Useful WordPress Email Marketing Plugins to Kick Start Email Campaign

Online marketing has different faces like social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising etc., but still email marketing is consider to be the best practice because it directly reaches people via mail. Having a good list of niche based Email list is always important for any successful online business. The very first step to get started with E-mail marketing is by creating a list, and this could be done in many ways: Showing your Email subscription as a pop-up, Offering something for free and so on. There are many ways and to integrate all these methods in your blog, there are various WordPress email marketing plugins are available.

Now, the idea is to get genuine followers and that will happen when you are giving something useful, but also you should give them enough option to subscribe to your blog. Here I’m talking about couple of plugins but I, highly recommend you to try Thank me Later and Newsletter sign-up. First one will help you to send an Email notification to WordPress users (Commentators) in the form of reminder email to your commentator in the form a thank you note and later one will help you to increase your subscription.

Wordpress email marketing Plugin

But, how to get those niche contacts? If you are a WordPress users the job is going to be very simple. Here I listed some basic wordpress plugins that helps you to kick start email marketing campaign.

5 WordPress Email marketing Plugins:

1. Thank ME later

Thank Me later WordPress Plugin

Thank Me later WordPress Plugin

If you are a blogger, how many times have you commented on some blog and never ever visited it? As a blogger, it’s always a good idea to remind your readers to subscribe to your blog by various option. Thanks me later is one of the highly recommended plugin in this list of useful WordPress email marketing plugins which help you to send a thank you note Email to your blog commentator. Email template is completely customizable. When you install this plugin and configure it, you have an option to send thank you note to all previous commentator. Best practice would be, you can offer some freebies to your commentator in exchange of Email subscription or you can give brief info about your blog and offer varioud option to subscribe. <Link>. Don’t set this plugin to send too many Email notifications.

2. Newsletter Sign-Up

WordPress NewsLetter Signup Plugin

Converting commentator to a regular reader is easier than just a stumbler. Though, golden rule of any conversion is call to action. Newsletter signup plugin is one of the very useful WordPress Email subscribe plugin. It adds a small check box to your comment form& register form. So, whenever a user register or comment on your blog he can check the box and signup for your blog newsletter so they can get instant updates about your products or blog updates. This plugin can be easily integrated to all types of email marketing services such as Mail chimp, YMLP, Aweber, iContact and others. This feature is by default available on sites and proven to be very useful for increasing subscription rate. <Link>.

3. AutoChimp

Mail chimp is one of the best aweber alternative program, which is mostly used by online marketers. Auto chimp will keeps websites users and mail chimp mailing list in sync and helps to create campaigns from post. Autochimp will help you manage most part of your mailchimp management from WordPress dashboard. The easiest part is creating campaign from the post itself, this will be real time-saver for many busy online marketers. You must need a mail chimp account in order to use this plugin in your blog. <Link>

4. WP Better Emails

WordPress Better Email

WordPress Better Emails

Default WordPress Email notification is just line of text with no branding and no customization options. WordPress better plugin customize the templates of all emails (lost password, notifications, guest post registration etc.,) that comes from a WorPress blogs into beautiful good looking HTML templates. You can customize the look by designing an Email newsletter template based on your blog design, which really helps in creating brand impression on your business that makes you stand out the crowd. <Link>

5. Export Emails

Your blog is the best place to collect emails to start a email marketing campaign because you can easily extract mail ids of people who are interested in your niche. This plugin allows you to backup and export all email ids of commentators who left comments in your blog so it’s a great advantage for you to collect all those ids and save it for future communication with them. <Link>

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, if you know more email marketing related WordPress plugins, do let us know via comment. If you looking for more useful plugin repo, check out following posts:


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This is a guest post by Ron Davis. He is a freelance blogger and a passionate social media marketer, who is currently working on rockablepressdiscountcode.


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  1. KBharath says

    As you said the Email Marketing works great if we have the right and the Targeted Traffic with useful stuff on the Blog which helps people. as per me when it comes to Making Money Via Blogging we have to help people then only we can make money and gain Popularity/Credibility.

  2. Shiva says

    This are some really good plugins for email marketing. Thanks a lot Ron for sharing it. I am currently not that into email marketing but I have been using Thank Me Later for a long time. I have been thinking of getting into email marketing now and I can make use of some of the plugins that you have mentioned. I will check them out. Thanks again

  3. jayaar says

    Quite a lot to appreciate and very much to agree with!
    Social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising etc., are sure to give success in the long run.
    Direct email is the best way to get instant results and this implants credibility and with this as the basis, we can achieve good results through the other ways of marketing.
    Good presentation!