How A Single Blog Comment Made $650 For Me & Takeaway For You

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Do you think a Blog comment can make money for you?

Well, it certainly made money for me, and if you are serious about it, it can also make money for you.

In this guide, I will be sharing all the steps that I took, that made $650 for me. This is more of a concept that you should learn and it may help you if you ever find yourself in similar situation as mine.

Last week I talked about blog comment moderation guide, and you should read it, if you are struggling with comment moderation.

Made $650 by blog comment
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Now, many of you know that I accept only those comments which add value to the post, and this is one thing which encourages more high-quality comments from everyone. Infact, in all of ShoutMeLoud posts, there are a lot of value in the comment section itself.

After all, who would like to drop a detailed comment when they know they are not being heard. If you still haven’t read my earlier guide on blog commenting, I suggest you to go through this post and read it word by word. This will certainly change the way you approve comments on your blog.

Back to the core of this post and I still find it unbelievable that just being proactive helped me earn $650.

So here is what happened…

Yesterday I shared a blog post about a WordPress theme, and I started receiving comments from our readers.

Today, I got a comment from Raspal (A Shouter) who informed me about the popular WordPress theme called “X.” That’s unique name for a WordPress theme; is int it?

Making money from Blog comments
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The name itself is so amazing; I couldn’t help myself and researched about it. While researching I got to know this particular theme is ranking as number#2 on ThemeForest, and this is big deal. Moreover, this theme is a featured pack modern WordPress theme that we need to stand out in today’s date.

Check out X Theme on ThemeForest.

How I made money with Blog Comments:

I started researching about the theme and landed on the official theme page which is professionally done. If you have heard me before, I always talked about being visually appealing, and that’s the first thing which attracts the first time visitor.

I started looking at the features, and this particular WordPress theme has all the latest features such as Flat UI, Google Authorship, Responsive design to name a few and it’s designed for someone like you and me with no technical skills.

I will share the review soon, but first let me get back to the story.

I quickly searched for the contact form and contacted the developer to ask for a review copy.

This is something which I already talked earlier on this post. This is the exact Email which I sent in the Email (Kindly ignore the typos):

review copy of WordPress theme
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Within next 15 minutes, I got a reply from them, and they were more than happy to offer me the review copy of the theme.

Here is the Email reply that I got.

Comment form reply
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And here goes my reply to the Email:

Email response
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And this was the final email before I was on a Skype call with Kyle:

Final money Email
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And within next 5 minutes of Email conversation, I was on a voice call with Kyle who is the marketing guy from

For the first 30 minutes, we talked about them itself, and he explained what made them create this theme and all the story behind it.

I will share the details with the review post soon, but for not let’s stick to the topic.

Once we are done talking about theme features, and its inception, I asked him about the advertising options he is looking for.

This is where the importance of advertising page comes into the picture, and he told me about the unsold inventory he saw on ShoutMeLoud advertisement page.

I realized that I have not updated the advertisement page for the months, and this page still shows $650 for sidebar banner advertisement. Well, it would be so inappropriate to ask for updated price, I asked Kyle to let me use my affiliate link for the sidebar banner which he gladly accepted.

Within minutes, he sent me the graphics and made the payment via PayPal, and his ad was live.

PayPal money
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This all thing happened within 60 minute of span and indeed with the help of one meaningful comment.

Now Kyle WordPress Theme “X” banner is already live on ShoutMeLoud and it made me $650 from the direct advertisement, and more money would follow from the affiliate sales.


This story is not about how I made $65o from a direct ad sales, but it’s about how you can use the same idea to make more money.

First and foremost, take comment on your blog very seriously. My only advice would be; before you approve any comment ensure it’s adding value to the post itself. Moreover, when somebody comment on your blog about something which is new to you; take it seriously.

Research and see if that’s something interest you. Ensure you have an advertisement page on your blog to ensure marketing guys can find out advertisement options on your blog.

This is one quick story of just another blog comment on ShoutMeLoud, and if you follow the same policy, I’m sure your blog comments will do more than just adding value to your post.

If you have a similar story to share, I would like to hear your story. If you find this blogging experience useful, do share it with your blogger friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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Made $650 by blog comment
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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

50 thoughts on “How A Single Blog Comment Made $650 For Me & Takeaway For You”

  1. Hi Harsh,

    Thank you for sharing your story. Obviously you have inspired a lot of people already and what I take away from this post is, keep an open mind and when you are out there helping other people and connecting with your community, opportunities knock at your doorstep and that’s what happened to you.

    Had you not paid attention to the suggestion from Raspal Seni, none of these would have happened. Being a man of action, you acted on the information right away and thus landed on a deal which was not only profitable but also added to your credibility.

    Thank you for this share!


  2. Hi harsh, Nice and inspiring post, But when i was reading about the post i got a clear idea how this thing worked for you. But what i would like to know is that didi you got that beta testing theme and if you did what was the response. Speed of the theme and what features does this theme have. If you can write about this i’ll be glad to read you review

  3. Hi Harsh, It’s really nice post you written here. Amazing earning 🙂 just in 60 mins. It’s really cool. $650 is not a small amount to earn in our country very easily. It takes around 30 days period to to earn but you have earned it via Blog commenting. Congrats! for you for this good job. We definitely learn few things about how to do blog commenting on other blogs.

