Google To Rank Websites Based On Page Loading Time

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A few months ago, the Google webmaster team indicated that they would start ranking websites based on the page loading time. Sites which take ages to load slow down the entire internet and Google is considering this factor seriously.

Apart from other parameters like the meta title, meta description, etc., Google will also consider page load time as one of the most significant factors for your website’s search engine ranking.

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In an official blog post, the Google team confirmed that they have started putting this thought into action, though the number of websites affected by this is minimal.

Here is the official statement from the Google blog:

Website loading time SEO
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“While site speed is a new signal, it doesn’t carry as much weight as the relevance of a page. Currently, fewer than 1% of search queries are affected by the site speed signal in our implementation, and the signal for site speed only applies to visitors searching in English on at this point. We launched this change a few weeks back after rigorous testing. If you haven’t seen much change to your site rankings, then this site speed change possibly did not impact your site.”

In my opinion, this new parameter for site ranking is a good move. Fast loading web pages give a better user experience. Moreover, this will also make those lazy webmasters serious about updating their website.

If you are using WordPress, it’s easier for you to make your website load faster using below tutorial.

9+ Smart Ways To Speed up WordPress & Reduce Loading Time

Now that Google is ranking sites based on the page load speed, many webmasters will have to start looking at optimizing their websites.

Here are a few things which you can do to optimize your site load time:

CSS Sprites

CSS Sprites is a technology to convert multiple images into one big image. This will reduce the number of concurrent connections, and your website will load faster. You can read more about CSS Sprites here.

Caching system

By caching your pages, you can serve your website faster.

The request will be served directly from an earlier saved page on your web host, thus reducing the server load and serving up your site’s pages instantly. If you are on WordPress, you can use the WP-Rocket or  Super Cache WordPress plugin.

Reduce your image sizes

Another quick way to speed up your site loading time is by decreasing the size of your images.

You can use many web tools to compress your images without reducing the quality.

(One such tool you can use on your WordPress blog is Shortpixel.

Also read:

Web server

Web hosting also plays a significant role in your website’s loading time.

If your server is a slow system, chances are your website will take longer to load.

Don’t use underpowered web hosting and make sure your hosting is fully compatible with all the technology you are using.

If you are blogging with WordPress, I recommend Bluehost for your WordPress site.

They are officially endorsed by WordPress and one of the best and easiest to use web hosts. If you are planning to start a blog, here is a guide for installing WordPress on Bluehost.

Now that you know Google is ranking websites based on load times, how does your site hold up?

What are you doing to make it load faster? Also, do you think this is going to improve the overall user experience of the internet?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “Google To Rank Websites Based On Page Loading Time”

    1. LoL Well said 😉

      If they actually let out their secrets then Google will not be the same what it is now :p

      Anyways good for me cos I am on Hostgator 🙂

  1. This was something expected to happen since Google had already unofficialy declared two-three months back that their new crawler Caffeine will be totally dependent of site load time i.e. Speed. It seems that Google has rolled out Caffeine finally. By the way thanks for the tips for decreasing site load time. By the way can you tell me which webhost use the Nginx servers?

  2. Apache mod_deflate / mod_gzip are also good solutions to optimize the speed. Using that site contents will be sent compressed to the browser.

    1. Very good about the comment that made any sense at all was this… mod_is_very_efficient

      Oh a while back I used php_speedy Guess I should go back and re-due i since now Google has caught up to the game!

      Norman Flecha

  3. Site speed clearly effected search result positions for my blog last week. But, somehow it went back to top positions from yesterday.
    Also, it’s good to reduce outside DNS look ups, scripts and sidebar widgets to increase page speed.
    Thanks Harsh

  4. But this move will really affect seceral great websites, which took much time to load. Anyway, This is a good decision from google. Eventhough not beneficial for all webmasters and bloggers, it could be really beneficial for the viewers.

    Also thanks for the tip you mentioned here to decrease the page load time :p

  5. Now bloggers needs to reduce too many adverts and banners from the blog, If it is do. People will like Google even more because it is showing good sites which loads faster.

  6. Keep the javascripts to minimum , try using static links. Compress images, avoid using heavy quality images, avoid many dns lookups.

  7. Nice article about website speed.
    I have seen some sites have not informative but the load speed is very fast so rank well

  8. Backyard Bargain

    its a good criteria for Google ranking. Using this type of criteria most of website make itself quality maintaining.

  9. Thanks for the meaty details on a subject I wondered about..load site speed. You can test the connection speed but how to monitor server speed is what I want to delve in to. The design, photo opt and other factors figure in but lightning loads would be time saver if surfers bolt after about six seconds of waiting around, feeling stupid. Cache reloader plug in worth looking in to. Thanks again.

  10. I am not happy about, because it means that G. like more homepages only with texts. I have more sites which uses more picutures, because visitor like it. So i think this is not a good way from google to rate sites.

  11. My website is hosted on servers located in USA but my target audience is from India. The site speed time in google analytics is huge for Indian visitors. I am using google page speed cdn but is not helping enough.

    SO my question is should move my website to India based hosting company who have servers in India ? If yes then any recommendations ?

    1. Yes, definitely move your server to India if your target market is there. It will improve loading time for sure.

  12. i read on Google this would be a major positioning component later on. I know for myself, if a site doesn’t stack in almost no time I’m clicking back and attempting another. Most destinations aren’t too terrible however it you go to a media site with the million+ promotions on the sidebar it’s conspicuous why the site doesn’t load well. I trust these over immersed sites observe your web journal and tone down the promoting.

  13. In competitive niche you will never find poor websites in first results, and speed is one of the factors that Google care. That’s beacuse nobody want’s to wait still your website loading every resources in 5 secs. The best tool to check and improve your site speed is Google Page Speed.

  14. Great tips to decrease page load time. Page load time is very important for rankings good on search engines as well as for increasing traffic and making sales because nobody likes slow websites. My blog page load time is very high but anyhow i decreases it with the help of your blog post. Thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂

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