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Top 9 WordPress Plugins to Get More Email Subscribers

Top 9 WordPress Plugins to Get More Email Subscribers

Earlier, I talked about importance of having newsletter for your blog, and out of all essential subscription option, we should focus more on Email subscription. It doesn’t matter if you are using Feedburner, Aweber, Getresponse or any other service to build Email list, but you should keep working on it to grow your Email list. There are many WordPress plugins, which let you create beautiful Email opt in form, to get more Email subscribers. Most of these below listed Email subscription plugin supports popular Email marketing services.

Email list is one of the essential part of a Blog and I have already talked in detail about it earlier:

Undoubtedly, building an email list on your blogs can be a BIG asset for your online businesses in the long run. Most people, especially the new bloggers don’t know how to grab their audience attention to make them subscribing to their blogs. If you want to get more people subscribing to your blog, you must have compelling offer on your blogs. To get it done easily, you should consider using few Email subscription WordPress plugins to grow your list.

WordPress plugins to grow Email subscribers:

Here are 10 awesome WordPress plugins to grow your email list.

1. Welcome gate (free):

Welcome gate is one of the best plugins to quickly build an email list for your blogs. I personally use this plugin and I recommend you if you want to get more email subscribers. This is a FREE plugin. A Welcome Gate is a cross between a popup and a squeeze page. But it’s far less annoying and aggressive than both. It creates a landing page on your blog’s home page.

Download it here

2. Optin skin (premium):

Optin skins is developed by Glen Allsoop (the founder of top blog “ViperChill”) to easily build an email list with cute opt-in forms on your blogs. Most popular bloggers like Glen, Pat Flynn of “Smart Passive Income” uses optin skin plugin on their blogs. This plugin helps you to create great opt-in forms at the end of your blog posts to make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your email list without any hassle.

Optin Skin WordPress Plugin

Features of Optin Skin plugin are:

  • Split test to track your results
  • 18 Default designs to grow your email list
  • Ability to create custom designs too
  • Ability to place these opt-in skins anywhere on your blog with just one click

Download here

3. AWeber web form plugin (free):

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I use Aweber to build my mailing list. I already shared how easy it’s to create your Email list using aweber and shared some tips to grow targeted Email list. AWeber created a FREE WordPress plugin to create and grow your email list faster. This will create a check box at the end of your blog comments, so that your blog commenters will find it easy to subscribing to your email list. If you are using Aweber, you can disable jetpack newsletter feature, and use this plugin to grow your Email list. Specially, people who comment on your blog, are most likely to sign-up for your updates.

Download here

4. Pippity (premium):

If you want to display cute pop-up forms (I know, most pop-up’s annoy the visitors), Pippity is for you. Pippity is a light box pop-up WordPress plugin that allows for A/B split testing, advanced filters like referrer status, custom popup boxes etc. It has pre-defined designs for popup’s in it’s collection that you won’t need to modify anything from them.

Buy Pippity

5. WP Subscriber magnet (premium):

This is a great plugin to get more email subscribers, this plugin is available just for $37 (on a single site), and worth every PENNY.

Subscriber Magnet WordPress Plugin

 Few features of this plugin are:

  • Optin Form embedded inside the comment
  • Automatically subscribe the commentators to your autoresponder when they make their first comment
  • Great looking popins
  • Optin Form at sidebar
  • Subscribe checkbox at comment
  • Optin form in the footer
  • Entice your readers to subscribe in your email list by automatically filling up their user name and email address

Download the plugin here

6. Hellobar (free and premium):

This plugin is used by one of the top blogs, this plugin creates a small header bar in your blog header section (above your blog’s logo) and your visitors can’t easily get away without noticing it. You could use hellobar plugin to grow your affiliate sales, or direct users to landing pages. If you have compelling words on your hellobar, you can bring more email subscribers to your list in no time.

7. Subscribe to Download for WordPress (premium):

Subscribe to download WordPress plugin

Subscriber to download for WP sites give you freebie download system that will automatically confirms emails of your readers and sends downloadable links to them. You can keep track of your subscribers, and can export your list to any email autoresponder!

Download here

8. Popup domination (premium):

Popup domination users

This is one of the most popular Email subscribe plugin for WordPress. If you want to quadruple your email list on your blogs, this is a MUST have plugins then. Seriously, popup domination is a great plugin that will create pop up’s on your blog (they look great on ANY blog design) and help you get more email subscribers. The best thing is, you don’t need to be a designer or coder, to use this plugin. Easy to integrate, and easy to use.

