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    Should you do a Free review or Paid review?

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    Last time we talked about Paid reviews : Good bad or Ugly. This is the time when we should talk about the other side of Paid review.  Should we do a review for free or should we do for money.

    Paid or free Reviews are totally dependent on the kind of product you are reviewing. There are few aspects which I believe anyone should consider before deciding to do a review for free or paid.

    free paid review thumb Should you do a Free review or Paid review?



    If the product which you have been asked to review is relevant to your niche, don’t be afraid to do a review. If you find the product useful for your reader base and feels that other users are going to get benefited out of this product, grab a sample copy of the product and review it.

    Free or Premium

    Most of the time when an advertiser will contact you he will tell you about  a free version of product but most of the time, they will not tell you about paid version of the product. This is something misleading. When you are asked to do a review of a product, make sure you see if that website has premium version of that software. If yes, don’t be afraid to quote some thing for the review. After all he is not telling you about his product for social service. It’s business for them.

    In my case when ever I have been asked to do a review of any web service or product review, I scan that website and product and see if there is any premium version of that software is available or not. If that product seems to be useful and free, I review it for free but in case if the product is materialistic in any form, I always send my quotation for the paid review. One more thing, don’t be ask to send a review copy of product which are reviewing.

    What factor do you consider to create a difference between paid and free review?

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    Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    as said in my previous comment.. It is always nice and good to reviews which helps to make some extra income from blogging, but it comes to free I do prefer the products which is closely related and will also consider the reader prospective.. While doing free reviews I prefer to review Free products which are opensource..



    Both are Good options but it is obvious that Paid Reviews are better for Writers.



    I think anything that helps you making money from your blog is good. So i never mind paid reviews ;)


    Amandeep Singh

    According to me, rather than being on the extremes that we do only paid or only free reviews, It should be a mix of the two… If you do only free reviews, you are losing money when you can earn by charging (I think nobody will say that I will not charge for a review to someone who offers you to write one for them :D ) … also, if you do only paid reviews, the users may lose interest in what you write… Thats my view…


    Dana @ Online Knowledge

    They should pay me for review except for the product that i really like and find it very useful.


    Arijit Das

    I think Sponsored Paid Reviews are very best for the Writers…. But i think that we should do it for money.


    mad geek @ beingPC

    Both are good options………but I preferred Paid reviews more



    Good article, I and Pradeep were talking on the same lines. The product should be related to your blog niche, and don’t make it a blend of niches as you will use your loyal readers.


    Shabnam Sultan

    Paid reviews good for bloggers as u can make some extra money.


    Michael Aulia @Technology and Reviews

    I take sponsored reviews occassionally from socialspark. I’m still selective though as to what I should be reviewing. If people pay me $100 to review a travel agency, I normally reject it


    Technics Today.com

    I have interested on Free Reviews


    Aditya Kane

    The key here is integrity and trust. If the blog has too many paid reviews it will show and might cause readers not to take the posts too seriously.
    Best way to really go about it is to ask teh question if you are reviewing something that you would even if you were not paid for it. Here the paid part should be incidental. :-P
    A blogger showing integrity towards his own blog is very very important in the long run.


    Malhar Parve

    Harsh is right if a product is really useful for our followers or blog readers then there shouldn’t be any hesitation for reviewing it. This will increase your blog reader faith on what you talk on blog and helps in increasing your followers base.


    Sniff India

    i actually do not like the paid review concept, i think its just good to review for free and not charge anything for it. let the advertiser buy those sidebar ads if they are really happy with the review :)


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