Top 10 Reasons Why People Blog

Blogs today have become an essential part and need of the most part of generation worldwide. It’s raining blogs. Life was never so tech savvy before this. Whether one needs advice, needs to share a personal experience, be aware of the views on any topic, all one needs is to gear up and punch in a few keys and write a blog. With the birth of blogs conventional writing has taken a back seat. Ink is replaced by the keyboard and readers are targeted globally.  Blogging gets you the reactions from worldwide. It provides a place to say it and be heard.

Reasons Why People blog

In general, ‘blog’ used to mean a personal online diary, typically concerned with boyfriend problems or techie news. But after September 11, a slew of new or refocused media junkie/political sites reshaped the entire Internet media landscape. Blog now refers to a Web journal that comments on the news — often by criticizing the media and usually in rudely clever tones — with links to stories that back up the commentary with evidence.

Catherine Seipp in the American Journalism Review

Top 10 reasons why people write blogs:.


It’s a great way of meeting new people, globally or locally.  Blogging helps to spread ideas and connections beyond geographical boundaries. You can connect with your friends, family or fans to let them know what you think about certain issues. You can ask them about their opinion or share important happening in their lives.

Advertising and Branding

Since the large part of the population is internet friendly, a lot of companies see it as a profitable exercise to blog and advertise their company. Through the blogs they can also get reviews on their products and hence test the waters. It’s a great platform for branding of the products. You can talk about your products and its features, how it works etc. Inform the readers about the new products that are to be launched in the future and answer their query on same.

To connect with like-minded people

Blogging helps bringing in together the people who think alike. When you blog on a certain topic. Sometime they help you to take your thoughts forward. Through blogs a lot of idea sharing takes place, that couldn’t have been possible otherwise.

To create awareness or get your voice heard:

This is one of the reason why people blog. Sometimes it just takes a simple move to start something big. Many blogs are issue-based, meaning the blogger is trying to provide information to sway people’s thinking in a certain direction. Many political blogs and social issues blogs are written by bloggers who are trying to make a difference in their own ways. Such blogs bring people together and connect them. For example, if you see any injustice and you raise your voice about that on your blog so that lots of people react on that and probably there could be a mass movement.

Self Promotion

It’s an excellent way to promote yourself in the field of one’s’ expertise or interest. By writing blogs one can share the knowledge as will showcase your skills in front of your potential employees, who would read your blogs. This will also help legitimize your expertise and expand your online presence and platform. It also helps in promoting your credibility.

To help others

A lot of blogs are written to help people going through certain phase or circumstances. Like break-ups, disease, parenting, depression and so on. It is difficult to talk to someone personally on these topics. Such blogs work in a therapeutic way for such people.  It also makes them feel that they are the only one going through such phase but there are so many others who are going through the same situation.

Stays in touch

Personal blogs are a great medium to stay in touch with the family and friends, whom you cannot see every day. To let them know what you feel about them. Make them feel special. Share what is going on in your life or advice them on certain topics.

To satisfy your creative side

Sometimes your mind is abuzz with creative ideas, which you are not too sure of, expressing openly, you have a lot of fear of their acceptance, or you are not too sure how to start something like that, blogs are the best option for unleashing your creative ideas. It not only gives you readers who might admire your work piece but also gives your confidence a boast. One also has a liberty to write semi professionally.

Create a record

By writing online open journals one can create a record for future, for personally use like kids and family so that they can refer back to it in the future.

To gain Knowledge

There are almost half a million blogs available on web, they cover almost every topic. One can gain and share information on the topic of interest. Updating blogs regularly with the latest information is a perfect way to stay abreast with the events in a specific field or topic.

There are certain things, which are to be kept in mind while writing a blog. A blog should be updated regularly with the latest information otherwise is considered as a static web page for the readers. This in turn will mean less credibility for the blogger and even lesser traffic on the blog. Before starting with the new blog, it is essential that you should define a goal for it and what do you want to accomplish out of it. You should know who are your readers and blog should be written in order to meet their expectations. Your blogs should reflect your personality and not something you are not.

These are some ways that will help you sail smoothly. Do let us know other reason why one should start blogging now?

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  1. says

    Well I agree with Samir totally, we would be hypocritical if we deny “Making Money” as one of the reason…one advantage of blogging is that you might get your potential client, who can turn out to be your regular reader and can hire you for some services by getting impressed with your knowledge that you share on your blog, so its a nice platform to expose your expertise.

  2. says

    I blog so that my voice can reach to more peoples. When you blog or speak your words on Internet you target peoples worldwide which is difficult by other medium.

  3. khalid says

    I blog for achieving a certain number of visitors to my blog and as soon as I achieve that, set a new target for me, So the interest exist always.

  4. Rakesh says

    Yeah! blogging was very diverse dimensions. you can use it for practically anything. Be it for passion for profession.

  5. vrunda says

    Well good reasons..

    I blog for learning new things.. because for developing a blog we need to read new posts write new posts.. have to be much involved in the topic what you are blogging… It’s for knowledge sharing.. & also making money..


  6. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Some peoples blog for happiness, some for satisfaction, some to make money online and I am to earn a living with blogging.

  7. DailyTechPost says

    Well I agree with Samir totally, we would be hypocritical if we deny “Making Money” as one of the reason…one advantage of blogging is that you might get your potential client, who can turn out to be your regular reader and can hire you for some services by getting impressed with your knowledge that you share on your blog, so its a nice platform to expose your expertise.

    Thanks Sachin for this post :)

  8. Tech Maish says

    Blogging is gaining more popularity with the passage of time, and due to its profitable and increasing growth companies are not more interested to advertise on blogs.
    Very useful article.

  9. Samir@Indihow says

    Well doesn’t anyone else notice a huge gaping hole in that list?
    Guys what about blogging just to make money online?

  10. Thiru says

    Nice write up Sachin. Blogging is a stress buster, a true blogger can realize it. I just can get rid of my tensions and stress while blogging.

  11. Mukund says

    Yeah!! I completely accept with the starting few lines in this post!! Every day, you find thousands of blogs pouring over the blogosphere but only few stand alone!! How ever, I blog about blogging and try to help the newbies!! And to make some cash too!!!

  12. Kevin says

    Blogging also acts as a stress reliever. Blogging makes it easier to project your views about any event, situation and you feel good going about it.

  13. Suzanne McDonald says

    I suppose this would fall under advertising and branding, but blogging can also build out content and boost search engine optimization, aka SEO, aka Google rankings.