Why Did You Start Blogging?

It’s no news to everyone here that ShoutMeloud is a blog that teaches Blogging, WordPress, Technology and Make Money Online. Harsh Agarwal has been doing a good job to teach as many people as he can. He definitely knows why did he start blogging.

Why Did You Start Blogging?

Why blogging?

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Years back, Blogging was just a hobby and people used to maintain a personal blog as an online diary. But in recent time, Blogging has evolved way ahead of them, and people who started a blog for self-interest are making handsome income out of it. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with making money from your Passion. Many people blog, just to share their ideas and their codes. For example, a WordPress developer. Many people blog because they hate something, and they like to rant about it on their blog. Many bloggers like me and you blog to share information and make a living out of it.

Every Blogger and every blog serve a purpose and here I’m going to ask a simple question to know, Why did you start Blogging? What made you love writing and what made you a Blogger?

Do you, also feel stronger when you say in the crowd “Hey! I’m a Blogger”?

This is going to be short and direct. This is a question for everyone reading this to answer. The answers you give will make this post longer. I know you are hesitating to answer the question. Think well before you answer it.

Before you star blogging or using all the plugins, methods and medium of blogging, the first thing you need to know is why you started blogging. The reason you started is the strength you hold on to when you are not getting anything from your blog.

Please note. Don’t just read and continue your surfing online. I need you to do three things.

  • Read through.
  • Answer the question.
  • Share this post with all your friends so that they also can respond to this.

One benefit of doing this is that you will let people know why you are blogging. Whenever they need anything related to why you are blogging, they will contact you. Then, you render them your service or product.

So let’s get started!

Why did you start Blogging?

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Adesoji Adegbulu is an entrepreneur, consultant and a patriot who provides solutions for people, business and nation(s) in the good way he can through "Problem Solvers Wanted". He also lives the internet lifestyle and teaches people (mostly Nigerians) on how to do the same on Make Money Online Nigeria


COMMENTs ( 17 )

  1. says

    I first started blogging so that I could just write. Simply write. I have loved writing all my life. With time this has grown to include blogging about my areas of interest like technology, social media and even politics. And now, I want to make something out of it.

  2. Shadab says

    “If you do the work of your interest, is like to play the cricket by cricketers” – Shadab
    While I was in institute, I love to play with HTML, CSS and designing the webpages and I decided that I will work on it because I love it and never submit our resume to institute for in campus job placement because if I do the work of my interest for 5 hours regular then it will be like a play but If I do what we don’t want for only 1 hour, will be so much time for me.
    “Do work what you love doesn’t imply do love what you work” – Shadab

    Dedicated to all bloggers around the world –
    “We never work for multinational companies to earn the money while we work for others free of cost and Google is already there for our earning.” – Shadab
    “Be a worker of a big company is never better than the owner of a small company” – Shadab

    Best Regards!

  3. Saurabh Mukhekar says

    I started my blogging journy coz,on that time I really wanted a platform from which i can express my ideas and knowledge.blogging make me a true techno lover,i learned lots of stratagies,tricks & now learning varity of business tactics.Blogging help me to create my own web identity,blogging encourage me to start my own business.
    I blog coz of my passion not for few of dollers! So readers are honey for me,not a money!

  4. Zenil Shroff says

    Well in early 2008 i came to know that money can be made online, but don’t know how, started with blogspot blog, then moved to wp and started money from link sales. After that i bought many sites/domains and then earned good amount from link sales. For me definition of making money online was only through link sales, traffic and adsense were dreams for me.

    But in 2010 i came realized that there is no passion in what i was doing and i decided to go for tech blog in which my passion lies, off course money was there but i didn’t knew how to make it. But i decided to strictly stick to G’s guidelines and it rewarded me handsomely with good monthly adsense check.

    Reward less passion is of no means and i think some reward is good enough to boost your passion and make you stick to what you like.

  5. sudha says

    My story is that, I started blogging because I wanted to express what I think about Life, be a source of information for as many people as I can and creating a brand for myself.

  6. TechChunks says

    Knowledge sharing, feeding my Passion for Technology and earning Money – these are my top 3 motivations for blogging!

  7. Namit Gupta says

    I spend much time on internet, so i started blogging to share with others whatever i find interesting and important. and my blog is also a platform for me to experiment with new things that i learn, like seo, wordpress, designing….and ofcourse making money is an obvious thing :)…

  8. kothapally arun says

    I started blogging as a time pass and a way to express my self which turned out to be a hobby and other things later.

  9. Sandeep Singh says

    Heyo harsh, even i am a new blogger and i started the blog to gain knowledge and even this blogging helps improve your writng skills bro….

  10. Keziah says

    Hey Harsh , dont take this personally and I dont mean to offend you anyway,but I would like to know how you started blogging in the first place itself.Did you read the article in Times of India called Earn while you blog? .I too live in Mumbai,India and wanted to do blogging but doing two graduation courses is a tough job.But I must appreciate you.Your site has a very good traffic rank in alexa and in India too.

  11. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says

    I just finished my B.E.
    I dont have any interest in my subjects…. Though i studied for 4 yrs i dont have any knowledge in my subject. ??!

    Blogging and webdesign is my passion and too i want to earn money from this because i have no job right now… :-)

    If anyone guide me about theme creation and traffic making techniques for me
    I will be very grateful for them

    what your story Adesoji ????

    • freeblogger says


      My story is that, I started blogging because I wanted to express what I think about Life, be a source of information for as many people as I can and creating a brand for myself.

      You can learn theme creation on the internet. It’s easy to do anyway. The only secret to traffic is good contect that solves real problems…