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ShoutMeLoud Monthly Income Report: July 2013

ShoutMeLoud Monthly Income Report: July 2013

It’s been a long since I have posted my last blogging income report, and here I’m posting it again for the sake of new bloggers, who is looking forward for more ways to earn from blogging. More over, this also helps me to set a higher goal for upcoming-months.

Past few months have been lots of up’s an down’s for many of my blogs, as I’m learning many new things, and implementing it. One of the best thing which I did in last couple of months is, changed one of my micro-niche blog monetization from AdSense to Affiliate, and picking the right affiliate product increased my earning from that blog by 150%.

I will be sharing all about my learning, and experiences like always, but for now lets look at the blogging earning report for the month of July 2013. Do remember, I’m only adding report for payment I got from various networks last month. For AdSense, I’m sharing the total revenue generated in the month of July.

ShoutMeLoud Income report for July 2013:

AdSense earning was quite low last month, due to disabling of ad for one of my micro-niche blog (which later enabled), and still one of my blog (ShoutMeTech) is facing AdSense ban due to placement violation (Blah!).

Also check out: My AdSense earning report for 4 years


  • Total: $7446.72

In last few months, I have stopped offering WordPress services for new clients, and only giving services to existing clients. I’m shifting to self serving model from service model, to ensure that I get better return for my time. Though, I will continue Free WordPress setup program and SEO consultancy, until few products which are in pipe-line are launched. Here is a screenshot of my PayPal account for the last month:

Paypal screenshot

I will be sharing all the details, when I have something concrete to share. I hope this earning report will help you to find new ways to monetize your blog, and earn more from it. Also here are some of the top articles from last month:

Top Posts from July 2013:


WordPress and design:

Make money online:




Don’t forget to share your income report from online work for the last month? Which new monetization network or technique you used, and worked for you?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1044 articles.

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  • Mike swan

    Oh great……Love to see blogging gives a huge amount of money…Keep it up.

  • Bishnu Dev

    This looks pretty Good! Great Man. This encourages me to work like you.

  • ashimima

    Wowwww. A lot of money you have made since 2008. Harsh Agrawal your earning is really high and it encourages me to work more and more to make money online.

  • Haroon Ashraf Awan

    Wow! Harsh Agrawal your earning is really high and it encourages me to work more harder to make money online. I have a Urdu Video Tutorials website. And You have a great blog! Salute you man! Keep on working hard you can reach 10K/Month easily.Your earning is really inspiring me.!!!

  • Biswajit Chopdar

    I am new to blogging field and i am a great fan of yours, your monthly income report help new bloggers like me to get some idea about different blog monetization ways. More than this it appreciates us for blogging. I want you to upload your new monthly income report of 2014 because blog monetization ways have changed a lot in 1 year.

  • Davinder

    i seen no one shows there income personally whenever i ask from friends real income but thanks for sharing its really lot from one blog btw i want to ask you do you still use Viglink ?


    • Harsh Agrawal

      Yes I’m still using Viglink on my different projects. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

  • Jeis

    Its really nice to see your monthly income reports here, but as i noticed your Adsense income is really very low, you should have to think about how to increase, coz now a days even a novice blogger is earning more than this.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      That’s because I hardly use AdSense. My main monetisation technique is affiliate and consultancy.

  • Lalit Sharma

    Mr. Harsh, thank you for sharing a nice information, but it is seems like a unbelievable thing because if you will convert $7446.72 to INR, it will become Rs. 4669480.84 and that is too much amount in a month. Can you please explain whether this is fake or real?

  • ajeet

    great nice income you have harsh keep inspiring us :)

  • Jay Samson

    Wow, you are quite inspiring! I’m trying to build an online income myself but I seem to be struggling. But seeing your progress is a great motivator, haha.

  • Anil Kumar

    Thanks for sharing your income report.. Keep it sharing every month, it encourages people to work as full time blogger.. Can i share this information to any where on the web to motivate other bloggers.

  • Piyush

    Really great sharing post for all new blogger’s and also very impressive earnings…….. :)

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Harsh, First of all…congratulations to you…you are the CHAMP. Secondly, I want to ask you Whether a blog/website having Alexa rank between 2000-2500 can earn 10000 USD only from adsense income or its just a rumour. Please reply.

  • shivankar

    Thanks for sharing this sir. sir please share some tips for this us to make income :-( unfortunately Google is not approve my adsense account…………….

  • Rajat

    Hi Harsh,
    I am new in blogging world and i am amazed to see your monthly income .
    Someday i would like to earn just like you.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Bela

    Wow, I`m jealous now :( but hard work pays off…
    Thank You for sharing


  • chris

    holy crap!!!! very impressive income. A university professor doesnt earn up to that.

