ShoutMeLoud’s December 2016 Transparency Report & All That Is New


Howdy Shouter,

Welcome to the first income report of 2017. What an amazing year 2016 was!

Personally, I have learned so many things that will help me live a better life in the years to come. 2016 turned out to be the best year of my blogging career & the best year for my own personal development.

Last year, I completely surrendered myself to the Life & have welcomed everything coming towards me. I opened my arms and let in uncertainty. I fought the fear inside of me. I chose to do the right things rather than just being a righteous person.

One of the basic instincts that we humans have is to say no & stay safe in our comfort zones. From experience, I would advise that before you say no to something (in 2017 and beyond), think twice and learn to expand your horizons. Learn to experience things outside of your comfort zone.

This doesn’t have to be just in your work. It could be letting go of an old friend who no longer shares your values. Or it could be telling someone important how much they mean to you.

This is the time of year when you should sit down with yourself (no phones & no short-term plans) and think about how you want this year to turn out for you.

Some of your thoughts might give you goosebump, but that’s just how a dream should feel…

Here’s how I welcomed 2017:

**Year we go again**

2016, thank you for being such an eye-opening friend. You’ve taught me so many things that will help me to keep moving along and enjoying many more years to come. You’ve taught me that I don’t have control over what’s happening around me, but I do have control over the happiness, sadness, and peace within me.

2017, I welcome you with arms wide open. Take me to the future and become the sweet present, for me and for all of us. Make it be a memorable past that we all will cherish forever.

Happy New Year! 😊🎁

Meanwhile, I will also be attending & speaking at Affiliate Summit West 2017 in Las Vegas. If you are attending #ASW17, do meet with me!

Here is my invitation for attending my session:

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Well, we will have a dedicated post for all of the juicy stuff when it happens.

For now, let’s look at how ShoutMeLoud performed regarding traffic & income during the last month of 2016.

ShoutMeLoud December 2016 Traffic Report:

Regarding traffic, we did fine with close to 1.5 million page views/month.

Just to let you know, most of our traffic comes from search engines & this is one reason our affiliate conversion rates are so good.

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One area that I believe we seriously need to improve on is social media. 2016 was not so great for us regarding social media traffic & I believe there is a lot of room for improvement.

Social media
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Right now, I’m using the following social media tools:

One tool that I’m looking for is one which will allow me to manage all of our social media platforms from a single dashboard. Since social media can’t survive on automation alone, having a social media dashboard will make it easier for me & my team to manage things effectively.

ShoutMeLoud Forum Traffic: Dec 2016

Some of you might not know that we have an active forum for bloggers. It’s a phenomenal resource for marketers, webmasters, and entrepreneurs to get valuable information.

ShoutMeLoud Forum Traffic
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The traffic here is improving every month, and this year, we’re going to be doing something that we have never done before.

We are giving the power back to our community! A few of our most active community members will be moderating the forum.

This will ensure that the community keeps moving ahead in the right direction. It won’t be long before this forum takes on a life of its own.

Just in case you have a forum & wish to take it to the next level, I highly recommend you read this book called Buzzing Communities by Richard Millington.

Android App Traffic (January-December)

Mobile apps should not be seen as an add-on; rather, they have become a necessity in today’s digital age. It’s sad to see that despite knowing the importance of having a mobile app, many good bloggers have yet to launch an app for their blog.

Just to give you an idea of what kind of traffic you can get from a mobile app, here is the yearly traffic report for the ShoutMeLoud Android app:

ShoutMeLoud Android App Traffic
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If I had not made many silly mistakes like push notifications integration errors and not publishing updates on time, this report would have been way better. However, the point here is if you don’t have a mobile app for your blog, get one now.

And before we conclude our traffic report, here is the yearly traffic report for (January 2016-December 2016).

Note: This is only for desktop, mobile & tablet traffic.

ShoutMeLoud traffic from 2016
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ShoutMeLoud traffic from 2016 (January-December)

This year, my focus is on improving the quality of traffic, lowering down the bounce rate, and improving the avg. session duration.

For newcomers, this income is not only from ShoutMeLoud, but also includes the other blogs which are part of the ShoutDreams network.

Some of the more popular blogs are:

We don’t use AdSense on ShoutMeLoud, but we use them on other blogs. So don’t get confused when you see the AdSense income in the below report.

Speaking of AdSense, I also just published our highly anticipated AdSense eBook. This is perfect for anyone who wishes to start using AdSense or who recently started using AdSense and needs some guidance. This book contains a lot of tips, tricks, and details that will help you to master AdSense implementation & improve your earnings. You can purchase the Google AdSense mastery guide from here.

Each month, for the past several months, we have been seeing a 5-10% growth. And this month is no exception.

If you’re looking to increase your own earnings and you haven’t gotten ShoutMeLoud’s affiliate marketing eBook, you should do so right away. This one book can help you earn thousands (if not millions) from affiliate marketing. This book is available on the ShoutMeLoud store over here (check the bottom of the page for alternate buying options).

In my earlier report, I shared the design of my home office, and the work is in full flow. By the end of February, I’ll move into the new apartment!

Well, with this I sum up our monthly income report for December 2016 and the year 2016. Now, it’s your turn to let us know your income report for the last month and the last year.

If you find this report useful, do share it with your friends & family to let them know that financial success is possible through the power of blogging!

Looking forward to amazing 2017!

Happy new year once again.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

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  1. Mahendra

    Thank you for Inspiring me once again. You are going one step up in every month. Keep it up brother.

  2. SignAdvertising

    Thank you for Inspiring me once again. You are going one step up in every month. Keep it up brother.

  3. John

    Thanks, This is very inspiring post.
    Im new in the blogging world.
    Hope i will earn some 🙂

  4. Rajan Chauhan

    Hello Harsh,

    Wow the income and efforts are eye catching. Making money from blogging takes time but its not impossible.

    And ShoutMeLoud is the real example.

    Anyways, Keep doing awesome work 🙂


  5. lovet

    Hi Harsh, I am truly amazed at your achievement and longevity. Close to 10 yrs of blogging and awesome accomplishments especially financially. This report is a real encouragement for people like us who are just starting out in the blogging world.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. PrashantWagh

    Dear Harsh, You are blogging since 2008 and till 2017 a great ever success you get. Congratulations for awesome achievement. I am still struggling for big payments but your success motivate me a lot. Thanks

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    Godd !!
    This is inspiring.
    If China is a manufacturing Hub, then India is a tech and knowledge hub. And it is all because of people like you, who are taking torch of Indian brand to the globe.
    Keep shouting.. ummm.. i mean Keep blogging 🙂

    Nimesh !!

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    Every time your income report motivate me and sir I request you please share your January, February and March 2017 Income report.

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    Wow! This is awesome. I wish you many more of this to come.

    I Hope to move up too like you someday.

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    Hearty Congratulations on your success. You are my & other blogger motivation for blogging.

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    Hi Harsh, I just signed up with Viglinks and have a question! I tried emailing them but they haven’t responded. Do they turn any product link to an affiliate link or do I manually link them with my “anywhere link”? I’m confused about that. Thanks so much!

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    Hearty Congratulations on your success. You are my motivation for blogging.

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    Awesome that is a very good month now lets double it in 2017:)

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    Hi, harsh sir, you side AdsOptimal is currently not operational in last site now can i signup for adsoptimal

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    After looking such a good income, i got some inspirations to become a blogger and started publishing my first blog. Keep posting like that and keep motivation.

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    Hi Harsh,

    Great to see your earnings growing. I am also waiting for next few months earning to see how 2017 is going for your blog.

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