ShoutMeLoud August 2013 Income and Traffic Report

August was an awesome month for ShoutMeLoud in terms of changes and few achievements. I moved ShoutMeLoud from private VPS to WPEngine hosting, and already shared my experience of migration. Also, we won the best Indian blog award under blogging category.

In terms of revenue, it’s not same as last month income report, and as I mentioned earlier, in Affiliate marketing, revenue will always fluctuate, and I constantly need to explore new area of opportunities. Moving to managed WordPress hosting is a big move, and more over it increased my over all monthly expense by $200, which is worth looking at quality of hosting, and features I’m getting with WpEngine. This month I will be sharing income, traffic and best posts of last month.

Income report for August 2013:

In my last month income report many people asked me, what are the other affiliate programs that I’m using, and I have shared list of affiliate programs that I’m using. If you are starting with affiliate marketing, that list will help you to find some new and successful affiliate program for your blog. And, here is a complete breakdown of my monthly income report:


         Total Income: $6320.61

Compare to last month this was a dip of $1000, and it’s normal into affiliate marketing. This month, I’m aiming to cross the next goal of $7500, and make it more consistent. Do remember, my monthly blogging expenses is around $600, and personal expenses are around $2000. So if I combine all, my total saving for the month of August 2013 was $3720,61.

Traffic report August 2013:

After moving to WpEngine, I made a mistake of adding back dates to posts, and it sinked my traffic for couple of days. If you are wondering, what I’m talking about; you should read my case study on effect of showing dates. Now, lets look at how was the traffic report for the month of August 2013:

august 2013 traffic report

  • Monthly Visits: 135,718
  • Monthly PV’s and bounce rate: 225,437 & 74.75%

Most of ShoutMeLoud traffic is organic (Google, Yahoo, Bing), followed by direct traffic, Facebook and referral traffic. One thing which I have learned over the time is; it’s not the quantity of traffic matters, it’s the quality of traffic which matters. More quality traffic you will get, you can make more money from your blog.

Best posts from August 2013:

Here are some of the hand-picked articles from the month of August 2013, which you should not miss:


Make money online:


Best of the web:

Here are some of the links which I have picked from the web, and find it worth to recommend and read:

Here is the video of the month, which will give you basic of Inbound marketing:

Also, a Google Page rank update was expected by the end of last month, but seems, this time Google is kind of slow on page rank update. Hopefully they will roll out an update this month. Do let me know how was your month of August 2013 in terms of revenue and traffic.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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    • says

      I agree with your statement on ShareASale is bit slow…but overall I love the features over there.. UI of dashboard may not be very friendly for first-time users, but if you get accustomed with it, it will be easier from there.

  1. says

    Finally i started to earn money with my website. $229 is too low at the moment when compared with you.

    hope i will do better and achieve better income.

  2. Ashish Kumar Srivastava says

    Hi Harsh,
    Very impressive income report. I am a newbie , motivated by you. Have a long way to go so I need your support.

  3. ashutosh says

    Hey harsh,
    i am getting about 600 pageviews daily as shown in blogger dashboard. Should i apply for google adsense and how much i can earn monthly. My domain is 8 months old

  4. says

    Another great month indeed, it is cool to see how you are earning with your blogs and we can implement the steps on ours and also learn how to do it.
    Congratulations on your earnings!

  5. says

    Hey Harsh, it is really very kind of you to spread your income report. It helps us bloggers get an idea of what is possible and income to expect. It also makes us realise that it is super important to use different revenue streams!!

  6. says

    Great Harsh, You are going good. I wish, i could be a successful blogger like you, Thanks for sharing your earning/traffic reports with us, Wish you best of luck and more Success.

  7. Ankur Upadhyay says

    You are an inspiration for aspiring new bloggers like me, esp in my niche. I dream of earning something like this one day. Just keep going like this. Just a quesion, why did you decide to switch over to managed WPEngine Hosting? Is it because of Traffic?

  8. Dionne says

    It seems like direct advertising is where the money is at hahah. Quick question, how do you drive soooo much traffic to this blog??

  9. Aashish Sahni says

    Hey Harsh, this is highly inspirational for new bloggers. You mentioned 225,000 page views that resulted in 353$ Adsense revenue. I wanted to know how much is the PPC rate for Adsense as I’ve not yet applied for it?
    And please elaborate a bit on Shareasale, how can you earn money using it?

  10. says

    Harsh, would you please elaborate that other affiliate networks earning, which affiliate networks are good and gives you better earning. I have not implemented any kind of affiliate network, can you help me with any affiliate network which would suite my blog:

  11. PrIyAnGsHu says

    Great to see your revenue growing, Harsh. However, can you be more specific about the direct advertisements. Are they from this blog or from other blogs? And what type of direct advertisements are you making use of, to generate revenue?

    • says

      My Direct advertisements are from two blogs, including ShoutMeLoud.
      To give you an example, the header banner of DirectCPV which you see now, is a part of direct advertisement.

  12. kiran says

    hey harsh this is request to you as a subscriber since one year
    The web design on your blog is getting,my request is please redesign your blog as soon as possible.

  13. Ashwin kumar says

    Seriously, is it true that you are having just around 6000 visitor/day. Its hard to believe, as looking at your site’s repo and ranks, I mean this much is enjoyed by any blogger, although niches can be different and traffic targetted.

  14. Kashish says

    Great Income from affiliate marketing, I have more than 5k visitors daily on my blog but still not able to generate this much revenue, Reading your articles now.. lol.. :)

  15. charjan says

    congratulation …harsh…i am very much impressed by your article i will certainly follow your method for my blog.

  16. says

    Hi Harsh,
    I really get inspired writing more and more after reading these monthly reports you publish. Thanks for sharing the ways to earn and ways to earn more from Blogging.

    Hope you like my Blog and please feel free to suggest some changes, you would like to see on my blog.

  17. Anish K.S says

    Here, Traffic at Peak and Adsense at Its Worst , Big Drop in Earnings :(, Congrats Harsh for This figures.

    • says

      Good to see that you started publishing your income report, and now set a goal to make more than last month. Do remember, even if you can’t make more than last month income, don’t be shy to publish your income report. Always remember, this is almost like a zero investment business, and what ever you earning is great. This is not work but this is your idea of enjoyment, which is also making money for you. :)

  18. Anu says

    Hi Harsh,
    You mentioned $2000 is your personal expense. Can you please elaborate what kind of expense is that??

    • says

      Most of them are my daily need expenses…Just to give you a brief idea:
      Flat + monthly need: $1000 (I live in a rented flat)
      Car fuel: $100/month
      Mobile + broadband: $100
      Weekend getaways: $800+

      My expenses are more likely to go up, as I’m working on purchasing my flat, and home loan will increase my monthly expense.

  19. Karshim Kanwar says

    All the details are good and detailed explained but if you can still further divide Other Affiliate program earning fetching you $3522.1 will provide us better understanding which affiliates are currently rated good.

  20. Hemanth Kumar says

    Hey Harsh, As usual looking great. Does the AdSense down? and Can we expect more details on ” Other Affiliate Program”?