  • manish kumar

    very good income and increase it more and more and i just want to ask you that what is Viglink and Skimlinks and please explain it to me in a very simple way.

  • Ranjith

    Hi Harsh

    Can you please tel me which affiliate Network you are using.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Ree

    Congrats on the earning.

    As professional, I would like to advise you to keep the total earning in P&C. Better be safe than never.

  • Nikki

    Thanks for the info! Very helpful for new bloggers. Need to check out Adsense and decide if I want to play with that program as well.

  • Edson Hale

    Mouth watering for me but we must keep in mind that you got this huge level of monthly income not in days or months; it took you years to reach to this lofty position and obviously this is enviable for us.

  • Nairacoded

    That is quite a huge sum. I am greatly encouraged to work harder and smarter with my blog.

  • Arivoli

    Nice income Boss. You are an inspiration to newbies like us. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Abhay

    Thanks harsh For publishing your income report.
    I also Planning to post my income report in next month.

  • aditya bajaj

    Hey Harsh, You don’t seem to be using Infolinks. However, I remember to have read somewhere on your blog about infolinks. Is there a reason you are not using it? Adsense problem?
    I also see that you are using Viglinks. Please explain which one shall I go for on my blog. I installed Infolinks yesterday on my blog.

  • Alterego

    Very impressive income, 7k is really awesome! :)

  • Honey Soni

    Hey Harsh,
    Thanks for revealing your earning report. this is a motivation for a newbie blogger :)

  • Harish

    Great earning. Why there is no fee for the big Paypal amount?

  • Ajay

    Very impressive earnings. Why most of your payment is without PayPal fee?

  • Rajib Kumar

    7.5k is really good income from a single website. Congratulation once again.

  • Satish Kumar

    Somewhere i see your blog income approx $ 25,000 or 35,000; but you mention something new figure here. your Affiliate program stuff is very impressive and direct ads generate better than Google Adsense. Well, still good figure of income here.
    Thanks for Share!

  • Altair Goh

    Dear Harsh, that’s some pretty neat affiliate marketing revenue! ;)

  • Avinash Kumar

    You are an awesome affiliate marketer Harsh. Keep it up Buddy. Your monthly report encourages other bloggers to work hard.
    Thank You. :)

  • Luis

    I have always dreaded coming here because I see all those income reports and become green with envy. Haha! Seriously, I wish I can be as successful as you are and I’m working hard at it. I hope to save enough money to start my own IT company.

  • Deepak Raghav

    Thanks dear to share monthly income report regularly with us and It makes me always energetic. Congrats for IBA award 2013.

  • Suresh

    Hi Harsh,
    Great earnings bro. You are an inspiration to newbies like me. Your affiliate earnings is nearly 20 times of Adsense income. It is pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing this info.

  • karthik

    Whoa man..congrats. 1239 articles OMG :) You certainly deserve it!

  • Gaurav

    Its quite impressive, and always motivational to try new revenue streams apart from adsense.

  • Hemal Shah

    Congratulations Harsh! Your blog won an award at IBAwards 2013

  • bluzog

    HATS OFF !

    hard work paid ! Encouraging factors for new comers like us. Keep the spirit high

  • Titus

    Wow Your Income Report is Really Inspiring ! Hello Harsh Post Something About Micro Niche Websites . Is Still Micro Niche Working ?

  • Gaurav

    it’s really inspiring harsh, it’s sounds like blogging is a great field to choose as career. but i read on many places about monthly income reports of shoutmeloud and they declare that harsh is earning $15000 and somebody saying SML is earning over $20000 per month. they calculate earnings according to traffic and coming to your site and include adsense as main income source of SML. what would you like say about these figures. is it true if you apply adsense on full site then you will able to earn such figures.

  • Prakash

    congratz freind.
    wish to earn more dan u somday,if possible :P
    but competition is tough for newbies more dan anyone.

  • Ankush Katiyar

    Hey Harsh,
    I am following you since past 2 years and it’s so great to see your income report again. I just want to know that I am running a software website. Can you suggest me what affiliate I can use for my website?

  • jassi

    Really this is inspiring post for us .. :)

  • sanchit

    Hey Harish, just checked out your site. It’s incredible! Cant believe that there
    is so much money in blogging. I was wondering though about the legality of
    earning in dollars, paying taxes and transferring money to India. Any advice on
    that issue? Registering your company in India etc? Thanks brother! Appreciate it

  • Orhionkpaibima

    Thanks for sharing,this should serve as an inspiration to upcoming bloggers

  • Ugee

    Amazing! I hope to get to this level with my blog soon. This really make internet business look amazing.

  • Kartik Sibal

    Quite encouraging!
    But do you mind em asking how many daily page-views do you have?

  • Hemant

    This is inspiring post for the bloggers like us, it motivates to work full fledged on blogging.
    Nice. Thanks


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