question.
    I am getting above 60% visitors from social media. Can I get approval from Media.Net ?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      That shouldn’t be any problem. The important thing is traffic Geo-location.

  15. Joseph Chikeleze

    Great article herein. I’ve been rejected on one of my site but am using it on others.

    I like the ad network but earning is kinda poor.

    Thanks for writing out these few points.

  16. Saurabh Anand

    Thank you so much for sharing this Harsh. I am only 3 months old in blogging world. Worth reading!

  17. Michelle

    It definitely depends on your site. I actually had a MediaNet representative contact me for one of my sites wanting to talk to me about placing ads on it. My site has been online for 9 years, though, and is high up Alexa, which is probably why.

  18. Rajesh Chandra Pandey

    Awesome post Harsh. Should my blog/ website be an old one to get approved by

  19. Prabhu

    This is pretty great Harsh. All the steps listed. For my blog 85% traffic is from the west as per GA but then also I was rejected. In any case, I do not think we can use Adsense and in one blog Can we?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      We can use both.

  20. Shahin

    I think cydia guide got disapproved due its layout.Its look like unprofessional.Change to a stylist template and re-apply:)

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I don’t see any option to remove & re-apply. Let me see if my account manager can help. Thanks for the suggestion.

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