How to Tweak Your Old Blog Content For Better Results

Having an old blog comes with it’s own share of advantage, and disadvantage. If you worked on creating a quality blog from starting, you must have built authority and credibility by now, but at the same time, majority of your old content is outdated or lack enough information. If you don’t believe me, take a look at your oldest blog archive. I’m pretty sure you might be seeing 20 to 30% of the first posts are nothing but waste of space and all.

They might be something you wrote when you were stepping in the field of blogging, when you didn’t had proper knowledge on that, which you didn’t wrote in a way you write now or something which is not relevant at this point of time or even something which is lost in the sand of time. That’s what we call waste of post, Right?

These kind of articles can really give you thumbs down on your blog rating or make your first time visitors say “YUCK” if they are stumbled upon your blog for the first time. Seriously, you don’t want that. Right? And that’s the reason why you gotta think outside the box and make sure your old archives can do something magical to improve your end results.

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How to Make Use of Your Old Articles on your blog?

Okay, let’s see how you can convert those piece of craps into something worth. We will be talking about ways to produce something new with the help of these posts or how to let readers reach out to your old articles.

Guest Blogging on those topics.

Your old articles are one of the best way to get new ideas for your guest post. As a human, you can actually write just another or more articles about one topic, right? Content differs with the way you write and the way you present topics. So why don’t you write yet another super post on those topics by including more or less and guest post it on some authority blogs to grab some of their loyal readers and put it into your blog? That’s something really works for me all the time.

Well, it’s not content spinning or rewriting. It’s just pure ethical blogging. So, read your old blog posts you’ve written decades ago and write something new about it and be the guest on other blogs.

Create Infographics.

Who wouldn’t love to view and learn from powerful images? Well, a picture tells a thousand words, right? If you agree so, it’s time to create some worthy Infographics and give some new experience to your readers. There are many awesome tools to create infographics like Piktochart and which let you to edit and produce high quality and exciting images. Note down the main points from the post you’d like to convert into an infograph and edit your image in a way that it’s powerful and simple.

Make sure:

  • It’s not overwhelming.
  • It’s not vulgar with various colors and fonts.
  • It’s simply edited.
  • To use titles.
  • To add images where it’s required.
  • To include your blog link and your name at the end.

You can use social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook to fire away these images to more audience.

Roll out some Video Content.

People love to watch videos far more than seeing images and reading texts. They will listen more and share these kind of content. Well, Google loves video content too. Youtube is the world’s most popular video portal, and it Youtube videos ranks pretty well in Google Search. Think of all the traffic you can bring in by rolling out a video content which have the potential to be popular.

I’m not saying that Youtube is your one and only option. There are sites like Vimeo with which you can reach out for more viewers and you can even post them on your blog or as a guest post.

Just like we create an Infographic out of old blog posts, list down the main topics and create your own video with it. You can even record your voice since humans are more magnetized to other people talking. Make it not too short and not too long. And in the end, make sure it’s worth watching and sharing.

Slideshows work too.

Slideshare your blog content

It’s becoming on of the quickest trend now. I’ve seen many bloggers and internet marketers who have driven some serious traffic into their blogs by creating slideshows. Speaking about them, SlideShare is the best place to roll out your Slideshows and it’s a platform which can actually help you to o reach your slideshows to millions of people. By using PowerPoint, you can can create Slideshows which will stand out and you have to consider those rules which I’ve mentioned while creating the infographics here too. Like we did with the videos and infographics, pick a sure post and roll out a super duper slideshow. You won’t regret it.

Update your Old Content.

Confused? Let me clear it then. Your blog might be probably having blog posts which were worth reading at that time when you posted it and which is not relevant at this present time.

Let’s see an example:

Consider you’ve written a blog post on how to rank better on Google about one year ago. At that time, you did mentioned using Meta Keywords and you only talked about optimizing the post by highlighting your keywords and by pushing long tail keywords into your title, URL and description.

But now we know that the Meta Keywords don’t work anymore and you have to gain more social shares and relevant back links to rank well on Search Engines. So it’s time to write a new blog post and update that topic on your blog. You can even link from that old blog post to your newer one. I’m pretty sure this will work just fine for you.

Find out blog posts which require something new to add up and write something new about it.

Call your Readers to Action.

This is for those who have worth reading articles on their blog which was written way too long ago when you didn’t had much of a readership. I’m talking about blog posts which was buried back in time. So, now that you have built a strong online presence and a huge readership, it’s time to call them to the action. Use of Facebook fan page, Google+ and Newsletter to let your loyal readers know that you have something worth reading which they might have missed. More over, this will encourage your readers to share your old content, and it will gain social signals for your old content. Don’t forget about the benefits of Social media SEO. You can also take advantage of service like JustRetweet which can help you bring more Social Shares to your blog posts.

