How To Copy From Right Click Disabled Websites

Copy-pasting some body else work is very common. Though, very few people actually give the credit link or mention about the source. Specially, in Blogging people copy each other content and increase plagiarism. Apart from all Auto-bloggging tool, most common form of copying a page is by selecting text > mouse right-click and copy the content. Though in WordPress, we can easily disable this by using disable right click WordPress plugin. Though according to me right click gives a bad user experience and for Bloggers, you can always fight such copy-paste blogger using Google DMCA.

Now for me, when I have to write a tutorial, I take information from the pages on Internet and give proper credentials with link in the post. Now, the problem which I have faced recently is many of these sites have right click disabled and it’s pain to copy from these sites normally. So, here I have compiled a series of possible ways to copy content from those pages. FYI, many websites disable CTRL +C options to ensure better security from hackers and malicious sites.

Ways to copy text from Right click Disabled pages:

Most of the bloggers and webmasters uses JavaScript technique to disable right-click, to prevent scrapers sites from stealing their content.

Many times we often come to websites where we found contents useful like how-to , Guides and we copy it into worded or notepad. Generally we select some text and then right click to copy. But on Protected sites a message box appears saying “Right-Click on this site is disabled. Hold Ctrl key and click on link to open in new tab

But there are numerous way through one can copy contents from Right Click protected sites.

Here are top 3 ways to copy text from right click disable webpages:

  1. By disabling browser JavaScript in browser
  2. Using Proxy Sites
  3. By Using the source code of the site

Disabling JavaScript in Browsers [Google Chrome]

In Chrome browser, you can quickly disable JavaScript by going to settings. See the screenshot for better explanation:

chrome disable javascripts
  • Save

  • Goto Setting >> UnderHood Tab >> Content Settings
  • or enter  chrome://settings/content
  • Then Select Do not allow any site to run JavaScript

Similarly if you are using Firefox, you can remove the tick from “Enable JavaScript” option.

Using Proxy Sites

There are many proxy sites, which let you disable JS while browsing. All you need to use those proxy sites, which offer such features and you can quickly use right-click on click disabled sites.

pROXY disables javascripts
  • Save

By Viewing Source Code

If you have to copy the specific text content and you can take care of HTML tags, you can use browser view source options. All the major browser give an option to the source of the page, which you can access directly using the format below or by right click. Since right click is out of the question here, we will simply open chrome browser and type: view-source: before the post URL Like

  • view-source:

And find the paragraph or text you want to copy and then paste it into any text editor.

Well, using this trick ethically or unethically is in user’s hand but for a normal blogger like me and you, this tip will certainly help. Do you use any other plugin or add-on to copy the content of pages with right click disabled? Do you also see this feature as a bad user experience?

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Copy From Right Click Disabled Websites
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Gaurav Ekka is a teenager who loves writing about latest technology, tutorials , freebies and hack how. Apart from blogging he is a fun and loving person too!!

27 thoughts on “How To Copy From Right Click Disabled Websites”

  1. Copying is not a great idea but some times we need it ๐Ÿ™‚ In my early days I used copying from source code ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Most of the times I faced the same problem when I wanted to copy some text. The only option I chose to use is checking the source code of the website. I never thought of using proxy sites to check them. Anyway, learnt about proxy sites for this job. Will try that once to check.

  3. Thanks for nice tutorial, I don’t think it’s a great idea because disable javascript will affect all website we will go to. Why do you want to copy some text of these website? Save them all and read it offline.

  4. In chrome its lot simpler, just Right Click the Right click disabled webpage two or more times, then a dialogue box will appear saying
    “Prevent this page from creating additional dialogues”
    Select it and “OK” .
    Boom!! its done ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Different sites have different ways of saying that the site is protected. What you’re talking about is a site using an unreliable method that simply displays a dialogue when right clicking. Most sites actually disables the right click method, dialogues may or may not be shown. Even if they are shown, disabling the dialogue will do nothing to the right click restriction.

  5. Sumon @ WP Cypher

    I use the view source code method. I just press the “Ctrl+U” button on my browser and copy the things that I need.

  6. you can also copy text by one common method i.e
    in (firefox)
    by ctrl+s and then select save as type as text
    now open that file and enjoy

  7. Hello… Todays most of site not using Javascript for disabled Right click on his website they used some text code thats why after disable javascript you never copied contect for your site.

  8. Hey, Thanks for the tips.. I too have something to add-ups with this….

    I save the page in PDF format first, and I’d copy the text from the PDF file.

  9. Just save page as “Webpage, HTML Only” and then you may copy page contents offline. By inspecting elements of webpage only programmer who know javascript and HTML can enable text to be selection/copy through editing code.

  10. You can also use snipping tool. (If you are using Windows 7) Just click snipping tool (which is available in start or if you don’t find it, just type snipping tool in the search option) and then capture the screenshot of that text which you wish to copy by dragging your mouse cursor and save it in your computer!

  11. You can also use firefox to view your page then click on the book option that is on your address bar!

  12. Aidaroos Mohamed

    I tried all the methods above and none worked for me in a wordpress site. The method that worked for me is “To click print or Ctrl+P and then copy the text you need from the print preview” Hope it works for you as well.

  13. you can also copy paste this code in the address bar like this


    this renable right click on any page, without reload
    but i did notice that on chrome, the “javascript:” part does not appear so you might put it again

  14. If you are using Chrome, there is plug-in called “Allow Copy”. This will allow you copy content from any site using copy protection.

  15. another easy method
    just select the part you want to copy
    click the hamburger button on the right side
    from the menu select copy

  16. Isaac Inegbenehi

    I actually don’t support copying from other sites without the permission of the publisher. However, if it warrants it, all you need to do is save the page for offline reading. From there, copying gets easier.

  17. Hey Gaurav !

    All tricks are working so perfectly.
    As we know copying content is not good so far but some time making site lists need it to save time.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  18. i apply these step but i can’t open source-code of web. Anyother way you know that i can open web source code and check.

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