Pros and Cons of Multi-Author Blog

As time passes in blogging career, you need to spread out your blog. Expanding your blog requires proper dedication and hard work. Managing social media, writing articles, commenting or doing SEO takes lots of time in blogging. If you also want to expand your blog and don’t have much time to manage all the things together then best option is to make your blog multi-author blog.

Multi Author Blog

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Either you can hire paid writers or revenue sharing writers who can write quality articles for you. If you are interested in revenue sharing program , then check out Shoutmeloud’s Revenue Sharing Program.  It is always good to have multi-author blogs but there are few disadvantages also. Here are few  pros and cons of having multi-author blog:

Pros of multi-author blog:

Regular updates

When you have multi authors, you will get more articles to publish on your blog. On the contrary, if you are the only one who writes on your blog there are chances that you might not update your blog because of other work. Not updating your blog frequently might result in losing loyal and regular visitors to your blog.

Articles from experts

Having different writers is a best way to provide quality content to your readers. Different writers, who have good experience in writing quality articles on different topics, automatically result in different quality post. Having multiple authors on a blog also increases the number of topics your blog is covering.

Time for other tasks

There are many task involved in blogging apart from writing articles. If you have multiple author blog, you can give your extra time to other tasks also, such as promoting your blogs or getting advertisers etc. In fact, writers will also promote their articles in their network which would result in driving more traffic to your blog.

Cons of Multi-Author blog

Quality Hampers

There are chances that your paid writers won’t write the way you write articles for your readers. All the writers may have different writing style thus there are chances that readers don’t like the uneven quality of articles. Many writers just write for money and thus don’t care about quality, which is the worst part of multi-author blog.

Tracking Writers

Keeping the track of all the writers is another issue. It becomes bit irritating to proof read articles, do SEO, check for duplicate content etc. Sometimes, editing of poor quality articles takes more time than writing our own articles. Another problem with paid writers is to track deadlines and proper planning, which again require lots of patience.

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If you hire any writer, of course you have to pay him. There should be transparency about the payment system in multi-author blog which is bit complicated. Handling writers payment issues or complains with ease is important.

In spite of having disadvantage, many multi-author blogs are performing excellent. What’s your insight of having a multi-author blog?

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COMMENTs ( 25 )

  1. says

    Multi author blogs though may be successful but these are difficult to manage and track payments. No doubt ShoutMeLoud is doing great but it is because of hardwork by Harsh!
    Blogs like Labnol are easy to manage but I guess post and content on single author blog requires too much effort. Kudos to Amit for that!

  2. says

    Yeah. Multi-author blogs grow very successful. As like that of yours, the SML Blog ;-).
    However, if a guy is really having guts then he can also make his personal blog sucessful. As like Labnol.

    BTW I just started blogging in my personal tech blog TechGYD. Let’s see what will happen. :-)

  3. TechGyo says

    Thanks for the tips. After reading this. I started guest posting. I have some issues with about author plugin to show post count and some more additional infomation. It would be great if you could recommend some plugins for the same

  4. Michael Aulia says

    I don’t know when I’m going to “open” my blog as a multi-author. At the moment I’m quite happy to manage it by myself although it is time consuming and not effective at all times.

    I guess I still want to treat it as my “baby” rather than my business. One day, it might change

    • says

      It’s Good that you treat your blog as your baby , Michael. But you can for sure get such writers for your blog who take care about your blog as you do.

  5. Techno-Pulse says

    Every coin has two sides. Here, the pros definitely out-weighs cons. So, we can consider a multi-author blog with a little precaution.

    • says

      Right Techno-Pulse, Having a multi-author blog is really good but you should able to handle your authors efficiently to avoid mess.

  6. Tanmoy says

    Multi author blogging is a popular concept now-a-days… Thanks for sharing nice tpoic.

  7. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    Nice article Ruchi. Am also trying to convert HBB into Multi-Authored Blog. Searching for a female partner.. :P

  8. Vishal Sanjay @ Dumb Little Blogger says

    Its a wonderful post!! I think if a blogger strictly makes a statement on the quality of the post and disagrees to publish low quality posts, then the quality will increase. Getting fully made posts for free is such a great help that most bloggers can’t afford to decline them.

    I believe that all bloggers must allow guest posting on their blogs, for their own benefits and as a good deed towards the community.

    • says

      Agree with you Vishal, if you get good authors than its totally win win situation for both author and blog owner.

  9. Dev @ Blogging Tips says

    Awesome Post ruchi.

    You have mentioned some solid Pros and cons of Multi-Author Blog.
    Thanks for sharing your insights.


  10. Shekhar Sahu says

    I am also thinking to invite guest authors. You can help your authors for quality, a training, or tell them to first read ur old posts!

  11. Robin says

    If the Team is not creative and innovative then running a multi user blog is totally a bad choice .. I am in the process of converting my blog to multi author blog. will keep the cons in mind :)

    Thanks ruchi.

    • says

      Right Robin, If your authors are not good then you only have to spend time in editing articles and tracking them. It’s time consuming.

  12. dadhakumar says

    Nice points for consideration for the bloggers who don’t have enough time to update their website.

  13. Hesham @ How to Blog says

    Nice post!

    Probably you know I am running a multi-author blog since 7 months now, I can say it’s not easy to manage a multi-author blog and dealing with all it’s members, lots of communication and emails, solving problems, organizing post publishing and some times more editorial work to get posts exactly the way you want and fit your blog publishing template…. etc!

    You have to do all this and not forget about your blog development, blogs are like used cars, you have to get your hands dirty all the time to guarantee good performance, and adding new futures, updating plugins, enhance your theme/design …etc!

    So.. imagine one person is doing all that, and also have to write for the blog at the same time and publish his/her own articles!

    I actually have a few goals and plans for the future of as a multi-author blog, I believe that all this can work with a solid plan and hard work!

    Thank you for the good points in your article!

    • says

      Glad you like the post Hesham.
      When you have lots of plans and strategies, it better to choose for a multi-author blog.
      Anywayz…Wish you luck for all your goals.

    • Tushar says

      as harsh said about quality, there is one important thing which i would like to add.
      Review every post before you publish it….make others contributor rather than author and this way you can control quality