ShoutMeLoud Monthly Transparency Report- August 2015

Hey, Shouter,

It’s the time of the month when we share the progress report of a month & I’m pretty excited to share many interesting things that have happened in August.

At the same time, I’m thrilled to inform you of what we are doing in this month. For now let’s do a quick recap of August, followed by Traffic & income report.

My first experience as travel & work:

Have you heard this term as Digital Nomad? 

According to Wikipedia, here is the definition of Digital Nomad:

Digital nomads are individuals who use telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner.

It’s something to similar as travelling & working & living life as a minimalist.

There is an enormous community of bloggers & entrepreneurs who love to travel & work. I’m delighted to share that for the first time in my life I tried it & result was exhilarating. We (Me & Shallu) travelled to Thailand for 12 days & instead of living in a hotel, we booked our stay via AirB&B to cook ourselves & live like a native.

Initially, it was a task to find the balance between work & stop the craving of wondering around, but eventually after few failed tries we managed to find the balance. To be honest, work ways I couldn’t work the same way that I do, but limited time taught me first to focus on things which matter the most.

Apart from work, the trip was refreshing as we did few adventure sports like Scuba Diving, Kayaking & explored the beautiful Islands of Thailand.

Krabi island
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We stayed at Krabi Island which is affordable & internet speed is awesome (Average 10 MBPS). Initially, 12 days sounded like too much of a time in another country, but living like a local made everything easier.

If time permits, I will be doing a complete story on my first experience of travel & work like a DigitalNomad. For now, if you are planning to do something like this, you should simply pack your bag & leave.

You will never regret this decision of yours, as such trips give you a great perspective on life. Your work might get affected a bit initially, but later on you will learn to keep the balance.

One of the best thing which I liked about this journey is, I got to interact & learn from people of different ethnics.

Harsh Agrawal Scuba Diving
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Along with that, travel made it easy to spend time reading, which I missed doing for long. If you are looking for reading recommendations, you should read:

Product refinement & new blogging products:

After adding the Blogger’s store section here, I’m focusing on adding many niche based plugins & products that could help you to growth hack your blog. One of them is Youtube Viral Subscribe plugin, which helped me to reach 5K followers on Youtube in a couple of months.

ShoutMeLoud downloads section
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For this month, my focus is to refine all the products & assets of ShoutMeLoud & another blog rather than adding anything new. This is why, I have re-written Affiliate marketing & WordPress Guide eBook, & hired a professional to design the eBook.

I was astonished by the outcome, as the new book is easier to read than ever. If you have purchased the eBook before, you must have received the updated copy for free. If not, just drop an email to [email protected] & it will be taken care of.

And, now it’s time to jump to some numbers & look at how our traffic is doing.

August 2015 traffic: Blog/Forum/Android-app

I’m breaking down the traffic for all three platforms as it would give you a wider perspective of how traffic is doing on the various platform. I’m excited & upset at the same time as we got knocked out at 99. Just because of a few numbers we couldn’t hit the one million page views last month.

Blog Traffic:

ShoutMeLoud August 2015 traffic report
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Compare to ShoutMeLoud the last report, our Pageviews has increased by 200K & a minor change in bounce rate & pages/session.

Even though this design helped us a lot in branding & user-experience, I’m still looking to revamp the homepage to make it more optimum for first-time users. My hunt for a talented UX designer is still on, and once I find what I’m looking for, the next thing you would be noticing is a new revamped design with the better site navigation option.

Forum traffic: 

Forum Agust 2015 traffic
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ShoutMeLoud forum is growing exponentially every day & so is the traffic. It’s an ad-free forum where the focus is on engagement & helping the blogging community.

Managing the forum is not easy, and at times it gets hard. Thanks to active members who are sharing the effort & making as one of the most active community forum for bloggers.

These are the most active members for the month of August 2015. These Shouters are not only helping bloggers with their blogging queries but also sharing how they are making money with coupon sites & other legit methods. Big kudos to all of them for nurturing the newbie bloggers.

Active forum member
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App traffic: ShoutMeLoud Android app

Blog Android app traffic
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Last month Parse made some changes in their API & that broke our mobile app push notifications. Thanks to Shawn for informing us about this, and we fixed it before it was too late. But it took few days to roll out the update & we lost some traffic due to this.

