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It’s familiar to everyone that you can drive a huge amount of traffic if you have good followership on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. But it’s not that easy as people tend to be choosy and follow only when the community looks appealing and useful. Hence, today I’m going to share how to make people follow you on twitter.

How to get more Followership on Twitter:

Make your profile appealing.

As it is said, First impression is the last impression. Design of your page is the first thing which can be manipulated to make people stay on your page for longer and the more they stay, they are more likely to follow you.

Make your page illustrative by adding images and amazingly informative content. Beautify it in every way you can.

Make ’em aware of your existence.

Now that you have an amazingly cool and appealing page what if no one can see it?! Therefore, to make people aware of your existence you need to follow other people in your niche and engage in healthy discussions which would make people click on your profile link and give you some exposure.

Give what you want.

Once somebody follows you, you should follow them back.You need to build up relationships with people related to your niche as it helps you build up your a network.This is a great tactic to invite people to follow you as they know they will be earning a follower too. So, if you follow me, I’ll follow you too.

Editor’s note: Following everyone could be distracting for many, so I would suggest: be your own boss here and decide if you wish to follow every one who follows you or follow only selected people. Personally I follow only selected Twitter users.

Retweet your way to the top

Retweeting is a great way to make people follow you.If they know that you often share great info they would be pleased to follow you. Moreover, bloggers like me love retweets. If you retweet their posts they would simply love to follow you. Make sure you Tweet and Retweet only interesting links which people pass on to their twitter timeline.

Engage into healthy discussions

Expanding this topic, You can always engage yourself into discussions related to your niche. This not only gives exposure to your brand but always proves the quality of your content if you can share useful information in your discussions.

So these were the 5 golden tips which you should follow in order to ensure a nice followership. Do let us know about your success story of increasing Twitter followers count?

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6 thoughts on “How to Make People Follow you in Twitter”

  1. Surender Sharma

    Twitter has emerged as a social media tool to connect each others.We can say it as a big marketplace too.
    All the points mention by Karan are really useful to get more followers on Twitter.

  2. jaganmangat

    all the tips are nice,i follow shoutmeloud but it don’t follow me back…[i read give what you want]..???!!

  3. himanshu

    great post Karan. If you will promote others content, they’ll help you. hey karan your site is blocked. please check it.

  4. vijay

    These are the best ways to get more followers as well as drive more traffic from social medias if one follow these tips,Thanking you karan…

  5. Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Great tips Karan.

    I would also agree with the editor’s view of not following everyone. I too do the same thing i.e. follow back some people who I like, but not everyone, as that can get quite distracting.


  6. Chadrack

    Great and useful points you have here. I’ve been trying to really be more relevant in twitter but have not really found myself giving it the attention it deserves. I hope to put these tips to use from now on.

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