Is Your Blog Down? 3 Websites To Check WebSite Is Down Or Not

Website is Down or Not
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Massive social media migrations occur at times when popular services go down. Say for instance, Facebook is down, so everyone goes flocking to Twitter to post updates such as “Is Facebook down for me?”, “Anyone else having troubles with Facebook?”, etc. This causes a massive traffic spike in other networks. Although it won’t definitely be the same if Twitter went down.

What if you need a simple answer to: “Is this site down for me or everyone?”. You need not pounce on different social media sites for getting your answer. Thankfully, there happen to be a few great services on the web that are present just to provide with the exact answer to your query. These websites are the no nonsense types and just do what they are meant for, nothing more, nothing less. The beauty of these services is that they care about their purpose instead of cramming up more and more features.

Below is a list of the 3 best websites to check if a website is down or not.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me

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Down Or Not
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 This is a text-based website that will simply tell you if a website is down or not.

All you are required to is to enter the domain name in the text-box, click the hyper-linked “or just me“ part and then it will answer the question for you in a very easy-to-use format. I’m not quite sure about the funding of this website but it sure does make use of a small advert in its own box and the best thing it is even hard to notice, leave alone disturbing. The site is minimal and takes a minimum of the screen space and yet does your work with grace.


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Is this site down
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Down Right Now makes use of user-submitted reports that acts as a catalyst in its effort to find out if the Internet’s top sites are down. Down Right Now is one of those very effective crowd-sourced website. The only thing that this site lacks is an option for entering your own website and check if its down or not. It only checks and makes note of the top social media services if they are up or not.

Down Right Now includes a status history of the service as a graph of its server being uptime or not over a period throughout the day. This site provides with a pretty good information about the services and also the last time they were down in a similar fashion. This lets you get a simple idea of how long more it would be so. A good site if you would like to check out the top dogs of social media if they are down or not, not for personal use.

Is it down right now

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Is website Down Right Now
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Is it down right now, again a similar service that would make you grow weary the more you type it, happens to have a short URL at The above-seen image is a screenshot of Aweber’s service being down for everyone over 3 hours back in August 2012. The screenshot alone speaks for itself, showing how effective its service is. On its homepage, you are shown a host of top websites and their status. It also provides a personal search for entering your own websites.

It provides you with useful information like response time(how fast your server responds to the query), when the last time it was down, and a graph of its day-by-day response times.

What do you do when your favourite service is down? Where do you go to? Share your alternatives as comments below.

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