Over to you.

We often get so busy with producing new content, that we ignore old content which requires your attention. If you want to build a quality blog, you should ensure that your old post remains updated, and informative. You can set a schedule like (revive one old post a day), and you will notice the improvement in traffic, and user engagement on your blog.

Wow, I can’t believe you read this far to the end of a 1100+ worded article. Well, I hope I didn’t killed your time for nothing. Thanks a lot for having the patience to read the post and I’m really looking forward to see your valuable feedback and opinions on the commenting section.

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  1. says

    It is just like stir frying the previous day meal by putting some herbs and spices into it to make it a fresh dish (I can’t remember what it is exactly called in Hindi but it sounds awesome). the same rule you can apply to make your old post fresh with new adds-on as mentioned in this post.

  2. Muhammad saleem says

    Hi Amal,
    We can really get benefit by writing a guest post on old topics and submitting them to higher page rank blog. Slideshare also play a big role in tweeting your blog post by making slides on them.

  3. Sagar T Rajan says

    Hello Amal,
    “No words about this post dude! Its just amazing.”

    My blog’s some of the old content are really worthless, I have decided to delete them yesterday. But, my luck, when you told about this article via Facebook. Otherwise, I will delete those content. The tips that you have delivered to tweak old content is really worthy and I am surely going try them.
    Thanks for this article.

  4. Alex says

    Nice piece of contents Amal.
    I’m going to create infographics for my old contents & also consider slideshare to capture these new part of traffics. :)

  5. rakesh kumar says

    alternatively you can also share the same post on social media. if you are admin of any facebook group than you can also pin such old articles, this way you can bring a lots of traffic to your old article.

    Rewriting is one such good idea, even harsh also do so. SO its always better to update your old post and attach them with your new articles.

  6. Liton Biswas says

    Blog Post about technology should be updated frequently. But there are some thing which don’t need to be updated. Such as self improvement.

  7. Ryan Biddulph says

    You know I am obsessed with videos Amal, LOL! Excellent breakdown here. So easy to simply create a minute long video on old blog post topics, publish and go to town promoting it. This is how I create some 50 or more video blog posts daily. Re-cycle and re-create, no need to invent the wheel each time out ;)

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Nwosu Desmond says

    This is really a great article and i totally agree with all you said here, tweaking old posts could help them gain better ranking or also lose present ranking, so ensure you are adding value to the post and do not take out anything that could make it lose ranking on search engines.

  9. marilyn cada says

    hello amal. i super agree about meta keywords. they do not work anymore since i have tried it. in fact, the keywords that rank well on my site are those keywords that i do not target at all.

    for example, my site ranked well in keywords “using with adsense” (Page one in Google) but i have no meta tags that of that phrase and even in meta description. i did not enter anything about “using with adsense” and yet i rank well on that phrase.. Google clearly changed the rules

  10. says

    Thanks a lot Amal. These tricks sounds to be really cool enough to reuse your old articles which are your assets and can do a great work with the same through guest posting even.
    Glad to find this thing and such a needy article. I was planning the same for reusing some old stuffs and making it “BEST OUT OF WASTE”.
    Thanks a lot for the share.
    Keep updating.


  11. says

    Amal, I love your idea to use Video to update some old posts. I had done some updating a few months ago and added new images and text but not video. Thanks for the suggestions here.

  12. Giriraj says

    Infographics has proven to be very useful recently for old content. Thanks for bringing these suggestions to the upfront.

  13. says

    Well said Amal to tweak the bad old content.

    Yeah, you are right! If I look at the posts of my beginning blogging period, it seems with low quality and hope some relevant information are missing.

    Your post has opened my eyes to give a better life to those posts, will do it.

    Thanks for sharing the unique ideas Bro, keep doing it :)

  14. says

    Hi Amal,
    Thanks for sharing those ideas. I have deleted some of my oldest bl0g post because it is poorly written and not worthy. Need to implement your ideas such as creating infographics, slideshows and creating videos.

  15. says

    Writing another post out of your old post and publishing them as guest posts in authority blogs is super idea. Probably this is the best thing you can do to get huge advantages our of something lying on a corner of your blog.

    Thanks Amal for the wonderful tips.

  16. Rizwan Shajahan says

    Infographics and videos are the best ways to tweak your old posts to get more out of it !
    And all those points which you offered are also vwery interesting ones
    We all really loved your way of writing !
    You are very open to the visitors
    And you write like you speak to us in person !
    Best of Luck

    Rizwan @ Blogger Kid

  17. says

    Hello Amal Bro,

    It’s a great experience for me to read your post on ShoutMeLoud.

    Really I got amazing ideas to better use of my old blog posts.

    I wish you success bro, keep rocking the web with such informative content :)