For newcomers, Push notification enables our Android app users to be the first one to get notified on the newly published blog post at ShoutMeLoud. You can learn more about this technology here & download ShoutMeLoud app from the following links.

Overall we got page-views of 998,380 (Approx. 1 million) in the month of August. On the blog, we have 84% organic traffic & apps & forum have more direct users than the referral traffic of any time.

What’s coming up?

This month September is going to be another slow month for ShoutMeLoud since I’m putting my time & energy on ShoutMeet drive. Moreover, work would be a little slower than the earlier month. I’m planning to get into strategical partnership & collaboration with few companies on upcoming projects.  For the next 2-3 months, I’m more inclined to learn & explore & will be focusing on revenue after that.  It’s disheartening to see the revenue plunge down, but I believe it’s for the greater good.

For now,

How about you? How was your month of August in terms of traffic & revenue?

What new things you did around your blog & how was the result?

Share your experiences in the comment section below & it would be helpful for all of us. 

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

68 thoughts on “ShoutMeLoud Monthly Transparency Report- August 2015”

  1. Dhananjoy Chakraborty

    Dear Harsh, can I set viglink and other affiliating programs in my site along with google adsense?

  2. Harshita Jani

    As a new blogger I must say I found your site not only informative but also impressive and full of quality content. It’s really motivating to see that bloggers earn so much and this shows that we have a bright future ahead if we go in a right path. Your blog certainly seems to be a ‘benchmark’ that many can aspire to! Keep up the good work harsh!

  3. Gurpreet Singh

    Thanks Harsh for sharing your income report. This helps motive my mind . “Look he is making that much money”. then I started again working. Keep posting such reports in future.

  4. Naman

    Great man. Best of luck for future. 🙂

    Happy Blogging!

  5. shubha sharma

    Hi Harsh,

    congratulation….it just trailer..i know u will earn more than 5 times in next month.

  6. Md Shabir

    Everybody in above comment says everything. Some has congrats and some has suggested you..

    But I must congrats you and thanks for all those such tips which influence our income and website PR too.

    Thanks Harsh for having such niche.. This niche also help newbies alot to learn and exploring there website.

  7. Tech Friction

    You are amazing Harsh. You are inspiring newbies like me. Thanks for amazing posts like these..

  8. Pallab De

    Congrats! You have really managed to diversify and really do well with affiliate marketing.

  9. Oussama

    Almost 1Million page views and only $385.9 from Adsense? Isn’t it too low?
    I always thought that for 1million page views per month it should be a way higher than that.

  10. Rahul

    Hi Harsh,

    You get payment from foreign companies. Do you have to pay FERA tax ? Please tell in detail

  11. Rusdi

    Hi, Harsh
    this is 2nd time i read your blog and i thank you very much for sharing such a valuable information on blogging and how to get money from blogging.

    i have just learning making blog, waiting next great share from you and hope you get more success in near future

    from indonesia

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Welcome to ShoutMeLoud Rusdi & I hope next post would help you grow too.

  12. Rahul Zajari

    Great income and great investment i know your investment will never go worth thanks and keep sharing your thoughts with us.

  13. Sharad Gupta

    Congrats Harsh for continuing the great success …

  14. Riya jain

    hello harsh
    you always shocked me… wow great job
    Enjoy dear be always happy in your life… thanks dear for your motivator post..
    carry on well done dear

  15. Aman Yadav

    Harsh do you have written any post on clickbank affiliate marketing

  16. elle setar

    WOW ! That is just amazing. Are you only one who is working with this website ? you mentioned freelancers ? you mean content writers ?


    Hi Harsh,

    Very inspiring article you shared with us. You are earning good from various source from online. I notice that you are making some good online from your own e-book. And adsense income is some low if it compared with your traffic stats.

    Anyway, you are doing good job and keep motivate us by revealing your monthly report:-D

    Happy blogging.

  18. tejas g

    your earnings are amazing harsh .. it really inspires me . I wish o can go upto these figures in upcoming years 🙂 thanks

  19. Ravindra V S

    Your Income Report is Awesome @Harsh. I would Like to Know what kind of Direct Ads that can Increase my blog’s earning.

  20. Ashish

    I see you have spent $154 on Awber, you switched to Sendy for sending emails right? then how come still you are paying for Awber? I would like to know if Sendy is working for you or you abandoned it?

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