Download it here

9. Optin crusher (free):

This is a FREE plugin that will help you create an email opt-in form at the footer of your blogs. It won’t look clumsy, but it gives more visibility for your visitors to subscribing to your email lists. Here is a video showing working of Optin crusher WordPress plugin:

Get it here

All the above listed Email newsletter WordPress plugins are popular for one or other reason. Depending upon your marketing strategy, you can pick any of them. You can offer free eBook on your niche topic, which will also help in grow your Email subscription rate. Pop-up are annoying, but they work better than any other method. I’m trying the same with Facebook pop-up light box WordPress plugin.

Do let me know which WordPress plugin you are using to grow Email subscription on your blog? Are you building separate squeeze page to grow Email subscriber or some other method?

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  • Saket Saurabh

    My favorite is Feedburner Optin Form. It is based on Google Feedburner. Very simple and easy to use. And, on top of that, its free.

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been using Simple Subscribe and worked fine until recently. It’s not sending post notifications anymore and the reviews I’ve read, other people are having problems as well (that aren’t being resolved). Which of these plugins will also send post notifications? Thank you!

  • Gopi

    Try Email subscribers wordpres plugin. It have options to send notification email to subscribers when new posts are published to your blog.

  • srinivas

    Hello Harsh, really great list with really useful plugins list. Personally i am using hellobar from the list on my new blog. Its looking decent and pretty good. After going through your post i want to give it a try for aweber plugin which you are using and subscribe to download. BTW @AmmarAli thanks for your mention of that plugin. I have been looking for one of that kind. :)

  • Ugochi

    I just installed the hello bar on my site and was wondering if the email subscribers it collects will be reflected in my feedburner list. Is there something I can do so that when I get new subscribers it will be included on my feedburner subscribers list?
    I await your reply please.

  • Subbareddy

    Excellent List . My email marketing plugin search ends here

    Thanks for the useful information .

  • anand kjha

    sir! but some where i read that popups window are bad for website seo is this true?

  • Luke

    Very helpful info. Do you know if any of these can easily be placed across the top of the front page, like a squeeze page? I’m tired of OptimizePress’ look and feel….

  • Marcie

    Thanks for this comprehensive list of subscription options. I did a search on opt-in skin anniversary and found a goldmine.

  • Nizam Khan

    Wow! Awesome list of plugins. Well, most of these are premium but they are worth, however free ones also seems to be good. I will try optin crusher or welcome gate. Thanks Harsh for sharing :)

  • Ravi budhwar

    Thanks harsh bro. for sharing.i am currently using free plug in for e-mail Subscribers but is it any big advantage of using premium plugin or i should continue with free plugin.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Advantage with Premium stuff is usually, you get premium features, which you won’t find in free version. Though, at times there are few free plugins, which are also amazing. You should pick free or premium based on features you need for your blog.

  • Sandeep Chaudhary

    Great collection Harsh ! I just started a blog for spreading practical engineering to use in daily life & thinking to use Subscribe to Download for WordPress for making ebooks available to download. I hope it will be very helpful in my work.

    Hi @Ammar, as you are using it from last five years, I want to listen more about it from you.

  • Dean Salibaery nice list

    Very good list, Harsh, but I’d like to see a follow-up with only free plugins for those of us who either can’t afford premium plugins or those of us who are just too cheap to pay. :P

  • Ammar Ali

    Well, I’ve been using Subscribe to Download for WordPress from more than 5 years. It is helping me alot to distribute my blogger template to subscribers. :D

    Awesome list Harsh! :)

  • Thejas Kamath

    Great list of Plugins. I have already installed Welcome Gate plugin on my blog and it’s working quite well.

    At this moment, I cannot afford premium plugins for my blog. But I do think that these plugins could boost the number of Email subscribers on a blog.

  • Istiak Rayhan

    Hey Harsh,
    Nice list. WP Subscriber magnet seems useful to me. I will try it out. Instead of Hellobar I am using Viperbar. It works great for me.
    Thanks for the list.

  • Anand

    I have used some of the above plugins and some i have seen just now.thanks gonna try them out.hope i get more subscribers

  • Adam

    Let me add another valid tips to this list.

    Run a competition and ask users to sign up for the newsletter in order to avail the gift. The reach and subscriber count is depends on the product you offer so try to offer some good stuffs which the user like the most.

  • WPStuffs

    Excellent List Harsh..especially the Welcome gate and Optin Crusher is new to me..lets have a Try.

    Thanks a lot


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