    Thanks for sharing your personal information with us and guide us about blog commenting. Keep it up and bring us some new ideas like this soon 🙂

  4. Hi Harsh, this post is really helpful and inspiring. $650 is just so amazing that you get it from blog commenting. Congrats to you! All of your posts are actually really helpful. I followed your FB already to keep me more posted. Don’t get tired of sharing your tips and experiences to us.

  5. Hi Harsh,

    Well this is something that we have to thank Raspal for, I think most of the readers are looking at the figure and forgetting about the main point Which is the highest your quality your blog have and the more you take care to approve only the quality comments the higher results you will get. Also we should be always sharp in finding money making opportunities. If you are top blogger you need to go and look for opportunities.

  6. This is really interesting Harsh. I did not have any interesting story to share where I was able to earn x amount due to a comment.

    I take all the comments coming on my blog very seriously and publish those comments that are adding some value to my blog posts. I have also developed the habit of replying to most of incoming comments on my blog. I hope soon I will have some Good news to share about the unexpected benefit i may chain due to readers comments on my blog

  7. Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for sharing the inspiring story. Your experience has been very motivating for new bloggers like me. I do agree with you that blog comments should be taken seriously. Blog comments can do wonders if managed in the right manner.

  8. Wow! You made 35k INR just from a comment 😀 that’s awesome and more than that the way you share your stories here.
    Be more loud for beginners on monetizing please 🙂

  9. Krishna Moorthy.D

    Sorry for Adding one more comment here Harsh.There is a happy news that I also sold one of my Sidebar Ad space for theme “X” on my blog.I didn’t get $650 but I got $50 😀 .
    I’m really really Thankful to you Harsh 🙂 . ShoutMeLoud is like my Temple Now 🙂

  10. Iftekhar Ahmed

    Hi Harsh,

    Well I have been following this theme from the past 1-2 weeks and I saw many blogs already having an ad of it on their respective blogs.

    I have also sent an Email regarding advertising the theme on and now I’m waiting for their reply.

    Your BLog is really awesome and advertisers can easliy pay 650$ without any hesitation. 🙂
    I hope I get some ads for my new blog too, though I’m not expecting 650$, I will be fine with 40-60$.


  11. Vaibhav Nadgonde

    Hello Harsh,

    It was just yesterday when I decided to start blogging, being in web development for more then 8 yrs I have worked for many clients and developed thousands of blogs for them but never realize to start something my own …

    Just wanted to thank you because yesterday I search for “top bloggers in india ” and your blog came up … since then I was reading your blog and finally decided to start some thing for my own …..

    Lets see how far I can go 🙂

    Thanks again and keep blogging
    Vaibhav nadgonde

    1. Gautam Sehgal

      Mr. Vaibhav,

      This is something Harsh has given to all the upcoming and newbies bloggers. An optimistic approach. A person would start blog right away after reader how ShoutmeLoud was setup.

      We hope Harsh Aggarwal motivates more and more newcomers and become an idol for the coming tech generation. 🙂

  12. Gautam Sehgal

    Hello Harsh,

    Everyone including me, who lands on ShoutmeLoud, is always filled with an information that boosts the reader’s level of work.
    We all know that you’ve worked really hard or rather i’d say smart to achieve the zone where you are today.

    You have always been an open book for all the bloggers, which make us more curious to visit your page frequently.

    Its obvious that to get it all done in an hour, your blog must influence the viewer, who is becoming your client. Though my blog doesn’t have traffic like your blog.
    But positively, i am gonna use this method in future, for sure…
    Thanks for your lovely updates … 🙂

  13. Hello Harsh,
    I am a newbie and your blog is my complete guide to start blogging. I am confused about choosing a theme for my blog as it is a big deal for me.Most of the themes you mentioned are premium, can you please recommend some greate free themes for news blog(magazine) as i have money constraints .I’ve found one theme called “Just Write (by acosmin)”but not yet sure about it.My blog is not live yet,I Would appretiate your help.

  14. Hi harsh
    Your posts are always a treat to read. Friend, I am having confusion regarding choosing the theme for my first blog. Can you suggest me which theme to buy:

    1) “Heap” theme from theme-forest.
    2) Modern blogger theme from genesis. This is third party theme. Is there any problem in buying third-party theme from genesis as the company says that they wont support any trouble-shooting errors.

    Can you please suggest me what to do

  15. Abhinav Duggal

    Thanks for sharing the motivational story. Your experience has been very motivating for me. I do agree with you that blog comments should be taken seriously.

  16. Manoj Kumar Sethi

    Hi Harsh,

    As usual beautiful shout by a powerful shouter. You blog is always inspiring and goes with a flow which is the beauty of your blog.
    Very truly said there are various option to earn money on internet. Being a blogger one should use that opportunity and turn into own favour.

    Thanks once again for such useful article.

  17. Wow, didn’t knew paying attention over comments can bring some good opportunities too. That’s definitely a good read. 🙂

    While people are trying to find out niches and products for affiliate marketing, you just showed a new way to find them. (y)


  18. this is very helpful sir I also doing this thing in my blog you alway indroduce helpful and information guide thanx for sharing..

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