Points to Consider While Selecting Niche for Your Blog

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Points to Consider While Selecting Niche for Your Blog

Recently I shared an article about benefits of niche blogging. No doubt, selecting right niche blogging can do wonders in earning income as well as in getting huge traffic. But selecting niche for your blog might be confusing for many bloggers thus I thought of sharing few tips which will help you to choose right niche for your blog.

Before starting a blog , you need to have proper planning and strategy. I would suggest you that when you want to plan to decide the niche for your blog, note down all pros and cons for all the points given below. This will help you to select the niche for your blog properly and you will be prepared for advantages and disadvantages of that niche which you might face while setting up your niche blog.

Selecting Niche for Your Blog

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5 tips to consider before selecting niche for your blog:


Write down the list of all your interesting topics for niche blog . It can be technology, life, personal or relationship, you need to select the one which you love to talk about and share the information about. Blogging is all about love, passion and sharing knowledge. If you are not writing articles of your interest then it would be tough to gain more knowledge and share it effectively with your readers.

Consider future

Blogging is an ongoing process and you need to be innovative and unique to get successful. You need to update your blog frequently and thus before selecting the niche for your blog, think how long you can come up with quality articles and what is the future of niche you have selected? Don’t choose a niche for your blog which you can’t run for more than 1 year and don’t think for a successful future.


When it comes to start a blog and promote it to drive traffic then only your interest won’t work. If you want your blog to get successful, you need to select the topic which even you like and the topic is popular in blogosphere also. Check out what kind of niche blogs are trending and people find interesting to search. You can use keywords tools to find out that what kind of search is highest for any specific niche.


Sometimes you need to be smart and select the niche which has less competition in blogosphere, this will help you to create your identity fast as compared to other niche which already have thousands of blogs and tough to stand in front of successful bloggers. To find the competitors of the niche you want to select, just Google the topics of your niche and you will find what kind of competitors you will have to face, while you will start with blogging.


Niche blogging is best way to make money online but before selecting the right niche, you must check out that  is it worth for earning income or not? Use search engines to find out that how many advertising networks are providing ads relevant to your blog niche or how much chances are available to choose the profitable affiliate programs?

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Selecting niche for your blog is not an easy task , you need to do lots of research and plan your strategies for future. Share with us , What strategies and tips you follow to select niche for your blog?

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  1. Atul Rishav says

    Hello Ruchi,

    Nice post, I am also starting a blog the only problem where i am getting is selecting the proper niche. I am totally interested in technology part but am bit confused and wanna target in the English speaking countries,if you can help me out with this please help me out :)

    Thank you

  2. singh says

    The post is really great and provides a definite path to every beginner blogger like me. I just want to know : I am posting articles on my blog regularly but still traffic is not there. Please give me a short tip how I can write quality or content with a different approach which everybody likes to read and my work become fruitful.

  3. marcia baran says

    i am totally blind and use dolphin guide in my computer to enable me to use the computer in the first place. it is a living miracle. i want to write a blog about gambling. is word press blind/accessible do you know? what is the simpliest way i can set this up? where can i find and read other blogs about gambling at casinos?

  4. Mahesh says

    Hai madam .I am planing to buid a educational website with MBA niche to earn adsense income.Is it’s really good niche or not? can u plese tell me.I am intrested on this niche.How is MBA niche cpc value.

    • says

      Mahesh..I can assure you that educational blog are really good and if you have Finance stream then have a blog on that..you will surely get good organic traffic and there are good chances to earn through it. Just keep your content updated.

  5. MostlyBlog says

    good list ruchi and nice post , this is best time for this post for me because going to start one more blog soon so it will sure help me.

  6. Rakesh Narang says

    Yes i also agree, interest matters a lot so if you can find the real thing on which you can post for long it is great… :D

  7. Techno-Pulse says

    I started with a tech-blog & gradually I focussed on Cloud Computing…Finally my blog has found its niche in Cloud Computing. Attimes we don’t know in the beginning about the market & interest. So, for newbies it’s always good to select a domain name which covers a wider range of topics…

    • says

      It happened same with me Techno-Pulse. Later on I discovered that technology and relationships are two interest about which I can write with passion and interest. Choosing nice comes from your heart after experiencing few different topics.

  8. Dev | Technshare says

    I think interest is first most and important point to consider while selecting niche for your blog.
    Anyways, other points are good as well. Nice post.
    Thanks for sharing this great post. !!

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